Top 20 Tips to Create Curb Appeal

Top 20 Tips to Create Curb Appeal:
Make-Overs in Ten Minutes or Ten Days

by Brian Bagnall

Curb Appeal is the first impression a property makes on a potential buyer. It can make the difference between a quick sell at a great price or sitting on a money pit for years to come.

And, there are a many tricks you can use to increase Curb Appeal quickly. Here are just a few tips to help spruce up a property, even if you only have a few minutes or days to devote.

Ten-Minute Tips
1. A vase of fresh flowers or potted plants add to the atmosphere and make it more inviting.
2. Light, soft music playing in the background leaves a nice sub-conscious impression that will stick with potential buyers long after they leave.
3. Streamline the property. Hide the garbage cans, put away toys, remove extra cars or other home maintenance equipment.
4. If the property is furnished, remove extra furniture and wall hangings so that the room looks larger.
5. Replace burned out light bulbs and be sure the wattage is high.
6. Clean the windows inside and outside.
7. Remove all odors. Remove any signs of pets, cigarettes, food or other contaminants. Scatter boxes of baking soda or use Febreeze throughout the property, then replace the odor with a clean, fresh smelling air freshener.
8. Turn on all the lights and open the curtains to let in as much light as possible. Obscure unappealing views. Keep the room temperature comfortable. Hang mirrors to make small or dark room look larger, as well as reflect outdoor light.
9. Place seasonal potted flowers on the front steps and keep them looking healthy.
10. Clean the outdoor furniture or remove it if it’s beyond repair.

Ten-Days Tips
1. Time and again, painting proves to be one of the most basic, yet most profitable of home fix-ups. It gives the house the “new-home” feel and smell.
2. Clean the house thoroughly from top to bottom. Shine the appliances, vacuum the carpet, polish the cabinets. Get dust, flies and moths out of light fixtures.
3. Fix cabinet doors or other fixtures that do not work properly. Oil hinges. Repair minor flaws. Inattention to small details could lead the buyer to assume the same about the rest of the house.
4. Repair caulking and grout in bathroom. Fix leaky faucets. Keep bathrooms stocked with tissue, fresh soap and neat, clean hand towels.
5. Paint the front door and entrance. Make sure front entrance lights work.
6. Get the yard back in tip-top shape. Trim the shrubs, weeks the flowers, mow the lawn, rake the leaves, sweep the walkways. Plant seasonal flowers to add TLC.
7. Tighten and repair loose knobs, sticky doors and windows and anything else that might be distracting.
8. Shampoo carpets and mop and polish hard floors. Consider replacing carpet that is faded, excessively worn or out of date.
9. Repair cracks in the dry wall. They are cheap and easy to repair, but the inattention could be costly.
10. Straighten gutters, planters, mailbox, or things that sag or tilt. Remove any elements that may leave a negative impression of you and your property.