In the 2 days, 3 times a year that you’ll spend with me and 15 other like-minded individuals, as a mastermind group, you’ll come out with an all new, thoroughly brainstormed killer website that’s been actually proven – within the 48 hours you spend with me – to increase your qualified leads and boost your sales.

But as a fair warning, I should say that due to the highly advanced nature of this mastermind intensive, this offer is limited only to Internet marketers who are already running an online business and making money but who would like to see far better, spectacular results!

If your feel you qualify for this mastermind group, you better sign up now because, as experienced in the past, I’m forced to turn down 1/3 of all qualified applicants as I can accommodate only 16 people in the group at a time, to ensure you get 100% of my personal attention and guarantee your blockbuster success online.

Dear Online Marketer,

Hi there. Brian Bagnall here. As a businessperson like you, I know you’re intensely devoted to getting fantastic results for your business. I’m sure you’ve digested a whole lot of books and ebooks, listened to countless CD’s, MP3s, and teleconferences, and attended live seminars in your determined quest to achieve the Holy Grail of online marketing, that is, total domination of your market.

But unfortunately, maybe up to now, you have not yet quite reached that goal. That’s because your website, your online sales funnel and all your marketing strategies, though they’re bringing in modest profits, they’re most likely not optimized to perform at the highest level possible. That’s why you’re not yet making the kind of money you’ve always wanted and thought possible. That’s why you haven’t yet conquered your niche after all these years…

…Even after you’ve invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours learning winning marketing strategies from countless marketing experts.

Well, it’s one thing to hear people talk about winning marketing strategies, and it’s another thing to sit down with a world-class pro and get personal, customized advice – not on somebody else’s project, but on your own project.

It’s an altogether different experience. But even more powerful is to have a mastermind alliance where a handful of like-minded individuals come together to support each other achieve their respective goals, tune up their skills and plans, and forge vital friendships that will enrich their business and personal lives.

A mastermind group solves the problem of how to get the expertise, experience, resources, and specialized knowledge you don’t have yourself.

And that’s exactly what I’m offering you with my invitation to join my Roundtable Mastermind for advanced marketers.

Together we’ll dissect, overhaul and calibrate your business so that at the end of each 2-day session, you will head home with a smugly satisfied smile on your face knowing full well that your entire business – your website, your sales process, your Facebook Ad campaigns, your marketing strategy – is going to be measurably and demonstrably superior.

With this, you will literally dominate your niche virtually in an instant…

Why You Should Join A Mastermind Alliance

As an entrepreneur, I’m sure you’ve read or heard of Napoleon Hill’s Mastermind concept. As Hill put it in his all-time best seller book “Think and Grow Rich”:

“No individual may have great power without availing himself of the ‘Master Mind’….

How true!

Hill continued to write that any man who has accumulated a great fortune, even including those who achieved modest fortunes, either consciously or unconsciously employed the ‘Master Mind’ principle because, as Hill contended, “Great power can be accumulated through no other principle.”

Such is the power of a mastermind alliance, that when two or more great minds join together to focus on the same outcome, something extraordinary really happens.

Hill personally observed this phenomenon in his over twenty years of study of the lives of the greatest and most successful men of his time, including Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison. He noticed that when two or more people coordinate their thinking through a mastermind alliance, they dramatically increase the ability to tap into what he called Infinite Intelligence.

In such a case, one plus one is three, or even four, in terms of the brain power generated. Ideas flow, problems seem to be easily solved, and million dollar ideas make way for billion dollar ideas.

To be sure, you too will tap into this uncanny power when you join my Mastermind Roundtable.

As a member of my mastermind group, you will collaborate with the group to figure out how to achieve your goals and the goals of each of your group members. Though you and the other group members will certainly have different markets and objectives, when it comes to your project, the whole mastermind group will focus totally on your objectives and help you brainstorm, identify challenges, strategize, and otherwise figure out how to make your business, and your group mate’s businesses, go where you and they want it to go.

Joining my mastermind group is your practical way to appropriate and use the experience, training, education, specialized knowledge and native intelligence of other people, as completely as if it were your own.

But have you ever had a real mastermind-experience? One where everyone is razor sharp, and fully committed to contributing to one another?

