How to Sell Your Unsellable Listings Today AND Get Paid Your Full Commission


How to Get Paid Your Full Commission Even When Your Buyer Can’t Qualify for a Loan

Dear Real Estate Colleague:

When you first started in real estate, chances are some “expert” told you: “It’s all about the numbers.”  Just keep adding to the number of listings in your book and a certain number of them will inevitably be sold.

But it’s a fact of life in real estate — a certain number of those listings inevitably WON’T sell.  You know the ones I mean: the houses that have no curb appeal… the properties on the wrong side of the track.”

For whatever reason, lots of houses don’t sell.  So if you’ve followed the “expert” advice and done tons of work to “keep your numbers up,” you’ve spent an awful lot of your valuable time on properties that will never move.  And in real estate, just like in every business, time is money, and you can’t afford to waste either one.  That’s where I come in.

I Want to Buy Your “Un-sellable” Houses!

I specialize in buying the “un-buyable” and selling the “un-sellable.”  It doesn’t matter if the house is in a bad neighborhood or is just plain “ugly.”  I buy home-y homes AND homely homes… because I know how to make them sell.

I’m a professional, like you.  Real estate is not a hobby or a sideline.  I’m involved in far more successful closings than your typical real estate professional.  The bottom line: I want to work with YOU to move houses and properties that are stalled.

On Average, I Buy 5-10 Houses Each Month

I specialize in buying pretty houses (houses with little or no repairs needed) in nice neighborhoods that have little or no equity and the owner just needs to get out.

With that said, I’ll buy any house that makes sense.  I also wholesale houses out to my huge network of real estate investors.  So, even though I may not be interested in purchasing the house for my own portfolio, there’s a good chance I know another investor that would be interested.

The News Keeps Getting Better: I Will Pay You Your FULL Commission

You’re a good agent, but sometimes even the best agent can’t make a sale.  When that happens, I’ve got a better solution.

It’s an easy equation: Your houses plus my buying and selling techniques equals profits for everyone.  I’m looking for good deals, and fair deals, not only “steals.”  Sometimes I pay top dollar for outstanding properties; and if you’ve sent me a “lemon,” I’ll let you know immediately whether it will be lucrative for both of us.

I’ll Even Pay You for Buyers that Don’t Qualify

With the tightening of lending restrictions, there never seems to be a shortage of buyers that don’t qualify to buy a gallon of milk, let alone a house.

As long as the buyer has a minimum of a 5% cash down payment, I can get them into one of my houses and you’ll still be paid a healthy commission.

I’ll Put Success on Your Radar Screen and Cash in Your Pocket

All it takes is a phone call.

I’m not a licensed real estate agent and I’m not affiliated with any real estate firm, but I know the business inside and out.  So unlike a typical buyer, I won’t ask you for any of the support or “hand-holding” that can be so time-consuming when working with non-professionals.  Just call me with the lead, then sit back and wait for your check.

When you work with me, there are several ways I can increase your revenue:

  • When an owner of a house doesn’t have enough equity to pay you a commission… call me.  Often I can negotiate a purchase and if I do, I’ll pay you a referral fee.
  • When you find a house that’s a tough sell because of its location, or a house that won’t sell at a price that’s worth your time and effort… call me.  If I buy it, you’ll be paid a referral fee and possibly your full commission.
  • When you have a client that needs to sell FAST (as in yesterday)… call me.  I often close on a deal within 24 hours.
  • When owners are behind in payments, when there’s a lien, when a property is in foreclosure… call me.  You’ll be amazed by the results.

Everyone loves something for free and when you work with me it’s almost like getting free money!  When you refer me to a house that I purchase, I do the work and you get the money!  Just one phone call… that’s all it takes.

So why sit on a house that’s not moving?  Why not get a return on the time you’ve invested, rather than ending up with zero?  When you work with me, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

But Wait, There’s More!

After I buy houses, I sell ’em!  And that’s where you come in… again.  Often my profit, is to-the-bone, so I don’t use a real estate agent.  But when an affordable purchase price makes it possible, I DO use agents.  Develop a working relationship with me now and that agent will be you.

I’d like to get to know you.  Please call my offices at (866) 877-0333 and introduce yourself.  We can discuss in greater detail ways in which we can partner for mutual success.

It will be a pleasure to hear form you.

To Increasing Your Profits,

Brian Bagnall

P.S. Please don’t try to prejudge what I would be interested in.  I am not just some seminar graduate or wanna be real estate investor.  I buy all kinds of houses, in an areas and conditions.

P.P.S. Have one of those “un-sellable” white elephants in your book right now?  Call me now and I’ll take it off of your hands!

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