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Tired of not getting enough traffic online and not making the kind of money you always wanted? Here’s a real one-of-a-kind opportunity to make that happen sooner rather than later!

Who Else Wants To Master Facebook Social Ads
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Untapped Market as Facebook Gears Up
to Surpass Yahoo and Google in 2010?”

In this All New, Expanded 2010 Edition of my Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads Just Released, You Will Discover the Closely-Guarded Secrets to Making Facebook’s Over A Quarter Billion “Reputedly Hard-to-Convert Prospects” Open Up Their Wallets and Willingly Fork Over Their Hard Earned Cash.

And You’ll Do it for Just a Fraction of the Cost You Would on Google or Yahoo, and Without Spending Countless Hours Trying to Figure Out How to Make it Work… Because Everything You Need to Know to Make this Happen is Presented to You in a Crystal-Clear, Easy to Follow Blueprint to Success By A Seasoned Marketing and Profit Strategist.

Isn’t it about time that you stop listening to the naysayers, and join the Savvy Marketers who are NOW quietly profiting from Facebook’s exploding marketing goldmine? Get in now while the phenomenal Facebook advertising trend is just starting out, or it will be too late. Read on to find out more.

From: Brian Bagnall
Friday 2:00 PM

Dear Hardworking Marketer,

Hi, Brian Bagnall here. As an Internet marketer myself, I know how critical it is to be on top of the ever-changing online landscape. We both work hard on it all the time, don’t we?

That’s because, in any endeavor, whether in war or business, victory always goes to the swift!

Nowhere in time is this truism more relevant than in today’s Facebook era.

But since launching Social Ads in November 2007, Facebook’s been hit by countless criticism from novice to “expert” online marketers that “Facebook Ads just don’t work.”

“Facebook Ads are not even close
to being an Adwords killer”, They Say….

Facebook’s detractors are basically saying that you get far more engaged, far more valuable, and far better targeted visitors with Google Adwords. The traffic is cheaper and more consistent, the volume far higher, and they have little experiments to prove that they get only 0.02% to 0.05% click-thru-rates.

While I wouldn’t argue about Facebook not being an AdWords Killer–in fact, I love AdWords, and I have a fully functional AdWords Campaign – I would say that these people basically missed one big important point.

If you want to do Facebook, you can’t do with a Google Adwords approach. Facebook should not be viewed as a Google/PPC competitor, it should be viewed, if anything, more like a Google content network competitor. You are comparing two very different types of advertising.

You could do the same thing for comparing Google search vs Google content. Of course the content network will have a lower CTR, but if it’s still ROI positive it’s far from a failure. It’s access to much more inventory than you can get from direct response (PPC).

Darren Rose
Marketing Expert
Cookeville, TN

On Facebook, your audience is fundamentally passive in contrast to the active searchers on Google or Yahoo. This is an important distinction that many critics out there routinely fail to consider. That’s why their little experiments and limited results are fundamentally flawed… because they’re not comparing apples to apples.

And besides, even Google AdWords suffered the same ridicule and doubts when it first started in April 2002. But where is Google AdWords today? It’s on top of the heap (for the moment, at least).

As a veteran Internet Marketer myself, I personally know that Facebook Social Ads do convert. I’ve been using Facebook Social Ads almost from day 1, and a good portion of my monthly income comes from my ads on Facebook.

I’ve actually achieved click-through-rates and conversion rates much, much higher than the “poor” 0.02% to 0.05% ballpark CTR’s that these “experimenters” report.

I intentionally put the word “poor” in quotation marks because as any experienced advertiser will tell you, in classified advertising, any ad that achieves a CTR of over 0.01% is impressive enough. Thus, Facebook’s 0.02% to 0.05% CTR at the hands of the uninformed is actually a success.

I tested Facebook Social Ads this week for the first time and I have had some impressive results for a service business.

My CTR was very low but I think that should be expected on this type of platform where the users are not really searching for anything and their focus is on communicating with their friends.

Anyways, I spent about $20 and landed 2 driveway sealcoating jobs. I continue to get a decent amount of hits from Facebook.

My business is a local business so I targeted locally and for the correct age group. All the negative talk I have heard about Facebook Ads comes from someone testing 1 product and comparing it to Google Adwords. Lets face it, Google will always be the best source to display your ad at the perfect time someone is looking for your product. But I think Facebook can turn a profit if used correctly.

Keith Mars
Nashville, TN

But in my 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads I’ll show you how can do so much better. Many times better, actually.

