I’m Looking for a Salesperson…

…who will drive sales through the roof
and be rewarded handsomely for doing it!


Must be absolutely trustworthy with customer and business data

Respects confidentiality of individual clients

Based in Chicago area is a distinct advantage, but is not a requirement

Able to pick up the phone and recruit and sell

Able to make persuasive connections with people via email

Espouses the values, aims and style of our team

You must have strong persuasion abilities

Studies what others do in other markets and industries and is able to apply them here

Must be able to establish principal accounts and draw commitments from decision-makers

Have strong ability to communicate both orally and in writing

Must be able to establish open and honest communication with business community and employees both external and internal

Apply integrity and honesty and work with the highest level of professionalism and ethics

Must have strong customer focus

Must be motivated by quantitative results

Must display a sense of urgency in all activities

Must continue to pursue goals in spite of obstacles

3+ years of business to business and business to consumer inside service sales experience

Strong prior work tenure


Contacts potential clients via any method necessary and find out what their needs are

Identifies potential customers that would be a good fit for our services

Services existing customers to make sure they are satisfied

Prioritizes activities according to productivity


Substantial commission and bonuses; a draw may be available for the right candidate

The income potential is substantial.  Our services are continuity-based services (meaning we charge our customers every month for the service… you get a commission every month).

You will be an independent contractor (not an employee) for the duration of your probationary period (3 months). After the probationary period, you may be hired on as an employee if you work out well.


You’re welcome to use this education and experience to enhance your own business-building knowledge, as long as there is no double-dipping or conflicts of interest

Ability to work from home

Selection Process: What to Do Next

This isn’t your typical job and it’s not going to be a typical interview process.

Convince me that you’re the person for the adventure, starting by writing me a letter and telling me what you’ve done and what you can do. You are welcome to use whatever additional tools or mechanisms you feel would get the point across. Please don’t be obnoxious. DO NOT send me a resume at this time.  And DO NOT send me a cookie-cutter cover letter.

I will require multiple solid references; and you must pass pre-hiring tests. You can expect us to run you through a maze.

Best of luck,

Brian Bagnall

To apply, please send your letter to:

(this is not an active link… please type the
email address into your email program manually)