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Oct 21

By Brian Bagnall

​In order to take charge of our lives and to change our thinking, we can utilize the power of affirmations. An affirmation is a statement that describes the way you would want your life (or you) to be at its very best. Positive affirmations can have tremendous power to act as a very positive force in your life. They are a way to tackle negative thinking and replace with positive thinking and help make ourselves feel better. At the core, positive affirmations are positive statements describing how we want to be and feel to obtain positive situations.

​Basically every single thought we think or every word we say is an affirmation. We are creating life experiences and drawing conclusions in our life based on the thoughts and words we use without even realizing it. Our beliefs are often illuminated with how we talk and the way we think; ultimately controlling our behavior. Beliefs are just learned thought patterns that we have developed since childhood. If we are constantly told as children that we are not good enough, we will begin to think that we are not and thus affirming what we believe, we won’t excel.

​The inner beliefs or truth we have are reflections of how we perceive ourselves. When we say or think certain things, we are utilizing affirmations which can be negative or positive in nature. It is important to realize that these “inner truths” may not actually be true for us now or may be based on invalid or inappropriate impressions we constructed as children. As adults, we can begin to look at the invalid statements in a new light and view them as dangerous to our well-being. We can change negative thought patterns or negative affirmations into positive affirmations, following a few simple steps.

Guidelines for Creating a Positive Affirmation

1.  Keep affirmations in the present tense.  For example: I am happy, I have a career, I am healthy, I have a home, I have people who love me. If a person uses the past tense such as I was happy, the person is dwelling on the lack of happiness or not being happy right now. By using, I will be happy if…happiness is just out of reach and does not happen now. By thinking and saying, “I am happy”, these words motivate us to think of things we are happy about now and create positivism in our lives now.
2.  Only use positive words in your affirmations. Words such as happy, enthusiastic, loving, peaceful, warm, caring, grateful, etc. Avoid words such as frightened, worried, horrific, upset, tired, sick, bored, etc. For example, “I’m not upset” dwells on the issue of being upset so this isn’t positive or changing your thinking. Instead use “I am calm”, “I am thoughtful”, or “I am happy”.
3.  Keep the affirmations personal. Use the first person; I, me, or your own name. If you use other people in your affirmations, it is a waste of time. You can’t change them or their thinking by focusing on the affirmation, only yourself.
4.  Be Precise in your Affirmations. Write down the best possible outcomes. Remember to be positive and not use words that dwell on the lack. For instance if you want to have more time for yourself and feel like you are being lost write down your affirmation as follows. I have time to (and whatever you want to use the time for) if you want to lose weight say, “When I go for a walk, my metabolism increasingly speeds up and I lose body fat quickly and easily”.
5.  Keep your affirmations short and simple. Short, precise statements make it much easier for your subconscious mind to create the mental images it needs to instill change. Although you want to affirm your desires in as much detail as possible, it is also important to keep each positive statement as short and succinct as possible. You want to avoid lengthy sentences that will only end up complicating the process. To solve the problem of describing in detail but keeping things short, create an affirmations script. Make each detail a separate thought. For example: I have a beautiful new home. My new home is very spacious and open, with many windows and skylights. My kitchen has the most modern appliances, including an indoor barbeque. We have six bedrooms – lots of room for family and friends! I have a large back garden, full of beautiful trees and flowering plants. I love eating breakfast out on the deck. I love star-gazing from the relaxing warmth of our new hot-tub.  And so on …
6.  Be Realistic. Possible simply means that there is at least some slim chance that you could achieve your goal. If you are 30 years old and 5’2”, no amount of affirming is going to make you 6’ tall.
7.  Only share with those who will be supportive and be persistent.

Examples of Positive Affirmations

  I think and act with confidence.
  I pursue my life’s purpose.
  I feel worthy.
  I accept myself completely as I am.
  I love and approve of myself.
  I am strong and powerful.
  I deserve to be happy.
  I reject abuse from others.
  The world is full of beauty and abundance.
  I fully accept myself as I am.
  Joy overflows in my life.
  I have many accomplishments to my credit.
  I am healthy and energetic.
  I deserve time and space to heal.
  I have all the resources I need to do that I want to in my life.
  I am loved by many people.
  I embrace positive self-esteem.
  I am a very valuable person.
  I am safe and protected.
  I forgive myself for any and all past mistakes.
  I am effective and efficient in stressful situations.
  I am peaceful and serene at all times.
  My relationships are happy and fulfilling.
  I recognize and honor my talents, abilities and skills.
  I am in charge of my life.
  I have the power to realize my goals.
  I look and feel wonderful.
  I am a true friend.
  I express myself easily and comfortably.

Brian is a serial entrepreneur who never “fit” into society and went on a never-ending quest to find happiness. He discovered that the conventional formula is actually backward: Happiness fuels success, not the other way around. Brian has recently taken his discoveries about happiness and used them as the basis for a book, “The Happiness Bible,” which will be in a bookstore near you on October 24, 2013. You can get it for only 1 cent if you signup for the pre-sale at www.BeHappyBible.com

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