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Are You One of the Good Guys?

There has been a pretty clear line drawn across the Internet Marketing industry lately. This line divides the ethical marketers from the snakes. You know the scammers with all the hypey “auto pilot one click instant traffic riches”  The industry has had it and many marketers have been very vocal about this recently. It appears…

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5 Reasons Why Facebook Social Ads is Better than Google Adwords

Facebook Social Ads are seen as a better option than the Google AdWords that we are used to. This is because there is a drastic increase of followers who would rather take advantage of promotions, ads and products in Facebook itself.  It saves consumers more time to check out promotions here than exert the extra…

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Happy New Year!

So I know I’ve been horrible at blogging on any kind of consistent basis.  I’m sorry for that. In other news, I just got an email from a friend and I thought it would be valuable to a lot of you. Here it is: HANDBOOK for 2011 Health: 1.       Drink plenty of water. 2.       Eat…

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Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People

Those who know me best know that I don’t look up to many people.  I don’t look up to the normal people that most people look up.  I consider politicians, sports figures, actors and actresses and other entertainers to be normal everyday average people deserving no more respect or admiration than the average person. The…

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Blogging? What’s that? CONTINUED

True to my promise, it’s Friday and I’m blogging.  Granted, I waited until the last minute, but I’m doing it nonetheless.  🙂 I ended the last blog post without telling you about being hypnotized on Friday night.  Marshall Sylver is one of the world’s best hypnotists.  He’s had shows up and down the Las Vegas…

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