Being a market of passive prospects doesn’t mean you can’t get attractive results. As I’ve said, it’s just a matter of fine tuning your campaign to fit the terrain, and you’ll get sexy ROIs.

With all the massive personal information Facebook is sitting on, and its unparalled popularity, it sure can and will convert your ads into actual sales.

But the thing is, you’ve got to know how to do it.

Reap The Maximum Profits Possible From Facebook
By Getting Into Social Ads while The Majority
Of Unsure Marketers Are Still Debating It’s Merits

So, if you continue to lend your ears to Facebook’s detractors, then you will surely be left behind in this indisputable marketing bonanza.

Remember back when AOL was the online behemoth and it virtually ran the online world? Everybody had an AOL account, content owners were signing exclusive deals to get onto AOL and Steve Case was touted as a genius. Luckily for all of us those days have gone and we now have a more democratic version of the Web. But could it happen again? I say yes. Facebook is the next AOL. With Facebook Connect, Facebook has turned the corner and is no longer just a place to go and keep up with friends. It is becoming the default login for the Web, and soon will grow to control more and more of your online experience. Mark my words. Forget about Google. Forget about Microsoft. Watch Facebook. Facebook will become what AOL once was and will be the lens through which we view the Web.

Vera Marcin
Hollywood, CA

In fact, you don’t have to take it from me. Take it from Microsoft, who invested $240 million in Facebook in October 2007 to be its exclusive advertising partner both in the U.S. and abroad until 2011.

Now, why do you think the bright boys over at Microsoft would do something like this? It’s because they saw and are sure of Facebook’s unprecedented marketing power. In fact, they recognized Facebook’s potential long before Facebook has turned into what it is today – a massive concentration of marketing prospects with highly defined demographics in just one place.

Just take a look at some real statistics that show how big Facebook has gotten so far. Figures such as this can’t escape the attention of serious, hard-nosed marketers. Nor did it escape the attention of the marketing experts at Microsoft.

The Hard Facts That Show Facebook is
About To Gobble Up Yahoo and Google

Right now, Facebook has over 300 million active members. According to Alexa.Com and Compete.Com, as of September 2009, Facebook is already the no. 3 most visited website in the world, next only to Google and Yahoo.

According to Compete.Com, Facebook received 124,579,479 unique visitors daily in September 2009, or a total of 2,290,512,524 visits; just behind Google and Yahoo by 18.23% and 9.02%, respectively.

In addition, Alexa.Com showed that Facebook enjoys a global market reach of 23.65%, again just 11.19% behind Google’s 34.84% and 2.14% behind Yahoo’s 25.79%.

No doubt that Facebook is tantalizingly close to overtaking Yahoo and Google.

In fact, if Facebook can only maintain the monthly growth of 1.93% it registered in September 2009… and assuming Google and Yahoo manage to maintain only their annual growth of 10.97% and 5.81%, respectively (although both search sites registered a decline of 0.98% and 2.01%, respectively)… Facebook is on track to surpassing Yahoo in less than 6 months, and Google in less than 12 months!

But actually, it’s already happening! At least, in some respects.

Just take a look above at the comparative analysis of the Top 12 websites in the U.S.

A Real, No-Hype Marketing Phenomenon Where You Can Expect
30 minutes of Eyeball Time for Your Ads and Much, Much More

According to Alexa.Com, for the past 3 months ending October 31, 2009, Facebook users spend an average of 29.7 minutes exploring the site daily to interact with friends, make friends, play games and join interest groups.

To be sure, this is an astounding eyeball time. Apparently, in the whole World Wide Web, where the average time users spend on a site is just a few minutes, no other website enjoys such a lengthy eyeball time as Facebook does. At least not among the Top 12 sites in the US.

As additional proof that people do spend a long time on Facebook, of the Top 12 websites in the US, Facebook registered the lowest bounce rate of 11.60%. What this means is that of the over a billion of visits made to Facebook in September 2009, only 11.60% of the visits consist of viewing a single page on Facebook. The overwhelming 88.4% of the visits consist of browsing through more than one page, which naturally means more time spent on the site and more eyeball time for your ads.

And as shown in the same comparative analysis, Facebook garnered the highest global pageviews at 4.22%. Higher than Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and the rest of the top 12 websites in the US. This clearly shows that people worldwide view more pages… and therefore spend more time… on Facebook than on any of the other Top 12 websites in the US.

