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My name is Brian Bagnall. I’m in a bit of a pinch and I need your help. I’ve got some buyers who need a house… actually, I’ve got 58 buyers who need a house.

Here’s the story… I’m a real estate investor and I advertise to find people who want to buy my houses on lease option. Well… my marketing worked amazingly well and I found a lot more buyers than I had houses to sell. So… I wanted to find a way to help these folks find a home and to make a little on all the work I’ve done to find them and qualify them… so I set up this quick web page and started telling sellers in the area, like you.

My buyers want to live in the area, but don’t qualify for a mortgage right now. That means they would be buying from you “Rent To Own.”

They can afford the monthly payment and will qualify within 1 or 2 years. I had every one of them talk to a mortgage broker before I put them on the list… I wanted to know exactly how long it would take them before they would qualify and could take out a new loan and pay off the house.

These buyers will also give you full market value for your house and full market rent during the lease period… sometimes a little bit more than that.

In addition to that, they tend to take care of the property like a normal buyer because they see it as their property. And you will have a written agreement with them that makes them responsible for repairs to the house. So if the furnace goes out, they have to fix it or if the toilet stops up, they don’t call you in the middle of the night. It saves a lot of headaches.

By the way, none of this costs you a dime. I’m paid by the buyer.

As far as price goes… There is no reason we shouldn’t be able to get you full market value or maybe a little more because of the way we are selling it. Our buyers are pretty motivated.

So… if you are interested, please let me know. We can talk over the phone and I’ll answer any of your questions. As soon as you give me the okay, I’ll send out an email to my list about your house. I have sold houses in one day with this list, so don’t be surprised if things happen pretty fast after you give me the okay.

Let me know what you think.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the very best of all good things.

Best Wishes,

Brian Bagnall

P.S. Just a quick note: I am not a Realtor and I don’t want to list your house. I’m a real estate investor and I’m only interested in buying your house.