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Funny Pictures

Banking Crisis

Steps to Communism

Political Quotes

Overview & General Stuff

Zeitgeist the Movie

The End of America: Tipping Point Now – Naomi Wolf

Banking Crisis

Political Quotes

Steps to Communism

Illuminati & The New World Order/One World Order

The Illuminati & The New World Order (this sets the tone for their goals)

JFK Speech – he eludes to the New World Order (or other powerful force). Some believe this is the speech that got him killed.

Bush Fulfills His Dad’s Dream of New World Order

From the Mouths of the Elite

About David Rockefeller

The Unhidden Agenda of the New World Order

Henry Kissinger Calls on Obama to Create a New World Order

David Rockefeller Confession

International Bankers, the Federal Reserve & Our Money Supply – keep in mind that the Federal Reserve is as Federal as Federal Express. It is a privately held corporation with very little government control or oversight.

The Money Masters – Very long, but super informative video on how international bankers control America from the top down

Collapse of the US Dollar

Verichip & Real ID & RFID

Fox News Promotes Verichip

Aaron Russo & Nicholas Rockefeller Interview

Rockefeller Reveals More Fraud to Russo

VCHIP Commercial (for TV’s…not people) – trying to market the chip as making tv “safer” for children…sound familiar? how about all of the propoganda that claims to market things as being “safer” for America?

Company Requires Employees to Have RFID Chip Implanted

RFID Brought Up in a Senate Confirmation Hearing

Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ebert Discuss Microchips in People

Mexican Officials & Police Get Microchips

Tracking the Troops with Microchips

Verichip Lying About Chips Causing Cancer

Trying to Get Americans Used to the Idea of Getting “Chipped”

Policeman Gets Verichip

Concentration Camps

Bill Clinton – all but admits that concentration camps are being setup in the United States

Concentration Camps Identified in the US

US Concentration Camps – looks like NAZI Holocaust Setup

Illuminati Masonic Concentration Camps

Concentration Gas Camps in the US

Threat of Slavery in 2008

Martial Law & Suspension of Habeus Corpus & Gun Confiscation & The Clergy

American Warning

US Martial Law is Coming and Local Clergy are Helping them Disarm Americans

The Microwave Ray Gun that’s Going to be Used to Disperse Protesters (CBS News)

The Untold Gun Confiscation after Hurricane Katrina

Military Preparing for Martial Law

Survival Guide for Martial Law

North American Union (Security & Prosperity Partnership) & World Government & the AMERO & NAFTA

North American Union by 2010 (CNN Video)

Stan Jones – CSPAN coverage

CFR Sets Up North American Union

North American Union by 2010

Deceit & Betrayal – Bush’s plan to destroy the US

NAU Phase One Complete

North American Union & VCHIP Truths

Blackwater (Bush’s Private Army)

Blackwater: Shadow Army

Mind Control

Ex-Mind Control Victim Interview Before Her Death


Bush Admits Real Iraq War Plan

Congressman Ryan on the Bush Lies

Trump on the War

Population Control

Codex & Nutricide – Codex Alimentarius

David Rockefeller on Population Control

Food as a Weapon – the global population reduction agenda

Half a Million FEMA Coffins (footage is questionable… BUT still something to look into)


What a Full Blown Financial Collapse Looks Like – This may explain why Bush has ordered an active unit of combat troops to be stationed inside the US to serve as an “‘on call’ federal response in times of emergency,” specifically for use in case of “civil unrest” and for “crowd control.” This is a first in American history. The unit chosen for this task is the Army’s Third Infantry Division’s First Brigade Combat Team which has spent thirty-five of the last sixty month in Iraq. They’re here now and training for “domestic operations.”  Out of control foreign debt..enriched bankers and big business…made it easy to loot the country…and turned a rich country into a poor, one wiping out its middle class in the process. Sound familiar?

Google & The Future of the Internet

Google’s Master Plan – keep in mind that Google is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations

Prediction of How the Internet will be Censored by 2012

Elections & Voting Fraud

Hacking Democracy – After the 2000 elections having had massive problems, a number of groups got together to investigate electronic voting machines and to see the flaws in the system that get used in U.S. elections. Long video, but very good.