This is definitely extremely good news for you as a marketer. Because, now you know for a fact that you’ll be advertising on a website with the longest daily time exposure to users, the lowest bounce rate and the highest number of global page views.

As the saying “out of sight, out of mind” implies, advertising with Facebook Social Ads will really put your ads on the minds of your prospects much longer.

With this, you just can’t help but increase the chances of your ad’s CTR and eventual conversion, if you do it right, of course.

That’s why I strongly urge you to try my 2010 Edition of the Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads to learn exactly how you can do it. And it couldn’t get much more urgent than getting your copy today because …

…Facebook Social Ads is Bringing
Targeted Marketing to a Whole New Level

“Okay”, you may be saying, “Facebook is the coming No. 1 destination on the Internet. But how exactly is Facebook going to outdo Google and Yahoo in terms of getting better targeted advertising results?

After all, all three of them have relatively the same massive market reach, and both Google and Yahoo cater to task-oriented and therefore easier to convert searchers?

I’ve been advertising on Google AdWords since 2004 and I’m very proficient at it. I never thought of advertising on Facebook but I thought I’d give it a try. I thought I could handle it alone… thinking it was just like Google AdWords. Boy was I mistaken! My CTRs were horrible and my clicks weren’t converting. I spent nearly $500 with nothing to show for it.

I ran across Brian’s book on Facebook Social Ads and it peaked my interest. I sucked it up and bought Brian’s book and within 3 days, my click through rates tripled and my traffic was converting.

Thinking back, I had similar problems with Google. Google Adwords wasn’t an overnight success. Anything disruptive like this will take a while to take effect and when it does, it will be good for everyone. But you’ve got to get in now.

Glenn Canfield
Atlanta, GA

Good question. To answer, let me put the question in proper perspective.

When the search engines such as Google and Yahoo came along, these were hailed as revolutionary tools that would change the face of marketing.

And they did. Instead of passively relying on TV, radio, newspaper and magazine ads, people can now actively search for what they want.

Without doubt, this was a revolutionary transformation of direct response marketing. For the first time in the entire history of marketing, marketers like you and I can now target qualified prospects with laser-like precision. No more guessing or hit and miss. And we’re so happy for that!

With Facebook’s Social Ads, You Can Narrow Your Market Niche
Down to a Level That Cannot Possibly
Be Captured By AdWords or Yahoo Search

But still, there’s room for improvement, especially in monetizing niches so narrow that there’s not enough volume of searches on Google, and in the contextual ad arena or Google’s AdSense as well. And that’s exactly where Facebook steps in with its hyper-targeting using social ads.

My target niche is narrow. Very narrow. 100 people to be exact. I target the CEOs of Fortune 100 companies. In the past, I have found it impossible to target them via any other media. After a month of running Social Ads to them, I landed a $200,000 consulting contract. Your book was awesome! Thanks for your help!

Jerry Marshall
Austin, TX

With Facebook Social Ads, you can now not only select which keywords will trigger your ad and/or choose where, when and how many times your ads will be shown in a day, but you can now choose the




Education (In college, college)


Hobbies, Interests, Preferences

Sexual Orientation

and Relationship status

of the prospects you would like to advertise to.

You can even further refine your target market by specifying the name of the company, office, organization, school, college, current courses, etc. And you’ll get immediate feedback on the market size of your specified prospects.

What’s more, with the use of keywords, you can even further refine your targeting down to the activities, interests, and favorite music, TV shows, movies, books, and even quotations of your desired prospects!

Just imagine how focused your marketing efforts can get with all this detailed, personal information available.

If Google and Yahoo ushered in keyword, geographical and placement targeting, Facebook Social Ads is ushering in online hyper-targeting.

Find and Dominate Your Niche Today With
Facebook Social Ads Hyper-Targeting And
You Stand to Profit From It for a Long, Long Time

And just like in the old, golden days of PPC ads back in 2002, where the early adaptors were able to make the most money, the early adaptors of Facebook Social Ads also stand to dominate the numerous highly specialized niche markets of Facebook. There are small pockets of markets that you just simply can’t capture with AdWords or Overture.

Facebook Social Ads really were what Malcolm Gladwell calls “the tipping point.” There are 3 top dogs in my market… myself and 2 other companies. We viciously fought it out day in and day out for over 2 years. We constantly monitor what the other is doing… we steal each other’s landing pages, ppc ads and direct mail pieces. Nothing is sacred. For the first time ever, I’ve jumped in the lead… and it’s a big lead. And being on Facebook Social Ads before them made all of the difference in the world. I’m sure my competitors will jump on the Facebook bandwagon soon. But my high CTRs are locked in and it will be tough to unseat me.

