Find Your Purpose, Eliminate Stress,  and Find True & Lasting Happiness — Everything You Need to Design the Life that You’ve Always Wanted in Less than 8 Weeks!

Congratulations! If you’re seeing this web page it means one of the 12 SPOTS for my next Happiness Formula Coaching Program is yours! (IMPORTANT: Do not refresh the page or you will be bumped out of the sequence)

Yes Brian, I can’t wait to learn how to make the life of my dreams happen by finding my real purpose all while eliminating stress and finding true and lasting happiness!  I’m ready to take action and then enjoy the lifestyle we talked about on the call!

Give me my instant online access to the Happiness Formula Coaching Program — TODAY!

I can’t wait to for the coaching program to start and receive:

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  • 8 Weeks of Group Calls… These calls normally last between 90 and 120 minutes.  Brian will cover a new topic every week (like how to examine why you’re unhappy in the first place, how to know what real truth is, how to figure out what will make you happy, discover your purpose and why you’re here, how to stop negative emotions before they start, how to change your actions, how to get exactly what you want, etc.) and then I can ask whatever questions I have so I am completely clear on that week’s homework.
  • 911 Certificate… I might find myself in a pinch and need to talk to Brian in a jiffy to solve a problem.  In this case, I can use this certificate to get priority scheduling into Brian’s calendar (usually within 24 business hours).  That way I’ll know for sure that I’m on the right track.
  • Email Access… When I have questions in between the weekly calls, I understand that I can email Brian directly and get his expert advice on how to proceed.
  • Phone Access… Email access is the first point of contact but sometimes a question can’t easily be answered via email.  If that’s the case, I’ll be able to jump on a call with Brian and he’ll help me get get over whatever hurdles I am encountering.

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YES Brian! I’m 100% committed and ready to start living the life I’ve always wanted to live in the next 8 weeks by discovering my real purpose, eliminating stress and finding true and lasting happiness.  Please secure my spot immediately with my deposit of just:


I understand that the total cost of the coaching program is $12,000 (minus my deposit and tuition scholarships granted).  I also understand that Brian must receive the balance of the tuition via check within 48 hours of submitting this deposit.


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To order by phone, or if you have any questions,
please call the Member Services Team
at 312-878-7717 ext. 171