Cheap Tips to Help Sell Your House Fast

Cheap Tips to Help Sell Your House Fast!

by Brian Bagnall

In good markets and bad markets most people want their houses to sell for the most money possible. And for that matter they want to sell as fast as possible. Many sellers fail to accomplish these goals because they don’t invest the upfront time and effort to make their house be all it can be. Most people don’t spend enough time reading valuable information about how you can sell your home fast. Or they invest the time and the money, but they don’t focus on the right areas and maximize their efforts…

Gaining additional profits once you sell your home fast can be accomplished easily enough if you make the right improvements. You can take action and enhance your perspective buyer’s feelings and desire for your house. Feelings of more space, more light, more rooms, more closet space, greater privacy, warmth and security. These simple and inexpensive improvements can improve the emotional response in a potential buyer and really help to sell your home fast.

Your first step is to examine the outside of your house. Drive down the block, turnaround and drive toward your house. What impression do you get? Do you think you could sell your home fast? Does it look well kept? Is the yard mowed and are the trees trimmed? What about the paint, is it peeling or in good condition? Next, walk around the house. Are the windows and trim in good condition? How does the door look, does it need paint or stain? Make a list of all the items you find. Improving these exterior items can truly help you sell your home fast.

Your second step is to walk through the inside of the house and take note of obvious imperfections such as ceiling and wall cracks, squeaky stairs, discolored wall paper, marks on walls etc. Add these items to your list. Improving these interior items could definitely increase your chance to sell your home fast. Put yourself in the shoes of your perspective buyer and ask yourself the question “Would I spend top dollar to live here?…” This may be a difficult question to answer objectively since you do live here, but you need to put your emotions aside and fix all the items on the list so that you can answer that question with a strong yes. Repairing the items on your list could be time consuming and costly as well, but they can help to sell your home fast; later in the article we will discuss how you can save time and money.

To really get your house in shape so that you can sell your home fast, you should consider the following additional techniques to make your house be all it can be:

Add Attractive Plants
Having plants in the house can add a feeling of freshness and warmth to your house. They are also healthy because they filter pollutants out of the air you breathe. Many indoor plants are quite inexpensive especially when you consider that they can add value and appeal to your home. Attractive pots such as ceramic, brass or even designer plastic can add a designer flair. Hanging plants such as Boston ferns are inexpensive, easy to care for and would go great in your new home wherever you move, not to mention it can help sell your home fast.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…
Adding mirrors can give your house a greater sense of space, style and elegance. You should be careful not to overdo it. When mirrors are placed properly throughout your home, each area will seem larger to the potential homebuyer. Try looking in your attic or basement for any old mirrors, or visit your local flea market. Garage sales are also an excellent place to look. Be sure the mirror has a nice frame or at least give the frame a new coat of paint. Putting one-foot square mirrors on a closet door in the master bedroom can add an attractive touch or placing one at the end of a short hallway adds depth. This is a great way to help you sell your home fast.

Adding More Closet Space
One of the biggest complaints you’ll hear from potential buyers is that there just isn’t enough closet space! Consider purchasing closet organizers and installing them in some or all of your closets. This can make a big difference in closet space. You can also try putting a rod across one corner of a bedroom for hanging clothes.

Make a Bare Wall Beautiful
Wallpaper is a quick, inexpensive way to add extra personality to a home and increase your chance to sell your house fast. It’s also fairly easy to do as well. Choosing the right wallpaper can brighten a room or hallway and bring it back to life. You should be careful to choose something with a neutral design or pattern. After all, you are not buying the wallpaper to please yourself, you are buying it to please your potential buyer.

Brighten up Those Old Worn Floors
Nothing turns off a potential buyer faster than dull, dingy, disgusting looking floors. No matter what type of floor you have wax, wooden or tiled floors do whatever you can to make them shine again! For wax floors, either rent a floor machine and do it yourself or, if it’s in your budget, hire a professional. Get the professional to give you an estimate and explain exactly what they will do to bring your floors back to life. Listen to their explanation, once you understand what they suggest you may be able to do it yourself. If you have carpeted floors you should either have the carpet steam cleaned or install new carpeting. This may be an expensive step, but new carpeting can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home. This added step can also help you sell your home fast. It can make your home more attractive and add that new home carpet smell as well.

Add Room and Don’t Use a Contractor!
Here is an easy and simple way that you can give a buyer the feeling there are more rooms in your house than there actually are. Use floor to ceiling room dividers to separate one room into two. These dividers are simple to install. Generally, when buyers walk through your house, they will count the rooms subconsciously. Each room will present an emotional response as they walk through your home. By dividing and designing each side of your room, you create a ‘separate room’ feeling in the potential buyer. It may sound crazy but it works to help you sell your home fast.

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in your house when it comes to sales appeal and adding value. A bright, clean bathroom will definitely give your buyers a good feeling about your home and good feelings mean more money and a higher chance of being able to sell your home fast. Give your bathroom a face-lift if needed. Add fresh paint, decorative moldings, new tile grout, new designer faucets which are all attractive eye catchers.

Does that Smell Sell?
Although we don’t like to admit it, everyone’s house has a certain smell to it. We just never notice it because we live with it day in, day out. Unfortunately, you house’s smell may not sell. Invest in an ionizer, it can clear up odors from smoking and smells as well. Strategically placing fresh scent devices throughout the home will be pleasant to the nose of any potential buyer. Another truck is to bake some bread or some cookies to give your buyer memories of Mom and apple pie. The smell in your home can really help to sell your house fast.

If you take the time, money and effort and use the techniques we have discussed then you will raise your home’s value and hopefully sell your home fast.