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Who Is Brian Bagnall?


Considered to be one of the hottest marketing and business strategists around, Brian Bagnall has a reputation for crafting promotional materials and creating marketing campaigns that get results. In fact, Brian has become well-know for developing automated selling systems that allow business owners to design a business that’s their servant, not their master. This has allowed high-profile clients like Matthew Lesko (The Question Mark Guy) to seek him out on a regular basis.

He’s gone on to advise Fortune 500 and major brand-name corporations as well as thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners; he has crafted and written ads, direct-mail campaigns, and has created online marketing that has sold millions of dollars of goods and services.

He is an in-demand speaker, author, and consultant who’s client list reads like the “who’s who” list of internet marketing. He’s also written several books and has spoken at conferences throughout the United States. He’s also “the go-to-guy” when it comes to crafting automated selling systems. He’s shared the stage with marketing legends like Mike Filsaime, Perry Marshall, Ryan Lee, Andrew Lock, Chris Farrell, Mark Anastasi, Marshall Sylver, Jeremy Schoemaker, Steven Essa and Rich Schefren just to name a few.