The True Cost of Selling Your House

The True Cost of Selling Your House

by Brian Bagnall

House for Sale? The True Cost of Selling Your House
Many sellers will contact me with a house for sale and ask me to pay them more than their house is worth. Unfortunately, I am not able to help them until they realize the true cost of selling a house. Placing a house for sale on the market can be a financial strain and a big headache. As homebuyers have more and more houses to choose from and are increasingly savvy about repairs, the task of having a house for sale has become expensive and daunting.

As an example, let’s take a typical $100,000 house for sale and look at the expenses involved in selling it. We are going to assume that it takes 120 days to find a buyer (average) and 45 days for the buyer to get approved for financing to purchase the house for sale (average)…

-$ 3000 Buyers discount (3% national average)
-$ 6000 Real Estate Commission
-$ 3000 Closing Costs
-$ 6250 Holding Costs (loan payments, taxes, insurance, utilities, yard care)
-$ 325 Appraisal
-$ 250 Survey
-$ 300 Home Inspection
-$ 250 Home Inspection repairs
-$ 350 Home Warranty
-$19725 Total cost to sell the house!

That is a huge number! I didn’t believe it when I first saw it either, but I’ve seen the number hold true on closing statement after closing statement.

What if the numbers are 10% off, 20% off, or even 30% off…that’s still almost $14,000 to sell the house!

What is the seller doesn’t have enough equity to handle the expenses? This becomes a problem and sellers oftentimes take out a loan to pay to sell their house.

Fortunately, I can pay cash to buy your house for sale or take over payments now, if your house for sale qualifies, with no costs!

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