Scott McArthur
Chesterton, IN

Where the top 2-5% advertisers controlled 30% to 60% of the PPC traffic back then, the same scenario is going to happen where the top 2-5% Facebook Social Ad marketers also stand to control 30% to 60% of the Facebook market.

So if you get in right now, while the opportunity is still white-hot and only a handful of marketers are just beginning to scratch its surface, you have every chance to get the biggest possible profits from the Facebook phenomenon by becoming one of its dominant advertisers.

Facebook is Authentic: It’s Everyone’s Real Profile Online
Where You Get Unequalled, Precise, Powerful Intelligence

But how can we be sure that the detailed demographics used by Facebook are accurate? What if these are fictitious or not enough information is provided?

Not to worry. Because as it’s turning out, the vast majority of the profiles on Facebook are properly and completely filled up. In fact, Facebook is considered the real online profile of most people. There are far fewer fake profiles on Facebook than on other social networking sites.

“I’m always amazed at the huge amount of information that people put on Facebook. They put a lot of stuff that defines them as a person from their job to their favorite tv shows and activites. Then there’s the status updates. People express their inner most thoughts and feelings via that feature. I always complained about people like that. Then today it clicked. I AM one of those people. My profile is filled with information a stalker would salivate over. You can tell when I’m happy or sad and the reasons why via my status updates. You can figure out my inner most wants and needs just by reading my Facebook profile. It’s unreal.

Markus Slonski
Urbana, IL

And this is where it gets more interesting. Because of the real profiles people create on Facebook, you can be sure that the people to whom your ads are shown are really who they say they are.

In contrast, on AdWords, you can’t differentiate whether someone searching for “dental equipment” is a dentist looking for dental equipment or a supplier of dental equipment checking out the competiton.

On Facebook Social Ads, you can know for sure whether the person who sees your ad on “dental equipment” is a dentist or a supplier of dental equipment.

How? By simply specifying in the search criteria that your ad is intended for dentists only. With this filter, Facebook will ensure that your custom-built ad for dentists will only be shown to members who really are dentists based on what they list as their occupation in their profiles.

And you can repeat the same highly refined target-market selection over and over, thus giving you an unprecedented ability to make your ads a precise fit to your highly qualified prospects.

This means you can create a different ad, still about your dental supply business, but this time show this ad only to people who supply dental equipment. You can accordingly modify your ad as well as your target market parameters this super easily.

To be sure, this is powerful intelligence. And with Facebook’s impending rise to total dominance, and with the Hyper-Targeting feature of its Social Ads, you will really profit tremendously if you just get in right now.

My 2010 Edition of the Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads
will Steer You Clear of Sandpits and Obstacles

Knowing that your ability to accurately target your prospect is crucial to hitting the jackpot in your marketing campaigns, half of the work is already done for you. Your job now is simply to come up with products that match the profiles you choose, and create social ads that really speak to their wants and needs based on the demographics readily available.

But as I’ve said, Facebook Social Ads is not easy. Just like Google AdWords and Overture weren’t easy when they first debuted (and still aren’t). There were land mines everywhere.

I’m an old school direct marketer. I said that I would never get into Internet Marketing. I said that the Internet wouldn’t even be around long enough for me to worry about it. I had to eat my words and started advertising on Facebook Social Ads a few months ago. Your Definitive Guide made the transition to online marketeting super easy… this coming from someone that didn’t even known what an impression or a CTR was just a few months ago.

Jose Martinez
Cooperstown, NY

Similarly, you just can’t walk into Facebook marketing, or you’ll get eaten up. You’ve got to know the terrain intimately so that you can maneuver expertly and make it work.

It’s one thing to be among the first marketers to make use of Facebook Social Ads. It’s another thing being able to actually make it work.

For one, like Google AdWords, Facebook’s ad system employs an algorithm that estimates the best performing ad based on a variety of factors… most of which are unknown. And the bids necessary to win Facebook’s ad auction fluctuates as Facebook’s system learns more about your ad based on its actual performance, and as the pool of competing ads changes.

And there are so many people trying to get in and climb to the top of Facebook Social Ads at the same time. That’s why it’s crucial that you get the upper-hand now while the trend is just starting, or you will suffer grave long-term consequences.

Remember, market dominators control 50% to 60% of the market. They make the most money and earn compound interest over the long haul. In short, they make their own fortune and control their destiny.