Count yourself lucky if you’ve experienced one, because the sad truth is very, very few people have. That’s why only a few really make it to the top. And these are naturally the people who go out of their way to achieve their goals… who pay the price and do whatever it takes to hit their targets.

That’s why the invitation to join my mastermind group is a real golden opportunity that you should pounce on now if you want to ratchet up your online business all the way to the top.

How This Is Gonna Work…

In accordance with the true spirit of masterminding, I’m taking teams of four people who will come to my home office in Chicago and get personal help from me and from each other.

You and three other entrepreneurs will get together here and I’ll help each of you – and you’ll help each other – execute and perfect your sales and marketing.

We’ll meet for two days on December 17 and 18, from, 9am to 4pm each day.

At the meeting everyone is expected to be ready to share and present their successful promotions, concepts and strategies so others can “copy” them for their own non-competing business.

You will also have to bring some new development, breakthrough, strategy, secrets, etc that you will present to the group

Then you will present your biggest obstacles, problems and opportunities to the group and together we will brainstorm and come up with the best ideas for you.

We’ll zero in on anything you would want to talk about. We’ll polish up any project you bring with you. We’ll perform keyword research, build or re-build your AdWords campaigns from the ground up, write sizzling copy, create emails and auto-responders, implement testing and tracking systems, draw up big-picture plans… do whatever it is that you need to move ahead at maximum speed, so that 2010 is going to be a killer year for your business.

To be sure, I’ll always be there be in your group providing guidance, feedback and advice. And I will reinforce or expound the advice you get from your group members.

But aside from fully rearming your website for maximum performance, you will get to experience the amazing feeling when everyone’s on the same wavelength. It absolutely rocks!

Experience Firsthand the Amazing Transforming
Power of A Mastermind Alliance

It’s just amazing when group members bring up ideas from widely diverse fields, but somehow find a way to use these seemingly foreign ideas to solve problems in a different or even divergent field. For example, you see marketing ideas from an infomercial or a nonprofit campaign applied to your email marketing.

With one purpose in mind — to contribute to the synergy of group experience, to challenge, motivate, and inform; to listen, understand and respond, you’ll simply be amazed by the transformative power you’ll experience in this group even in such a brief period of time. The ideas you get from others in the group are not stifled by the ‘groupthink’ of any one profession or product category.

You’ll experience an absolutely remarkable chemistry that rarely, if ever, occurs elsewhere. Everyone gets a ‘creativity buzz’, and strong relationships are forged that many of my members report have led to very profitable connections that have lasted for many years.

You can expect the same kind of energy and synergy. And equally important, I will also share with you the knowledge that I glean from my other information sources and groups. This means you can freely borrow ideas from me and that will greatly benefit you, too.

The short time you spend with my mastermind group can easily become the best time spent all year. After each 2 day session you come home refreshed, activated, energized. (I speak from personal experience, not only because of the Mastermind groups I host, but the ones I participate in. I spend more than $40,000 each year to sharpen my axe, too.)

When you come home from seminars you have a list of 119 fantastic ideas and probably only get 3 or 4 implemented, you will come home from your mastermind group with a list of 11 or 12 things you’re going to stop doing. This is pivotal as this frees up more time for you to do the five or six higher leverage actions you identified in the Mastermind meeting.

Certainly, these additional high leverage actions will help you in a big way to be on track to doubling, tripling and even quadrupling your income. That is, multiplying the rewards of the 80/20 rule. But this can only be expected when you get advice, counsel and personal encouragement from a group of successful go-getters supporting your efforts.

But Why Join My Mastermind Group?

“But why should I be in your mentoring group instead of anybody else’s?”

Glad you asked.

There are several keys to a good mastermind group that you should be aware of.

  • First, your group must share a definite purpose.
  • Second, your mastermind alliance must have a complete meeting of the minds. There should be absolute harmony without any reservation on the part of any member.
  • And third, the originator of the group, the driving force behind the goal, should gather together a group of people who have specific knowledge, expertise, and connections.

Certainly, my mastermind group meets all the criteria.

