9 Tips for Selling a House Fast

9 Tips for Selling a House Fast!

by Brian Bagnall

1. Hire the best sales agent you can afford. It is crucial you find a good agent who is familiar with your neighborhood. This knowledge will be put quickly to selling your house.

2. Set the Right Price. The most important thing that will sell a house quickly is price. If the price is wrong, it won’t sell. The agent you hired should have a good sense of what price will help sell your home sooner rather than later. Because you are the owner, it is difficult for you to determine that figure without being subjective. Give your agent free rein, within reason, to set the price. The broker has access to databases and records that show the average days a home in your neighborhood was on the market, how your home compares to others in the area, and the prices obtained by other owners.

3. Be prepared to adjust you’re sales plan. You must have a sale plan in place, but make sure it’s flexible. Questions you should ask your self are:
* What asking price are you going to start at?
* For how long will I wait it out before reducing the initial asking price if I have to to get it sold?
* How much of a cut will you accept?
* Having a plan in place will help you react quickly. This will help you sell quicker.

4. Can your Employer help you? If you have to move because your employer has relocated you to another state or country then ask for assistance selling your house or negotiate that some of the cost of selling your house is included as part of your relocation package. They may be able to provide you with free services of a appraiser who could value your home. The appraiser can then solicit the help of a realtor who would market the house.

5. Make your house is clean and clutter free: Clear out extra ugly furniture, boxes, bits and pieces lying around. Keep the house clean and fresh. Mow the lawn and water the trees.

6. Offer incentives. There are many stories of people “giving away” a free car with the sale of their home. The actual cost of the car is embedded in the price of the house so the house owner is not really giving the car away. It just seems that way.

Offer your agent a higher commission for a speedy sale. Alternatively giving your broker show tickets, a meal at a fine restaurant or some other perk if the property moves quickly. You’ll be amazed at how little you would have to pay to get people motivated.

If you are short of cash and need cash quickly you now can get up to $1,500 deposited into your account using a quick online application form. This money may be enough to tie you till the house is sold. The most popular online lending site can be found here.

7. Consider renting your house. Why sell the house at a heavily discount price if you can rent it and hence buy your self some time to find a buyer who will pay you the right price. Ensure that the rental contract you sign includes a clause that allows you to open the house of viewing by prospective buyers. A renter would be happy to do this if you reduce their monthly rental.

You may want to offer the renter the option to buy the house if they like it.

8. Consider refinancing. If the reason for selling your house is related to having to pay high interest on your mortgage and you are finding it hard to keep up with repayments you have a couple of options. Sell the house before you fall too far behind and your financial institution steps in. They will sell the house for a fairly low price only enough to get their money back. The alternative is to refinance. There is a lot of competition among the banks and interest rate are the lowest they have been in years. You can find out online if you are eligible for a low interest loan here.

9. Finally, stay focused. There are many companies offering cash for homes. These companies will buy your house at a heavily discounted price. You will achieve what you set out to do and that is sell your property quickly but at a cheap price and chances are you will not be happy once you settle. Watch out for the too good to be true offers.

Reasons for Selling and helpful resources
There are many reasons why people would want to sell their house quickly. Some of them have bought a another house and they want to sell their existing house quickly. Some of the other reasons can be beyond the control of the person. Here are some of the reasons for selling and some suggestions you should think about that may help you:

1. Upsizing/downsizing/moving Interstate/International:
These are common reasons. You may have had children and require a larger house or the children have left home and the house you have is too big to maintain. Ensure you allow sufficient time to have your house sold.

2. Tax problems:
If the IRS is on your back for tax back payment did you know there are ways of eliminate 85% of delinquent taxes. For more information click here.

3. Foreclosure:
Foreclosures are the highest they have been in 30 years and effected about 8 million people in 2003. 11 million lost their homes to foreclosure. There are services which that will prevent or stop foreclosure in 98% of cases. Click here for details.

It may be necessary to use credit before the house is sold. Some credit companies will give you $7500 dollars unsecured which you can use for paying bills and other expenses till the check comes in. The lowest rate cards can be found here or here

Houses have doubled and in some cases tripled in value in the last ten years. Your house may be worth a lot more than you think. One option is to refinance your house. For example if you bought your house for $100,000 ten years ago and you borrowed 80,000 dollars. It may be worth now $200,000. You can refinance your home so that you borrow against the value of the house. You may be able to borrow $100,000 which you can use for other purposes. Fill in the online form to see if you qualify for a refinance deal.

Finally remember the following – you are not looking for a fire sale and you do not want your prospective buyers to get the idea that you’re desperate to sell. If they sense that they will try to get you to accept a bargain-basement price. Good luck and come back to visit us for updates.