Coaching Programs

Coaching Programs

Silver Coaching Membership
$49.95 per month.  The Brian Bagnall Rant is a monthly newsletter and membership that delivers state of the art information on marketing strategies… mailed to your doorstep.  Also, every issue contains an audio or video interview with a notable sales or marketing professional.  Not to mention an amazing set of bonus gifts and resources just for giving it a try.  This is where you’ll get the basics that’ll ensure you’ll be able to start and maintain your business!  You also get access to group call in days 3 or more times a year where you get a 10 minute phone consultation with Brian to solve any problems you are currently running into.

Gold Coaching Membership
$99.95 per month.  Get everything that’s included in Renaissance and join the circle of the sharpest marketers.  Our Mastermind Club is the sharpest collection of in-the-trenches marketers we know of.  Join Mastermind and your monthly subscription gets you private access to our members’ forum, where you get fast & accurate marketing feedback from experts who know the marketing world inside & out.  You also get Brian’ snewsletter & access to a monthly private members’ call where we take the latest marketing trends.  Brian personally takes you by the hand and guides you through the Marketing minefield so you can steal more customers from your competition, put more profit in your pocket and totally dominate your market.  You get access to Brian’s Mastermind Discussion Forum; access to Brian’s Live Mastermind Conference Calls; membership in Brian’s Renaissance Club, including the Brian Bagnall Rant Newsletter.

Underground Coaching
This is for businesses that are doing well but want to set things on fire.  You get direct access to Brian (phone calls, critiques, email access) for a full 30 days.  This is for serious businesses.

Roundtable Mastermind
$1997 a month for 12 months or $20k per year (in advance).  Brian personally facilitates a Mastermind Coaching Group.  This is where you’ll get to harness the power of other successful entrepreneurs through beneficial mastermind sessions!  Our mastermind groups consist of three 2-day closed door meetings where the best and brightest get together to work on each others marketing programs, suggest solutions, and catapult each other to success!  Members of our mastermind groups are very exclusive as there are only 16 spots open each year.  This group gets one 30 minute consultation with Brian per month, access to group calls, Team Action Group calls and get to meet in Chicago, in person 3 times a year for 2 day closed door sessions.  Roundtable members also enjoy all benefits of the Gladiator Club

I’ll Join Your Team
This is for clients that have worked with Brian before, love what he does and want him to join their team for a 1 year contract on a part-time basis.