  • Each member of my mastermind group shares the definite purpose of making his or her business far more profitable. Obviously, each one in the group really wants to dominate his or her field.
  • And to ensure absolute harmony, I personally evaluate and carefully select the members of your group. I do this to make sure you and the other members of the group are not in any way in competition with each other. This is crucial as this may restrict the free flow of ideas because of fear and jealousy. Not good at all to a mastermind alliance.
  • Lastly, you get to share this experience with 15 other sharp online entrepreneurs, determined and ambitious to really dominate their niche. You’ll be joined not by run-of-the-mill wannabes, but top-1% performers. You’ll get inspiration from what they’re doing, from their experience, from the questions they ask. In just 48 hours you’ll acquire a much deeper understanding of successful online marketing strategies.

And of course as your coach, the originator of the group…

I Have The Knowledge, Experience, And
The Right Connections To Help You Succeed

I’m one of the most respected, well-known direct-response marketing experts in the world. I have been directly responsible for billions in increased revenue for my clients through my marketing consulting and joint venture deal arrangements.

I am an in-demand author, speaker and consultant who has written several books and has spoken at conferences throughout the United States.

I started in the advertising business at a very young age, with no formal training or apprenticeship. Understanding the value of good coaching, I learned under the tutelage of successful marketers, such as Dan Kennedy, Perry Marshall and John Carlton, just to name a few.

By testing and implementing new strategies that were influenced through the teachings of tutors I was able to jump my success. This allowed me to become incredibly successful at creating automated marketing systems.

Through my company, Bagnall & Associates, LLC (headquartered in Chicago, IL), I have gone on to advise Fortune 500 and major brand-name corporations as well as thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

I have crafted and written ads, direct-mail campaigns, and created online marketing that has sold billions of dollars of goods and services. I have worked hands-on with over 500 clients in 79 different business categories, and helped hundreds of private clients become millionaires and multimillionaires, fast.

My students collectively generate over a million clicks a month. I’m one of the most influential people on the web today. I’ve taught more than 10,000 people how to improve their Facebook Ad results.

You see, you’re really looking at the right Mastermind group to be allied with.

Exactly What You Will Get From My MasterMind Group

I’ve always limited the group to 16 – yourself plus 15 others. You may also bring a spouse or a partner. It’s a very small group. Small enough that you will be given a generous time slot to present your latest business and marketing challenges to the group and receive feedback that will move you forward. And because it’s a small group, closer spontaneous interaction is naturally expected. And with more minds focused on solving your business problems, you’ll get more ideas, more inspiration, and more creative and profitable solutions.

Moreover, none of these meetings will be recorded or taped so all of you, including me, can be absolutely candid in every way. Plus, each member will pledge not to reveal or teach the info presented in these closed door sessions. It’s part of the confidentiality agreement you must abide by joining my mastermind group.

In a moment I’ll better summarize exactly what you’ll get by joining my Mastermind Roundtable. But in a nutshell, joining my Mastermind group will give you consistent and direct access to me for the next 12 months which… in case it hasn’t dawned on you yet… is your biggest ROI.

The short-cuts and advances I give you are battle-tested and will actually catapult you to the top of your field. I’ve been deep in the trenches doing this with unparalleled success for almost 8 years now (show me someone else who’s made almost $600,000 from a small list of less than 5,000 names).

Certainly, you cannot easily obtain the kind of expertise I’m offering at any price. I’ve been paid as much as $10,000 to write a single postcard, even though I don’t offer my services as a freelance-copywriter at all.

I have been doing Facebook campaign management for my customers since 2007 and right now my time bills at $1500 per hour.

I’ve been privy to literally hundreds of successful online businesses. I know what makes ’em tick. I know all their peculiarities, foibles and quirks. I know the unusual success signals that one must pay attention to in order to profit big. And I also know the unexpected pitfalls that I teach my mastermind students to identify and steer clear of to avoid huge losses.

In short, I’ve got the qualifications to help you move your biz forward.

Two days with me, three times a year can really change your life and your business. The confidence boost you get from this alone could make the difference, all by itself.

By working with me, your business and your life will become a “new chapter” every month. You’re no longer just another burned out business-owner, having the same old “ordinary” life and problems that everyone else has. You’ll now become the market leader of your niche who knows how to turn every crisis into a money making opportunity, and every money making opportunity into a boundless abundance.

Isn’t this your biggest dream as an Internet marketer?

