5 Reasons Why Facebook Social Ads is Better than Google Adwords

Facebook Social Ads are seen as a better option than the Google AdWords that we are used to. This is because there is a drastic increase of followers who would rather take advantage of promotions, ads and products in Facebook itself.  It saves consumers more time to check out promotions here than exert the extra effort to pull up another website and shop.  Understandably, with this logic and the human nature of the band wagon effect, Facebook Social Ads definitely are now considered as the “in” thing in the advertising industry.

From the surface both Facebook Social Ads and Google AdWords are seen as very similar in the manner of signing up and creating an ad.  However, there are still advantages and disadvantages that can be concluded from comparing the two systems.

One of the advantages of the Facebook Social Ads is that there are more people who are now using Facebook to connect with friends and family.  The effective exposure of your products will allow more and more people to notice your advertisement.  This is unlike Google AdWords where most of its clientele are on the academic or business worlds.

Another reason why people opt to ignore Google and choose Facebook Social Ads is because of the fact that it is more fun to use.  With the ability to express popular choices by “like-ing” products, more people tend to “like” the same if a friend of theirs would “Like” it as well.  This band wagon theory is a modern way of the word of mouth promotion.

Often, Facebook Social Ads also get to look more fun and lively as it gets to graphically show a good representation of the product being advertised against the standard pictures which Google Ad Words employ.  A lot of advertisers prefer to put a personal touch to the ad if an actual photo is uploaded and used.

Looking at the financial side of the business, Facebook Social Ads are also more flexible.  Unlike Google Ad Words, which only uses per click, advertisers get to enjoy the benefits of choosing the payment option appropriate for their products. It leaves better room for business people to consider the fact that a more flexible mode of payment would work best from the macroeconomics perspective.

More importantly, with the steady trend of having more and more people use social networking sites, Facebook Social Ads provide a more promising venue for advertisers to get their products and promotions exposed and well promoted to the consumers. This is an advantage that Google Adwords could not provide because of the lack of following from all walks of life as understandably, its primary market target are from the academic or business sectors.

These reasons, among others actually pose both as a promise and a threat.  With the rising popularity of Facebook Social Ads, it encourages more and more people to patronize social networking sites with the presence of both the social and economic aspects of keeping in touch.  This also poses a danger to basic search engines like Google because of the limited types of consumers that it can actually cater to.