Simple ‘Who Am I Exercise?’ Reveals ‘Happier You’

Simple ‘Who Am I?’ Exercise Reveals ‘Happier You’ – Video 1


I hope you’re enjoying your free copy of ‘The Happiness Bible

(It’s certainly NOT your typical self help book is it? 🙂

… And you’re starting to feel a lot happier now.

As mentioned in my last email, I’m recording a short video series for you to help speed-up your happiness journey.

Here’s the first video … 

Simple Who Am I? Exercise Reveals Happier You (Video 1)


This video takes you through the simple Who Am I’ exercise revealed in ‘The Happiness Bible’ …


Because If you’re not as happy as you want to be right now. Its often because you don’t SEE YOURSELF as a happy person.

The good news is that your current concept of yourself CAN be changed. But first you need to know what that ‘concept’ is.

In this video you’ll examine how YOU view yourself. Which will enable you to replace any ‘undesirable views’ with more desirable ones.

The reason this is important is because happiness starts with your self image. It’s the core of everything you’ll ever do… you’ll ever feel… and you’ll ever experience in life!

Which is why I recommend you take 2 minutes to watch the video right now and do the exercise.

You see – every answer to your ultimate happiness and success is lying dormant ‘inside your mind’ right now.

I can lead you to those answers but I can’t force you to look.

To get the results you want, I need you to do that.

So go ahead, watch this video and take a look inside your mind I dare you. 🙂

To Your Happiness,

Brian Bagnall

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QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: When you did the “WHO AM I EXERCISE What did you write down?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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