Joint Venture Broker

Interested in Joining Out Joint Venture Broker Team?

We’re currently looking to hire more Brokers to leverage our Joint Venture Broker Team, and earn even more for our clients.

If you have any experience, training, or even just a passion for networking, please contact and express your interest in joining our Joint Venture Broker Team.

We can help you get started, but remember that this is a pay for performance job and it will require that do the work to get paid for your sales.  We only staff the top, most motivated, passionate Joint Venture Brokers that are willing to take action, follow our coaching and product results.

If you think you have what it takes, then we will give you some free apprenticeship training, and put you to work alongside one of our experienced Brokers to work for our clients.

You will initially go through a trial period where we offer you a lower commission for your work, as your Joint Venture Broker Coach will get the remainder commission for their efforts of training you.

After you have proven yourself a few times working alongside one of our experienced Joint Venture Brokers, we will eventually allow you to take on some of our clients on your own, earning the full commissions that we negotiate for Joint Venture Brokering projects.

Please do not be disappointed if we do not have room for you at this time, as we can only coach a limited number of Joint Venture Brokers when there is space for them and willing coaches available.

We currently have room for 2 more Joint Venture Broker apprentices, so email us now if you’re interested, before these slots become filled.