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Need some information about government politics, the tea party movement, conspiracies and cover-ups?  A creative quote?  Then you’ve come to the right place.

Since I’m a political expert, I’ve got plenty of fun things to share.  My articles have been published in print publications and all over the Web, plus I’m a columnist for both a web site and a subscription-based newsletter.  I’ve also had experience as a speaker and as both a radio and television guest.


Brian Bagnall is an in-demand political consultant who ‘s first political book: The New Constitution: A Manifesto for Saving Our Country will be published in May of 2010.

He has spoken on national radio and TV shows throughout the United States and he’s shared the stage with the “who’s who” of politics.

Considered to be one of the most respected and knowledgeable political experts in the world, Brian has a reputation for really delivering the goods and educating people on the lastest in real political news.  He has been directly responsible for educating millions on the smoke and mirrors game that is politics.

He is best-known for saying “My job is not to get you to believe what I say.  My job is to get you to think about what I say, go out and do your own research and make your own conclusions.”

By day, Brian is a self-employed direct response marketer and real estate investor based out of Chicago, IL.

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Healthcare Questions

1. What’s good about the Healthcare Bill?

2. What’s bad about the Healthcare Bill?

3. Overall, is the Healthcare Bill a good thing for the average American?

4. Is the Healthcare Bill Constitutional?

5. Do the States Have a Leg to Stand on?

Conspiracy Questions

1. Are there really secret societies?

2. Do you think this recession/depression was planned?

3. Was September 11th an inside job?

4. Does voting even matter anymore?  Have the electronic voting machines been hacked?

5. What is one of the biggest shams that’s out in the open, right in front of the face of the people? (answer: federal reserve bank)

6. Will we ever see martial law and suspension of our rights?

7. Does the U.S. really have concentration camps setup around the United States to house it’s own citizens?

8. I’m hearing more and more about the idea of implanting humans with RFID tracking chips.  Is there anything to this?

9. I’ve heard rumors that Canada, Mexico and the United States will merge to become one… similar to the European Union… what are your thoughts?

10. Why do you think people allow this stuff to happen?  Why don’t they just put a stop to it?

11. What can we do to take back our government?

12. How do you protect yourself if everything does go to hell in a hand basket?