Why Your Retirement Plan Is Only Doing Half As Well As It Could Be

Ever hear the saying, “You’ll never get rich doing what everyone else is doing?”  The same goes for your retirement accounts.  They’ll never do anything better than “average” if you’re doing what everyone else is doing.  Come to think of it, that IS the definition of average… doing what everyone else is doing  🙂

Most people invest their money in the same kind of investments: stocks, mutual funds, annuities, bonds, money markets, CD’s, etc.  They invest with the same investment houses: Ameritrade, Fidelity, Schwab, etc.  And they get the same average results.

So what’s the secret?  Adding real estate holdings to your portfolio. WAIT! Before you go running for the hills, hear me out (you’ll thank yourself later).

The fact is, more wealth has been created through real estate than ANY other method. The problem is, most people find investing in real estate scary. They imagine getting tenant calls at 3:00 am to unplug toilets or having to evict someone for non-payment.

If that's not your thing, you can buy a property that's already tenant occupied and fully managed. The management company takes care of everything from collecting rents, finding tenants, repairs, evictions, etc. The only thing you’d need to do is deposit the checks.

To use your retirements funds to invest in real estate, all you have to do is convert your existing IRA to a Self-Directed IRA. The great thing about using a Self-Directed IRA is that your investment grows tax free (and it's easy to setup too). The only caveat is that the IRS says you or your family members can’t live in the property. It has to be used strictly for investment purposes.

Our teams across the country work tirelessly to find the best properties in the best markets, so we can provide you with an investment asset that is second to none.  All of our investment grade properties have a minimum of a 15% yearly NET Return (and that includes an allowance for normal repairs and expenses). Not only do our investors get $400 to $600 of positive cash flow each month, they also gain equity as the property increases in value. That’s why real estate is so great… because there are multiple streams of revenue.

Most of our rental properties range in price from $30k to $50k. How are we able to sell the properties so inexpensively? The answer is simple… because we buy them in packages and are able to get great deals on them. These properties are not available to the general public. We perform intense due diligence on every property to ensure that they are portfolio quality, and every property is sold in top rental condition with tenant, management, and insurance in place.

The areas you invest in are important. It’s critical to stay away from markets where there is price volatility of any kind. The properties we sell are in areas with affordable property values, average appreciation and high rents. Why average appreciation you might ask? Because, as fast as property values can go down, they can free fall just as quickly (if not quicker).  Remember what happened in California about 5 years ago? They were getting, 20-40% appreciation PER YEAR. Well, we know how that ended.  We only sell houses in areas with average appreciation so the chance of you being affected by a housing crisis is minimal.

Because these are great deals, you need to be serious and move fast. These properties also must be purchased in cash (the cash in your IRA works just fine).

Now, If any of the above still scares you, we also have an option where you can invest in real estate notes where you can earn an 8% return on your money. This is a completely risk-free way to earn a very steady 8% on your money because, we guarantee that our client will make the payment or we make it for them!  So we literally eliminate the risk for you.

If any of this seriously interests you, we’d love to chat with you via a Free Investment Boosting Session to see if this investment method might be a good fit for you. Nobody on our team is paid on commission so you never have to worry about getting a high-pressure sales pitch or anything like that. Our team is only there to help you determine whether this type of investment would be a good fit for you or not. If it is, great. If not, no big deal. There’s no shortage of investors that want to earn 15% on their money.  🙂  And even if we can’t personally help you, odds are we can refer you to an investment expert that can.

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