Steps to Communism

Steps to Communism

It not only can happen here, it is happening here.

Mussolini created the blueprint (with inspiration from Lenin), Hitler elaborated on it, Stalin studied Hitler…

Here’s how it works (notice how many Bush & Co. is using now.):

1)Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy. Attacks on the people also other controlling acts, told we’re in a ‘global war, the scare of vague ‘terrorist attacks to knock us off-balance and (run to the government)for protection.

2)Create a Gulag. Now that we’re all scared so a prison system is made outside the ‘rule of Law. We support it because it’s for “Them” but soon it becomes for “us”. Many are secret. Special ‘Court’s develop and many of us could be caught without bail, lawyers or even trials)

3)Develop scary thugs.(have paramilitary scary men/contractors to intimidate people. Today these are to create fear. It’s so-called ‘security to restore public order)

4)Set up an internal surveillance system.(spying on regular people. High visibility wiretaps, reading emails,tax intimidation and all for fabricated ‘national security)

5)Harass citizens groups.(Infiltrate normal citizens groups.Call them suspicious incidents and accuse them of potential terrorist’s events which scares the hell out of regular people)

6)Engage in detention and release.(This is to scare ordinary people. You become a target for security searches without cause. If you support the constitution you’re a potential terrorist. You’re harassed over and over. Picked up and released. Picked up and released until you break and isolate. They win)

7)Target Key individuals (Threaten people with job loss that supports them. Launch attacks on university teachers if they don’t support current ideological demands. This paves the way for the brutal ways that will follow soon and they are caught in a trap)

8)Control the press.(threats against life and limb if you don’t toe the line…) often wounded or killed. Real news is supplanted by fake news and you must report what is given you or suffer consequences. It gets so crazy you soon can’t sort out the real from unreal. Citizens can’t tell either so give up in stages since it reaches a point when nothing is credible.

9)Dissent equals treason.(dissent is treason and being critical is espionage. Every “closing” society does this. Charges of treason for simple, and casual remarks. Criticism labels you as an enemy of the people. You can be labeled as an enemy combatant even when you’ve done nothing at all. Isolation and torture is used to create ‘psychosis where you’ll admit to anything)

10)Suspend the Rule Of Law.(dictatorial laws are passed at night while we sleep. The laws preventing military getting involved in civilian affairsis gonewhich prevented the Military from acting as regular police.