The Ultimate Lead Generation Machine

Are you tired of being perceived as “just another peddler”?  Brian’s flagship marketing system shows you, step-by-step, how to position your expertise and make them call you.

You get a system of 10 audio CDs, a “quick start CD.” two notebooks of detailed guidance, wizards and templates, web access to instant “turn key” forms and sales letters, and the five bonuses.  CD’s are track indexed by subject for easy reference and fast review of important sections.  You also get membership to Brian’s Renaissance Club, a conduit of state-of-the-art information on the latest marketing methods and ideas.  This includes a subscription to the monthly Brian Bagnall Rant newsletter.  Membership is $49.95 per month, billed automatically until you instruct otherwise.

Here’s what you get:

  • A GIANT “SAMPLE BOOK” OF ADS, SALES LETTERS, CATALOG PAGES and other marketing tools and examples discussed during the Seminar — including some of my earliest successful ads, even my very first ads… including successful examples I’ve never shown off at a seminar or in a course.  I promise, you can “live off of” this collection of “winners” by itself!  I’ve even included examples of “raw copy” as I deliver it to my copywriting clients in the first draft, so you can see my thinking process, and how a winning promotion evolves.  You cannot get many of these samples in any other resource.
  • 18 AUDIO CDs professional recorded and edited.  Over 27 hours of the 3 days are here, including my presentations, lively question-answer sessions, panel discussions where quizzed guest experts and successful clients, and much more.  That’s an incredible 27 hours!!!
  • A WRITTEN TRANSCRIPT of the CDs, to make note-taking, highlighting, and subsequent reference as easy as possible for you.
  • MY INTEGRATED MONEYMAKING SYSTEMS CHARTS AND DIAGRAMS.  Before this Seminar, I kept these to myself.  Even my private clients paying $10K+ a day, some payming me $100K and more a year NEVER saw these diagrams and charts.  These “pull everything together” so you have complete understanding of very sophisticated marketing models.
  • You get Two GIANT Manuals: (1) the actual Presentation Notes & Exhibits Manual and (2) the “Lab” (examples) Manual that we used during the Seminar.  These manuals include every example Brian showed up on the screen.  You won’t miss a thing.  And these’ll be very valuable reference tools you’ll return to over and over again.  By the way, these Manuals include both Notes and Examples that have not been published before and will not be published in any other place.
  • You’ll revenue a “Blue Ribbon Package” of checklists, tip sheets, copy idea-starters, and assorted weapons I’ve assembled just for this Seminar.
  • You get the entire 2-day Seminar on 8 DVDs, so you “attend” while sitting on your couch, watching TV.  And, you can attend at your convenience, like a half-hour each night, for example.  Or a few hours each weekend.  Whatever suits your schedule.  Since you couldn’t attend the Seminar, I’ll deliver the entire Seminar to your living room.  (You save the cost of travel, hotel, restaurant meals; you take no time away from your business; you learn at your chosen pace.)
  • You’ll also get a certificate to ask Brian one question via email.  You’ll feel like you’re right there in the room, participating with everybody else, with these DVDs!
  • You get TWO “Red Tag Priority Critique Certificates” (each worth $200.00 in and of themselves).  I urge you to use them judiciously.  Materials sent in to Brian for his personal critique with these Certificates gets to “cheat the line” and will typically be answered within a few days, instead of a few weeks – by Brian himself.