Wouldn’t you like to have the same power over your own life and business?

You’ll Learn All That You’ll Ever Need to Know
to Master Facebook Social Ads

That’s why I’d like to share with you my expanded and significantly improved 2010 Definitive Guide To Facebook Social Ads. I’ve thoroughly re-written it to get it up to date with the ever changing Facebook marketing landscape.

I assure you, my 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads is all that you’ll ever need to master Facebook Social Ads. It covers nearly everything you need to know about Facebook Social Ads, and it’s not like any other ebook you’ve ever read.

Brian, you really do care that your book is completely comprehensive. I sent you an email asking you about something that wasn’t covered in the Definitive Guide and you answered my question that day without a problem. But what I found really amazing was that within a few days you came out with an updated version of the Definitive Guide that had a whole new section covering exactly what I had thought was missing.

Kellye Wilson
Green Bay, WI


Simply, every section in the book is there because “you asked for it.” Well, not “you” really, but from real live questions. Questions from people who love Facebook Social Ads. A simple webpage was set up, and people like you visited it and left me their most pressing questions on Facebook Social Ads.

Then I answered them!

Which means no fluff. Just the real answers you want to know.

You’ll discover all types of exciting tips.

If you’re an internet marketer struggling to make money online, my 200 page 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads will show you the guaranteed way to tap this goldmine of over a quarter billion people worldwide – with a wealth of detailed demographics – for just a fraction of what it would cost you on Google Adwords or Yahoo Overture.

And I’ve got the experience
and track record to prove it

As a direct-response marketing expert, I’ve been directly responsible for billions in increased revenue for my clients through my marketing consulting and joint venture deal arrangements. I jump-started my success by testing and implementing new strategies that were influenced through the teachings of successful marketers, Dan Kennedy, Perry Marshall and John Carlton, just to name a few.

I’ve mastered all the Internet marketing tools and techniques out there, obviously including Google AdWords. As it is crucial to success in the online world, I also made sure that I’m on top of the latest trends in online marketing. Thus, something as big as Facebook and its Social Ads simply couldn’t escape my notice.

To find out more about me, click here.

In short, just when the trend was forming way back in 2007, I was already there thoroughly studying the market potentials of the most innovative social networking site that ever emerged from the Social Networking World.

This isn’t Myspace. This isn’t something that will be here today and gone tomorrow. As I’ve said, I’ve been watching Facebook for quite awhile now, and it’s going to be around for a long time.

This allowed me to master this new medium in no time all, and incorporate it into my marketing arsenal that, so far, has made me become incredibly successful at creating automated marketing systems.

Take A Sneak Peak Into My
2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads

So if you’re interested in using Facebook Social Ads to tap a huge market of up to 300 million profiles with detailed demographics… market with laser-precision to smaller niches that are virtually impossible to capture with AdWords or Overture, and dominate your market niche…my 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads is going to be the most important ebook you will ever read.

Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll discover in my amazing 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads” and what it could do for your business.

How to target your ads to smaller, more specific groups of users at a time and jack up the conversion rate of your ads by up to 60%.

3 simple ways to generate nearly $40,000 in revenue from a $600 advertising investment on Facebook over a period of 12 months by targeting the exact demographic profile of your target market.

The little-known way to increase your conversion rate by 108% to as much as 212% by developing a creative ad that resonates with users who have two or more related interests.

5 proven steps to turning your advertising message into a trusted referral and achieve a 25% CTR for a very low-cost investment.

2 simple keys to achieve a 50% increase in revenues by targeting a specific audience and offering a custom-fit solution for their specific needs at the right time.

When I first started advertising with Social Ads, I lazily decided to only follow “some” of your advice. My CTR’s were abysmal. I then started to follow “most” of your advice and my CTR’s went through the roof because I started making use of specific demographic & interest targeting. I started to implement some of your ad writing tips and my CTR’s went even higher. By following your advice, I’ve gotten more leads and decreased my ad spend by over 20%.

Ken Jenkins
Milwaukee, WI

AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes how to quickly set up and easily manage your cost-effective campaigns with Facebook’s flexible pricing and real-time suggested bids.

4 proven strategies for ensuring that your Social Ads will be attractive and approved all the time. (must be relevant, appropriately targeted, use the right language, etc.)

7 tips and tricks for bending, but not breaking, the rather discrete and formal advertorial guidelines of Facebook Social Ads and making your ads much, much more compelling.

