For Serious Buyers Only!

This page is ONLY for buyers that are interested
in purchasing a property within the next 2 weeks.

This document is only for buyers that have done all of the following:

  • #1 Have seen one of our properties (either online or by driving by), are interested in viewing the inside of the property and have the required down payment available right now.
  • #2 Have reviewed all of the properties available on this website, can’t find anything of interest, have a minimum of a $6K down payment available right now and are ready to buy within the next 30 days.

If #1 Describes You

Properties are only shown on Wednesday evenings and Sunday during the day. Accomodations can be made to accomodate extenuating circumstances but must be kept to a minimum.

NOTE: If you like the property and want to purchase it, you will need to make a $1000 non-refundable deposit (or 20% of the down payment amount, whichever is greater) on the property to take it off the market. Since multiple clients usually our properties at a time, It is best to bring your checkbook with you to the showing.This amount will be applied to your down payment.

If #2 Describes You

This form must be downloaded:

Find Me a Property Form

This form must be printed and faxed to our office along with proof that you have a minimum of a $6K available. Once we receive this information, we will begin to search for a property specifically for you.

Something Else…

We do not make our phone number available to the general public. Only serious potential clients are provided with our phone number.

If you should need assistance with anything else that is not explained on our website, click the “Click to Talk” button directly below and type in your phone number and you will be immediately conntected with someone from our office (available 9am EST – 9pm EST). Please do not contact us using this method to schedule an appointment for a showing. Appointments are scheduled via the email address above.

800 number