Indeed, it is! The rewards you’ll get by joining my mastermind coaching program is worth many, many, many times over the time, money and effort you’ll invest in my program. And it’s yours for keeps in exchange for investing only 48 short hours, three times a year.

But there’s more….

You’ll Also Have Access To My Personal Swipe Files Consisting of
Thousands of Pages of Reference Materials And A Lot More

During your stay in my home office you can freely browse through my library that literally consists of thousands of pages of swipe files and reference materials that I’ve accumulated during the last 10 years. If there’s anything that you need and I have it, it’s at your disposal while you’re a guest at my home.

And by signing up for my Accelerated Mastermind Coaching Program, you will also enjoy:

  • A personal, 1-on-1 coaching session with me each month. Except for the months where we meet in person, you and I will spend 20 minutes honing your personal goals, business objectives, sales process, your Facebook campaigns, your marketing strategy. The calls are with me, and we can talk about whatever you want to talk about.
  • Access to my monthly Facebook Mastermind Call. This is a separate call that I do near the end of every month. The focus is on the latest changes at Facebook and the corresponding strategies as the game evolves. You get audio recordings of the calls, too.
  • Subscription to The Brian Bagnall Marketing Letter. My very best thinking goes into this marketing letter. The influences and information come from a lot of sources. I read dozens of newsletters and publications, attend far more seminars than almost anyone you’ve ever met, and spend upwards of $45,000 per year being educated myself and staying abreast of the latest trends. I have access to knowledge sources that most people don’t even know exist, and every month I share this information with you. You get the benefit of all my effort and years of experience.
  • All Membership Privileges of my Gold Coaching Club. We have free consulting call-in days several times a year, access to special discounts on products and seminars, and special Members-Only teleseminars. There’s nothing like being on the inside track, fully tuned in into the best thinking in marketing today.
  • Cool CD’s and Books. Every now and then I run across a book or tape or CD that I think is absolutely indispensable. If I think a book or resource has the potential to alter your life for the better, I’ll send it to you FREE. I’m also doing this so that we can discuss them at the next group meeting.
  • Two 30-minute ‘911-Emergency-as-you-need-it’ private phone calls with me.
  • Access to Brian’s private rolodex and joint venture introductions

What is the Guarantee?

The Double Your Sales Guarantee consists of three basic elements:

1. Agree to follow the guidelines for doubling your sales listed here.

2. You must understand the value of marketing and be ready to grow (and grow fast).

3. If you don’t double your sales within one year, we’ll refund your entire activation and start up fee.

Still, You May Have Valid Reasons Why
You Might NOT Choose To Join My Mastermind Alliance

If you’re so advanced compared to the rest of your industry, you may not need my mastermind group to stay on top of your game. Or maybe you are already quite successful and you’re not really after any further success. You have had your fill, so to speak. If that’s you, then my mastermind alliance can’t do anything good for you.

Also, if you don’t deal with criticism well, or you don’t listen to it or don’t act on it… my mastermind alliance — or any other alliance for that matter — can’t do anything for you.

Or you may be very secretive and excessively paranoid. You sit in a meeting and never say anything. You just lurk. That’s fine on a teleconference, but it won’t work in a mastermind group. You got to speak up to contribute and be helped.

Or maybe you’re based in the UK, Australia or some other place outside the continental US and you think traveling all the way to my home office in Chicago to sit down with me and be helped is not worth it. Then so be it. However, I must tell you, people from all over the world – from places as far as Australia, Singapore and Hawaii – do attend my mastermind sessions and absorb every stimulating-minute. And naturally, those who do participate in spite of the great distance reap great rewards as they apply the secrets they learn when they get home. They get to dominate their local niches very, very easily.

Finally, if you are not inclined to share what you’re doing with the other marketers in the group, because you’re afraid someone is going to “steal your ideas”, my mastermind alliance is definitely not for you.

To be an effective member – to be able to reap the benefits and contribute – you should be willing to share your knowledge, your insights, and your ideas that are uniquely yours on account of your peculiar business experiences. In fact, this is the main point of the mastermind group…to “steal” everyone’s good ideas for the greater benefit of the group.

This creates more collective intelligence than one person can acquire in many years of careful experimentation. But again, if you can’t share with the group for fear someone is going to take your ideas, you shouldn’t do this.

