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Be You and Only You

by Katie Carney Guest Blogger When Brian isn’t blogging about social media and marketing, he’s writing about positivity, motivation, and being a better you. I’m going to continue with the latter in this post, because it’s my absolute favorite topic to talk about. “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right…

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The Danger of Existing

Paying bills.  Taking out the garbage.  Walking the dog.  Grocery shopping. Doing all of these things makes it very easy to exist but make it very hard to actually go anywhere. So many people in this world just shuffle around doing only the bare minimum that it takes to survive and lead an ordinary life.…

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Stop Worrying

I posted a blog post with the lyrics of one of the favorite songs the other day.  You can view it here. I said that I’d be blogging about specific elements of the song in a few days.  Well, here we are are a few days later.  Here are the lyrics we’re going to focus…

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Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen

A lot of music out there really is crap.  Most of the time there’s no real meaning that you can draw from music today. This song is different (probably because it was written awhile ago… waaaaaaay back in 1998).   🙂  There’s a lot of good, everyday advice in it. It’s called Everybody’s Free (to Wear…

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It’s *NOT* About Working Hard

All of life, my parents (teachers, coaches, etc.) would always tell me things like: “Good things will happen to you if you work hard.” “If you want the good things in life, you have to work hard.” “You better work hard or you’ll end up working at McDonalds.” and many more… Sound familar? Over the…

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