Thank You

Thank You!

Thanks so much for applying to become a member of my Mastermind Exclusive.

Here’s what’s going to happen next:

I’ll personally review your application and one of two things will happen:

#1: If I feel that you wouldn’t be a good fit for the group, I’ll politely decline your application and refund your $100 application fee.

#2: If I feel that you might be a good fit, I’ll have my assistant schedule a call with you and I in the next 48 hours to determine if you would really be a good fit.  Keep in mind that this call MUST happen in the next 48 hours because of the huge demand for membership.  If I can’t get you on the phone in 48 hours, your application will be rejected.  I’ll give you a call at the time of our appointment.  Please be sure to answer your phone at that time as we most likely won’t have the time to reschedule you.  Your job is to convince me that I should make you a member of the group.  If I feel you would be a good fit, I’ll ask you to come on board right on the call.  If I feel you wouldn’t be a good fit, your application fee will be refunded.

Best of luck during the selection process!  If you’re one of the lucky few to be selected to come on board, you’ll be in for a wild ride.  🙂

To Your Happiness & Success,