However, you are not expected nor required to disclose things like income or sales numbers. Fine if you want to, but not required. My mastermind group is not one of those “my ding-dong is bigger than your ding-dong” clubs. In the my mastermind group, no one is in competition with each other. Instead, we’re all in competition with ourselves – to better ourselves and our business. And each member of the team is there to help each other better one’s own best.

But, if you do understand the value of personal coaching and joining a mastermind group like this… if you fully realize the magnificent synergy that comes from the interaction… if you understand that the wisdom of a group far exceeds the wisdom of any one individual… that it’s really worth the price to pay to really get your business to dominate your niche… and if you value the peace of mind and confidence that comes from us working together, both on your business and your personal goals…. then this program is for you!

How To Tell If You Are A Good Fit

Now I have things to teach you, and you have things to teach me. But I’m really serious about the program. When I say I really screen applicants and ask for references, I really mean it.

As I’ve said early on, only applicants with an existing online business will be considered. But aside from that, there are also other traits and considerations that I expect from you and you must agree to adhere to


  • You shouldn’t be just a taker but a giver as well. You should be willing to share and contribute during the meetings, your successes, victories, failures, frustrations and problems
  • You genuinely love the exhilaration of the hunt, and enjoy the challenge of taking risks to achieve great success
  • You undertake to steadily implement ideas and changes between each meeting and personally embrace Kaizen, small but continuous improvements.
  • You honestly desire to grow ‘at least’ one more $1M profit center.
  • You genuinely appreciate constructive criticism from others. You should full embrace the old Jewish proverb that says, “Correct a fool and he will hate you; instruct a wise man and he will be still wiser”
  • Do not introduce negative-energy into the group. In the extremely unlikely instance where someone is a problem, I’ll ask that person to leave. This is in accordance with the true spirit of masterminding. Remember, absolute harmony is required. Whiners and negative people are definitely out. (If this is you, please don’t apply)
  • Maintain confidentiality of all sensitive information discussed at the Mastermind meetings. Keep private information private, and don’t “steal” opportunities from others. We’re going to be discussing confidential matters in the group, and everyone needs to be assured their information will be kept safe.
  • Attend ‘at least’ two of the three yearly meetings

Please take this evaluation guide seriously. Remember, I’m asking for references, and they will be checked. If you know in your heart you don’t pass muster, please don’t waste your time or mine submitting an application that will eventually be turned down. Apply only if you honestly think you meet all my requirements and standards. Your application will be evaluated, and then you’ll be notified as to whether or not you’ve been accepted.

But please do not be intimidated by the application process itself. Just carefully consider the requirements I’ve mentioned above. If you can honestly say to yourself that you meet all of them, and you have the desire and willingness to succeed and be a valuable member of my mastermind group and you can honestly say that you are coachable… I think you have a fair chance of getting admitted and succeeding in my mastermind coaching program. But of course you should act quickly now, before other equally qualified applicants will beat you to it.

Warning: Only A Maximum of 16 Individuals
Will Be Accepted.
Act Now!

Undoubtedly you understand the value of my Accelerated Mastermind Coaching Program and you think you’re a fit that’s why you’ve read this far. And you know that as you reap the rewards of this group, your life will improve in so many ways.

I hope, having gone this far, that you won’t stop short, for whatever reason. Skepticism, procrastination, cost – whatever the reason may be. You’ve gotten this far, and it’s now time to take action.

And remember, the maximum number of individuals I will have in this accelerated mastermind group will only be 16.

So apply for my Accelerated Mastermind Group now and shortly after that, I’ll let you know whether or not your application has been approved.

I’m processing applications on a first come, first served basis, and all applications will be time/date stamped once received. I’d hate to have to inform you that even though you qualify, I have no choice but to put you on the waiting list as your application is way down the line.

So I urge you to apply right now. But more than that, I look forward to working with you and coaching you. Please click here now to receive your application right away.

My Final Thoughts…

I’m not inviting you to join my mastermind coaching program because I need the money. Money is nice, but it’s no longer the thing that motivates me to roll out of bed every morning and get to work.

I’m doing this because I have a higher vision! I don’t want to merely help my members help themselves to bigger piles of money; I want to raise the bar on how marketing and business in general are done, elevating the marketing game to the next higher decent and purposeful level.