A dirt-cheap way to create demand for your product and make your ads perform better and continue to run successfully.

A free and easy way to track your progress with real-time reporting, gain insight about who’s clicking on your ad and how to make necessary modifications.

Have you been looking for this for ages? Discover how to make your ads more appealing to the users you are reaching.

How to make the most use of Age and Birthday Targeting options on Facebook Social Ads. You’ll discover a whole array of products and services that have been proven to work on a person’s birthday time and again.

REVEALED! The hidden truth behind Facebook’s ability to harness its massive database. Some say it’s invasion of privacy – the actualization of the Orwellian World – but others say it’s the most brilliant utilization of mass market data without infringing on privacy laws. Which is which? And how you can protect yourself down the road, just in case.

I run a very large website. My first CTRs were ridiculously low at around 0.4%. But I found that if I show ads meant for boys towards boys and vice versa, the click-thru rate improves to 1.1%. That’s nearly a 200% increase! THEN, I started using your suggestions about targeting people on their birthdays and my click-thru rate jumped up to 1.3%. Thanks man!

Cody Riviera
Mesa, AZ

Your secret weapon for reaching the high school population. Facebook ads are not currently available to be targeted to specific high school networks, but this simple technique will do just fine.

How to set the right bid price and not exhaust your daily budget yet get twice the number of clicks as compared to following the recommended bid price.

How to set the right demographics and get higher than average results.

Many marketers say you just can’t convert the young population of Facebook. Here’s how you can effectively reach the young audience segment who, based on one research study in Canada, influence $20 billion of household purchases and spend an approximate $1.7 billion of their own money.

A proven way to improve a click-thru rate of 0.04% on Social Ads by as much as 375% by doing a very simple tweak to your demographic selection.

It’s a given that on Facebook or anywhere else on the Net that the young crowd yields really poor CTRs. Discover the key to overcoming this obstinate crowd and, coupled with the right promos, you’ll get surprisingly high conversion rates.

Discover the secret to connecting with the young and techno savvy college grad niche of Facebook. Hint: many of them have a high entrepreneurial potential.

People are always screaming that Facebook Ads don’t work because the prospects are passive. I love when I hear this because it means less competition for me. It is a little harder to get traffic to convert on Social Ads than on AdWords, but if you know what Brian teaches, it makes everything easier. I hope my competitors don’t find out about you!

Jarrod Leak
Des Plaines, IL

Learn how to reach people in the decision making stage of the purchase cycle with Facebook Social Ads. This is something you must consider carefully if you are starting a brand-new Internet marketing campaign with limited resources.

Conventional wisdom: There is no intent on social networks like Facebook that’s why their traffic is very difficult to monetize. You’ll learn why this line of thinking is SIMPLY DEAD WRONG. Again, the marketing experts over at Microsoft know this is wrong, that’s why their company bought 1.6% of Facebook.

Learn how to raise brand awareness for your product or service among millions of passive viewers through CPM bidding that will cost you next to nothing.

A contrarian but very simple and effective way to increase your brand awareness and sales using Facebook social ads. It’s proven to work all the time.

And that’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover in my 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads“. That’s why you should own this ebook today (in fact, you can be reading it in as little as 5 minutes from now!).

Recap of the Huge Benefits and Advantages
You’ll Enjoy with Facebook Social Ads

No doubt with the insider tips and techniques you’ll learn in my 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads, you’ll get a real chance to get on top of the Facebook Social Ads heap and profit tremendously.

Yes, it will entail some work and perseverance on your part, but with the powerful secrets you’ll learn, you will definitely cut your learning curve in half and fast track your success.

To recap, here are the powerful benefits you’ll get by owning my 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads today:

  • You’ll gain instant access to over 300 MILLION prospects. That’s over a QUARTER BILLION potential customers gathered in one convenient, easily accessible place.
  • You have the power to target your ads to a very specific audience based on demographics, geographic areas and on what people have written in their profiles – their hobbies, interests and favorite past times.
  • By closely matching a person’s interests and buying habits, you can naturally expect a better ROI from your social ads campaign.
  • By getting real-time feedback of how large the market is that you’ll be tapping into, based on the daily budget and demographics you set, you’ll know in advance whether a viable market exists for a product or service you may be planning to develop and market. Thus, you have complete control over which product or service to develop and market on Facebook.
Facebook helped us target a specific audience and offer a solution for their specific needs. Offering college students books at the beginning of the semester with Facebook Ads helped us post record-breaking profits. To date, Facebook has been our best performing ad campaign online hands down. Even out-pulling AdWords and Overture.

