How I Became Financially Free By Living Simply

[TRUE STORY] How I Became Financially Free By Living Simply! – Video 2

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One of the main causes of unhappiness for most people nowhere-days revolves around money.

Which is why in our second video we’re going to look at:

The 100% true story of how I became financially free by living simply… and how you can do it too!

[TRUE STORY] How I Became Financially Free By Living Simply!


In this very short video you’ll discover:

  • Why the things you own end up owning you (stealing a phrase from Tyler Durden, in fight club)
  • How I ended up in The Chicago Tribune for giving away all my possessions on Black Friday 2013. (and why it was the best thing I ever did!)
  • 12 Rules for getting, keeping, and giving away money
  • Why DEBT is evil … and why there is no such thing as good debt!
  • The simplest route to financial freedom you’ve ever heard! (if I can do this, you certainly can! When I first put this simple plan into action I was over $200,000 in debt – and it STILL worked!)

And lots more..

Check it out.

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QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: In what ways you could YOU live more simply to help grow your wealth, increase your well being, and enjoy more happiness?

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