Frequently Asked Questions
About The Facebook Ad Formula

Here are some things you may want to know about the Facebook Ad Formula before you start your business today.  After you read them, if you still have questions — contact us at 312-869-2422 to speak to a member of my staff and they will help you during our business hours between 10am and 6pm Eastern Time.

Q — Do people on Facebook actually buy stuff?
A — Absolutely.  Sometimes Facebook users require a little more finessing but I teach all of that stuff in the course.  This is actually a benefit to you because a lot of people don’t know how to do this and end up giving up.  This means less competition for you!

Q — Is the Facebook Ad Formula a franchise?
A — No, the Facebook Ad Formula is NOT a franchise.  There are no franchise fees, no training fees, no franchise advertising fees or anything like that.

Q — Does giving away free stuff actually PAY?
A — YES!  Using the Facebook Ad Formula system takes your traffic and puts it thought a PROVEN marketing funnel that monetizes back-end sales.  I have personally built my whole business around the concept of “FREE.”  You will make continuity income from MDC sales, immediate income through upsells, and what I like to call “surprise” income through call-center sales.

Q — How much money could I make?
A — Again, this depends entirely on you.  The system works.  If you put in the time and effort, you will succeed.  I cannot guarantee exactly what you will make.  Or even that you will make anything at all because I cannot guarantee you will do your part in driving traffic.  That part is completely up to you.  (Even though we provide the training, we cannot MAKE you use it…)

Anyone who tells you that you will make “X” dollars with ANY system is not telling you the truth.

Q — Do I need to be a math expert to make it in marketing?
A — No.  I have shared the formula with you, but it is definitely advanced material.  You do not need to know how gravity works to know it does.  (And you don’t need to fully understand the formula to know it works!)

Q — Is the Facebook Ad Formula a Biz-Op?
A — No.  A “Biz-Op” is a system where you buy in, and then sell the very same opportunity you just bought.  Biz-Ops are not what I consider “real” businesses because they do not create REAL value.  The Facebook Ad Formula helps you sell high-quality information products, not selling an “opportunity.”

Q — I don’t want to be in the Internet Marketing Niche, how will the Facebook Ad Formula help me if I want to do another niche?
A — The Facebook Ad Formula is a great way to get started in ANY niche, but it starts you out in the Internet Marketing niche because there is a HUGE demand for Internet Marketing information that is PROVEN.  You will benefit becuase (1) — You will learn how to create a FREE offer for any niche, (2) — You will learn how to drive targeted traffic (a skill you will need to succeed in ANY niche), (3) — You will earn money much quicker (which can help finance your other niche projects) while you learn all of the other skills you will need to make a splash in ANY niche.

Q — Will the Facebook Ad Formula work for me?
A — As long as you get your site set up and learn how to drive qualified traffic, the Facebook Ad Formula will work because everything has been tested to convert.  The only way you will NOT earn money is if you don’t learn how to drive traffic… and drive qualified traffic to the site.  (Which is one of the easiest, most valuable skills you need to make money online!  Don’t forget, we train you with 4 separate traffic courses that show you how to get all the traffic you’ll ever want!)

Q — What if I don’t have web hosting?
A — We show you how to get your website up and running and how to choose the proper hosting company (including recommending the hosting company that we use).

Q — How many streams of income will I make with the Facebook Ad Formula?
A — Two initially.  (1) — Immediate income through the promotion of your own products or services (or affiliate offers).  (2) — Recurring monthly income through the promotion of offers with continuity upsells.

Q — Can I sell my own product and still use your system?
A — Absolutely.  We teach you how to sell your own products and services or how to sell other people’s products and services for HUGE commissions.  We even have recommended affiliate offers to use that convert well until you can create your own product.

Q — How much time will this take out of my day?
A — That depends on what you currently know about driving qualified traffic.  If you already know how, 2 or 3 hours a day is all you will need to start making profits.  If you know nothing at all, you should spend 2-5 hours a day learning ONE method (we provide the Traffic Training) and in less than a week, you will spend about 2 to 3 hours a day implementing the material and driving traffic.  Of course, you CAN spend more time (and get even better results) but that is totally up to you.

But even if you only have an hour a day… you can still make it work as long as you spend that hour focused 100% on driving traffic.

Q — Are there any hidden fees?
A — No.  Once you have purchased the course, you’re good to go.  You should have a website (which will cost you $8 yearly and $8 a month).  That’s about it though.

Q — How do I learn to drive qualified traffic?
A — When you invest in the Facebook Ad Platform, we provide you with complete training for 4 different PROVEN traffic strategies for free.  Just choose 1, master it, and then move on to another.  That will give you well diversified traffic that you can always depend on.  Use them and you will get all of the traffic you will ever need.

Q — Do I need any other services?
A — Even thought it’s not absolutely necessary, we recommend you choose a separate autoresponder service like Aweber, Prosender, Get Response, iContact, etc.  These services start at about $10 per month.

Q — I don’t understand how to do “computer-geek stuff.”  Will that affect my success?
A — Not at all.  In fact, that is one of the reasons I created the Facebook Ad Formula.  WE have done all of the “geek stuff” so everything is 100% done for you and you only need to learn ONE skill — driving traffic.

Q — Once I make the initial sale with a customer, how can I make more from them?
A — This is an excellent question, and proves you have learned the value of back-end sales!  As your customer base builds, using Affiliate Marketing is an easy way to make even more sales.  You can also create your own products, teleseminar series, JV with other marketers, send them to CPA offers… etc.  The sky is the limit!

Q — Will I need employees?
A — No.  Since we take care of monthly content, fulfillment and product delivery (online and off) you need no staff.  Once you learn how to drive qualified traffic, you can do everything for yourself.  Of course, hiring an experience traffic generation outsourcer can dramatically increase your results!  A link-builder at Agents of Value costs less than $700 a month for a full-time employee who is dedicated to YOUR business.  But again, it’s not necessary… but gives you a lot of leverage!

Q — Is this a REAL business?
A — Yes.  A real business is MORE than just a front-end offer.  A REAL business provides several income streams.  All you need to do it drive traffic, and the Facebook Ad Formula gives you 3 ways to monetize it, just like a “real” business.  It gives you immediate income, continuity income and “surprise” income (from call-center sales).  And then, it gives you a LIST OF PROVEN BUYERS that will be money in the bank for years to come.

Q — Would this model work for me even if I didn’t invest in the Facebook Ad Formula?|
A — Yes.  Again, this is the exact model I have used to sell over $1,000,000 online for the last few years.  You can use it even if you don’t want to invest in the Facebook Ad Formula.  You will just need to set up your website alone, create a product to give away, setup all of the infrastructure, write copy, produce videos, come up with proven affiliate and continuity offers, create upsells and downsells and drive traffic.  And once you become a “big fish” you can work with a call center to send leads to.

Q — What if I find out the Facebook Ad Formula is not for me?
A — We offer a 30-Day Risk-Free guarantee.  If for any reason you don’t think you made one of the best decisions of your Internet Marketing career… just go to my help desk at support.brian-bagnall.com and request a no-hassle refund.

Q — What if I need some kind of help or support with the Facebook Ad Formula?
A — If you have any problems, our help desk is a click away and they will solve any problems you have.  Just contact them at support.brian-bagnall.com and usually in less than 24 hours, we’ll solve your problem.  (Excluding weekends and holidays)

Q — What if someone choose to market the same product I selected?
A — With the amount of people coming to the Internet every day looking for information, there is far more demand than supply.  Not to mention that different people will chose different traffic methods and no two people EVER do things exactly the same.  Also, you will have a 100% unique domain name, so as far as anyone knows, you OWN that site.


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