Steve Callahan
Jackson, MS

  • With the social action that people can perform on your ads (by sharing or referring it to their family and friends), you’ll reap extra marketing mileage without exerting extra effort or making additional investment.
  • Because the popularity of Facebook Social Ads is just gaining momentum, and relatively few marketers are using it as of the moment, the bids are still considerably low. You’ll definitely save a bundle on your advertising costs as compared to advertising on Google AdWords or Yahoo Overture.
  • Your ads can enjoy an unequaled eyeball time of 30 minutes, on average. No other site on the whole World Wide Web can offer you this kind of exposure to your prospects.
  • Lastly, you’ll gain one more powerful online lead generation tool that will help turbo-charge your business.

I can literally go on and on with the unbeatable advantages of Facebook Social Ads. That’s why you should act right now.

What’s a Resource Like This Worth?

To have someone do all this research for you would normally cost you around $5,000 (I should know, that’s what it cost me!). Particularly laser-guided accurate information like this – SPECIFICALLY for Facebook Social Ads. This isn’t some boiler-plate collection of answers.

Everything is explained in PLAIN English with detailed screen shots. Which means it’s dead-easy to read and understand. And it’s logically laid out.

Which is why my 2010 Definitive Guide To Facebook Social Ads — Basic Edition is such a bargain at $49.

I have been advertising my Wedding Photography business on Google AdWords for quite some time now with some pretty good results. Facebook blew those results right out of the water! I spent $400 on Social Ads last month and got $11,000 worth of contracts signed! Thanks Brian!

Maria Lopez
Boston, MA

If you’re new to Facebook Social Ads, the Basic Edition is just perfect for you. It will give you the solid foundation to build a highly profitable Facebook Social Ad campaign in the easiest and quickest way possibly imaginable.

You’ll be guided by the hand from setting up your first Facebook Social Ad account (and even in creating your own Facebook Profile), to successfully launching your Social Ad campaign in record time, without the huge learning curve that most marketers experience.

What’s more, the Basic Edition includes a bonus module that will teach you how to make your PPC ads, not only on Facebook but on Google and Yahoo as well, yield more results without investing extra money and effort by using the powerful 80/20 rule.

BONUS MODULE#1: The 80/20 Rule and PPC

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t seem to work so hard but actually makes much more money than you every hour, every day, every week, year in, year out? Well, you can be sure he or she is using the 80/20 productivity rule.

In this money-saving and effort-saving bonus module, you’ll learn the secrets to getting 80 percent of your results from 20 percent of your investments (time and money). You can immediately apply these to your business and PPC campaigns and reap dramatic results.

I’ve discovered that you can really drive yourself crazy trying to implement all of the uses of the 80/20 rule. Then I learned to use the 80/20 rule OF the 80/20 rule. Much more effective. I can directly attribute a 50% increase in revenue to the stuff I learned in the module alone… and that doesn’t even include the results from all of the other awesome stuff I’ve learned from you. Kudos to you for actually sharing the tips necessary to win the game!

Bridget McLean
Las Vegas, NV

How to turn your entire business around using the 80/20 rule and enjoy more time to invest in new ventures, or simply to relax with your wife and kids.

The Insider secrets of the Facebook Social Ads 80/20 rule – without them you are lunch meat.

How to have your ad ranked above those that pay more per click than you.

How to choose the “Magic Keywords” that consistently convert like crazy.

My Basic Edition with the 80/20 Rule Bonus Module can literally jumpstart your success in using Facebook Social Ads and PPC ads as well.

But if you want to rake in more money in addition to the profits you’ll already make by using Facebook Social Ads and the 80/20 rule of more profit, by making your marketing copy more compelling, then you might want to consider the Expanded Edition of my 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads.

In addition to The 80/20 Rule and PPC BONUS MODULE“, you will also receive:

The tip that you gave on the cadence of your ad helped me come up with new copy to test against my old copy. My CTR’s have increased an average of 121%. But it doesn’t stop there, I listened for the rhythm in my copy and improved the conversions of my landing pages by 10% and my salesletters by 14%. I’m so glad that I decided not to be cheap… and got the Expanded version of your Course.

Todd Marshall
Estes Park, CO

BONUS MODULE#2: Copywriting Module

Copywriting is the MOST worthwhile skill to learn as a marketer. You might have heard about the spreading “rumor” among amateur marketers today that copywriting is taking a backseat to video, social media, blogging and Web 2.0, but that simply isn’t true.

