Other Campaigns

Additional Campaigns to Make You More Money

These proven marketing campaigns we’re making available are very simple campaigns that require just 5 minutes of effort, but yields impressive gains in your profits.

Practically, all you have to do is cut and paste and your campaign is ready to go.

1. Simple Sale

The way it works seems like it does not make a whole lot of sense, but I assure you it is EXTRA sales on top of your normal sales. With that said, this campaign is a series of emails in which you run a sale to your mailing list that has not yet purchased. Or if you have a back end you can run it on that as well.

Typically, this runs a 50% discount, but let me know if you are not comfortable with that… it works with almost any percentage of discount. The 50% has proven to be extremely effective though.

Here is what I will provide for you: I have the exact emails that have been tested, tweaked, and proven to work; they have literally brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra sales; this will secure your market and I will not offer this to anyone else in your market; and I will do the work.

I will customize these emails to fit your product for you 100%, you just have to enter them in the system and hit go.

I know it sounds a bit crazy of me to say “Sell your stuff for a discount and you will make more” but it is much more than that. It will be almost all extra sales on top of the sales you normally get. It will also help you build bonding and trust with the customers on your list, which will help you greatly in the long run.

2. The Secret Link

This technique is really simple and very unique, I’ve only seen a handful of people using it other than myself.

The way it works is that we put a hidden link in your regular sales page. The hidden link will be to a discounted copy of your guide; the discount can be anywhere from 10%-25%, whatever you are most comfortable with.

We put the link really out of sight so that nobody can stumble upon it. Then I create a screen capture video that shows them exactly how find this hidden link, and what happens when they do find it.

I will also provide the promo series of emails that we will use to tell them about the limited time offer for the hidden link.  These are emails have been tested, tweaked, and proven to work.  They have been directly responsible for thousands of extra sales already.

3. The Scratch/Dent Sale

This is a technique that has been used in the offline world for a very long time and proves to be very successful. It is very unique in the online world though… but it is even more successful online.

It is basically like the stores that sell products for cheaper because they are “damaged” even though it just means a smashed corner on the box… or like the last TV I got at Best Buy was practically a steal because I got their floor model for the “Open Box” price. Well, it is the same concept.

It is a 2 day promotion consisting of 1 email each day. We just say that you were having some things on your site redesigned and they sent you “Box Cover” image today because they finished it up yesterday. The new box cover has“damage” to it though; they misspelled “PRODUCT NAME.”

Basically, we say there is a scheduling conflict and you are not going to be able to get the correct one until next week so you decide to make lemonade with the lemons and sell your “damaged” product to your subscribers.

There is also more to it than this though; we will be using the sense of urgency and using Mass Control tactics to convert even more.

I will customize the emails for you and create the “damaged” cover for you as well, so you just have to copy/paste and hit go… then watch your sales come in.

4. Past Customer Reactivation

Very few businesses understand that there’s a ton of profits “hidden” in their past customer list. I can make you some serious money just by reactivating your past customers quickly and easily.

This a simple, yet highly profitable strategy that can put money in your pocket this week!

I’ll provide the emails and take care of everything.  All you need to do is copy and paste and click send.

Turnaround Time:

Most campaigns can be put together and ready for you by tomorrow morning.

Time Required:

Most campaigns take less than 5 minutes for you to implement.  We’ll walk you through everything.

Our Fee:

No retainer for existing clients.  25% of gross profit.  You retain the rest of the profits.