Electronic Voting Machine Whistle Blower

Republicans Want to Stop People in Foreclosure from Voting

2008 Election Cancellation – prediction

Presidential Directive 51 – form the White House Website (watch video about the cancellation of the election above)

Prison Camps Setup for the 2008 Democratic National Convention

It Only Takes 1 Minute to Steal the Election – It’s easy to screw with electronic voting

$700 Bribe Buys Access to Voting Machines

All of these private groups are meeting illegally. The Logan law prohibits elected officials from meeting with private interests privately (where the meeting and transcripts are not transparent and available to the public).

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) – keep in mind that the CFR is a PRIVATE organization (as in NOT government) and they control most of our foreign policy

Cheney & the CFR – Cheney laughs about concealing the fact that he was director of the CFR during his re-election

CFR and Their Goals

The Trilateral Commission

Trilateral Commission/Bilderberg Group Dislike Ron Paul

The Council of the Americas

More information to follow…

The Americas Society

More information to follow…

The Forum of the Americas

More information to follow…

The Institute for International Economics

More information to follow…

Skull & Bones Society

History of Skull & Bones (History Channel)

Skull & Bones 322 Conspiracy Video

Student Tasered After Asking John Kerry if He Was a Member of Skull & Bones

Skull & Bones Resume


CIA Has Inflitrated State Government – with former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura – for those of you that don’t know, the CIA is not supposed to be conducting operations within the US, yet they have their own permanent agent in the Minnesota Governor’s office.

Bohemian Club/Bohemian Grove

More to come…

Bilderberg Group

2008 Bilderberg Participant List – Part 1

2008 Bilderberg Participant List – Part 2

Alex Jones Update on Bilderberg 2008

Ron Paul on Bilderberg

Clinton Admits that He Attended Bilderberg Meeting in 1991 – why was this question such a big deal for him to answer?

Bilderberg Group on the History Channel

World Trade Organization (WTO)

The Truth Behind the WTO

Ralph Nader on the WTO (& NAFTA & International Trade)

September 11th

Bush Caught Lying About September 11th

Lou Dobbs Calls for New 911 Investigation

911 Truth

Building 7

Women’s Movement/Feminism

Feminism Was Created to Destabilize Society

Columbus Day

The Truth About Columbus Day


Caught in Yet Another Lie

Bush Admits Lying to the Press

“W” the Movie – Trailer – For the last eight years (ten if you count his campaign), the media has taken a decidedly “see no evil” approach to the details of the life of the profoundly unimpressive individual known as George Bush.  Now there’s a feature film by Oliver Stone coming out with all the details. Stone, who is a Hollywood mone’y maker by any standard, had to go overseas to get funding for it. No one in the US had the guts to touch it.

Bush to Pardon Himself from War Crimes

George Carlin – There’s a lot of truth in his comedy.

America is Tyranny

Comments on New World Order and 911

You Have No Rights

Gun Control

The British Called – They Want Their Guns Back – Gun Crimes Increased 40% After the Banning and Confiscation of Guns


Obama Calls for a New World Order in Berlin?

Obama Ditches Media to Attend Bilderberg Meeting – Obama sends media on wild goose chase while he attends Bilderberg Meeting

Obama Says He Is Against Same-Sex Marriages

Obama Not to Prosecute Bush Crimes – I guess we’re really not up for that much “change” are we?

Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s Chief of Staff) Talking About a National Draft

Obama Votes for FISA

definitely more to follow on dear Obama…


Who’s in Charge? – This video shows the heads of both these states reading the same exact statement – word for word – supporting the invasion of Iraq. Who wrote this thing? Who distributed it? Who compelled these obvious puppets to read it? The Queen? The CIA? Who runs these people. Maybe the New World Order has already arrived in certain countries.

Who Owns the Media?


Warns of Secret Societies and Organizations

The Global Poverty Act

Barack & The Global Povery Act – I’m all for helping the poor… but is this one more step towards a global ecomony? One more step towards giving up our sovereignty…

Israel and the US

More information to follow…


The Hidden Agenda: The Flouride Deception

Mercury, Autism and the Global Vaccine Agenda

Political Quotes

Cap and Trade

Obama Tells the Truth about Cap and Trade

Warren Buffett Agrees that Cap and Trade is an Indirect Tax on Americans