I’m doing this because marketing is the single most valuable skill in business today. Savvy marketers have the potential to make huge positive, morally uplifting contributions to the world at large. By introducing worthy, superior products and services, coupled with higher levels of integrity, marketers can help shut less deserving players out of the game and reduce the widespread bullshit going on out there.

Personally, I’m sick of it. I think you’re sick of it, too. That’s why I’m inviting you to be a part of the solution. Not only play lip service but really be a part of the solution. And by dominating your niche and making your high level of integrity and quality the norm in your market, you will really help set in motion the process of cleansing the market place of all that crap. One market niche at a time.

With that, I look forward to working with you for 2 intense days, 3 times a year here in my Chicago office. We’ll have real fun!

To Increasing Your Profits,

Brian Bagnall


  • By application only, requires 2 personal references which will be checked.
  • 2 day intensive mastermind meeting, 3 times a year at my home office in Chicago.
  • By application only, filled on a first-come, first-served basis
  • You may bring a partner or spouse (for no extra charge)

As A Roundtable Member You Get:

  • A 30 minute 1-on-1 coaching call with me each month
  • Ongoing access to my Million Dollar Dash program (including Team-Action-Groups) at no extra charge
  • Membership in my Silver Coaching Club (Print Newsletter) and Gold Coaching Club (Monthly Group Call)
  • Access to other Roundtable members for advice, joint ventures and accountability: They’re among the sharpest online marketers in the world
  • Application fee is $100, refundable if not accepted.
  • Cost is $1997 per month or 1 payment of $1997 (2 months free = a $3994 savings).

…You need to commit to this program for one year. We do not issue refunds for Roundtable membership dues. Roundtable is for big boys, mature business people who take full responsibility for their own success. If you feel you need a guarantee on Roundtable membership, this program is not for you.

If you’re teetering on the brink of financial catastrophe, this is not for you. But if you own a thriving business and actively seek out the cutting edge, Roundtable is an environment you can thrive in. I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

P.S.: More words from my Roundtable Members:Mastermind Roundtable is a live mastermind group that gathers for a 2-day intensive private meeting, 3 times a year. In this group, avid entrepreneurs privately discuss their challenges, take situations apart and put them back together, solve tough problems in real time, share the results of their latest innovations and experiments. We support, encourage and challenge each other, swapping strategies, techniques, vendors, technologies and resources. The chemistry is electric.

The purpose: To increase your income, work fewer hours and have greater peace of mind, and put your feet on economic solid ground, especially with the fast-changing nature of the Internet and the uncertainty of this time.

Here’s what you get:

  • All GOLD membership resources
  • A personal, 1-on-1 coaching session with me each month. Except for the months where we meet in person, you and I spend 20 minutes honing your personal goals, business objectives, sales process, your most pressing marketing problems or concerns. We can even go over your current marketing materials and I can offer critical advice. They calls are with me, and we can talk about whatever you want to talk about.
  • One 30-minute 911 consultation with me, for those last minute times when you need advice and can’t wait.
  • Special discounts from our webstore and on seminars, consulting, etc.
  • Cool CD’s and Books, every now and then. Every now and then I run across a book or tape or CD that I think is absolutely indispensable. If I think a book or resource has the potential to alter your life for the better, I’ll send it to you at no extra charge. The primary reason I will be doing this is so that we can discuss them at the next group meeting.
  • Ongoing access to my Million Dollar Dash program (including Team-Action-Groups) at no extra charge.
  • Access to other Mastermind Roundtable members for advice, joint ventures and accountability: They’re among the sharpest online marketers in the world

A few things you should know:

  • Application fee is $100, refunable if not accepted.
  • By application only, filled on a first-come, first-served basis
  • requires 2 personal references which will be checked.
  • You may bring a partner or spouse (for no extra charge)
  • When I say “If you qualify” I really do mean that. Roundtable is by application only. I am typically unable to accept about 1/3 of Roundtable applicants. To be accepted, you must have an established online business and you must provide references which will be checked. This is not for you if you still haven’t figured out exactly what market you’re in or if you’re floundering. Roundtable is for you if your business has a solid core and you’re now ready to drive your stake DEEP into the ground and dominate your market the way I dominate mine.