Thirty-five page sales letters may no longer be as effective now as they were 5 years ago, but copywriting is still important. In fact, MORE important than ever before because regardless of how your message is delivered, there still has to be a message. You still need to put a hook in your message, and you still need to use the right words for it to be effective.

In this bonus module, you’ll discover how to:

Make every word count. This is especially important online where attention spans are far shorter than offline.

Speed up the entire copywriting task by using the best shortcuts developed by master copywriters.

Write copy that really works in Web 2.0.

Take ho-hum, average sales letters, ads, and emails and make them sizzle.

You’ll also get down to the brass-tactics, the top 5% of what really makes your copy sell.
You’re guaranteed to learn all this and so much more. That’s why the Expanded Edition of my 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads is such a huge bargain at only $99.

But if you want to go all out in blasting your online business to success, then the masters level tips and techniques you’ll find in the Deluxe Edition of my 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads is just perfect for you.

Get My Deluxe Edition of the 2010 Definitive Guide
to Facebook Social Ads and Turbo-Charge Every Facet
of Your Business, Even If You’re Already a Pro

The Deluxe Edition of my 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads will literally catapult your online business sucess. The four additional bonus modules you’ll get on top of the 80/20 Rule and Copywriting Bonus Modules will steer you clear of the common pitfalls that beginner online marketers usually fall into, and it will give you advanced online marketing techniques that even some seasoned Pros don’t even know about or don’t grasp very well.

My combined 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads and the 6 Bonus Modules will surely and quickly set you on course to becoming the raging success that you always dreamed possible. You’ll also get:

“I thought I already knew everything about Facebook Social Ads… been using it since the beginning…until I invested in Brian’s Definitive Guide. I discovered secrets that I never thought existed even after many years in the business-world. If you want to achieve total domination of Facebook for your niche, you better get the Deluxe edition.

Jerry Keane
Vail, CO

BONUS MODULE #3: 10 Additional Methods to Monetize Facebook

Facebook Social Ads is a significant component of Facebook marketing, but it’s not the only way to monetize Facebook’s massive traffic. With this bonus module, you’ll know all the other ways you can make money on Facebook… from fan pages to personal profiles to the other types of advertising that Facebook offers from applications to events. In this one-hour teleseminar, I’ll tell you:

Facebook is a huge vessel just waiting to be monetized. Brian’s Module on Additional ways to monetize Facebook really opened my eyes to a dozen ways to make more money from Facebook.

Linda Hawkings
Mooresville, NC

How to connect your company’s Website to your customer’s Facebook profiles and generate unlimited free exposure.

How to build a Facebook profile that generates free leads everyday.

The top 5 ways to generate free traffic with Facebook that best complements your Facebook Social Ads.

A very simple but powerful way to start a conversation around your brand and drive traffic to your site. If you do this right, there is practically no limit to the amount of traffic you can get.

How to easily get the word out to hundreds of people, manage your guest list, and build a community around your upcoming event.

How to avoid the Facebook Slap (similar to the Google Slap). Facebook is dead serious in prosecuting spammers. But here’s how you can get around it. Just don’t overdo it.

BONUS MODULE #4: Just Getting Started: The Beginner’s Module

After listening to this MP3 recording, I guarantee you’ll know everything about starting an online business. Meant for a beginner online marketer, you can still obtain valuable insights from a master Internet marketer, even if you’ve been in business for awhile. It might just point you in the right direction, if you’re going the wrong way now. Listen to the MP3 and learn:

I was an eternal newbie. I failed. i failed some more. And I kept failing. This module helped me realize what I was doing wrong and how to change it. This is a “must have” for anyone that just can’t seem to get their business off the ground. The funny thing is… I never ended up starting a Facebook Campaign because my business took off just from listening to this module and I never had the time to set up a campaign.

Lindsay Tebes
Harwood Heights, IL

How to spot and avoid the biggest lies in the “biz-op” world that beginners almost always fall for, and the unmistakable tell-tale signs of the professional con-artist.

How to blend ‘positive thinking’ with ruthless pragmatism and pull off what 3/4ths of the population believe cannot be done in business.

How to set realistic expectations at the start of your business. This will help you accurately measure how successful you are one week, one month and one year into your online business.

The wrong way to choose a business that most people commonly use, and how to select the business that’s right for you. Everyone should read this before starting their own business.

BONUS MODULE #5: Info-Marketing Module

Information marketing is the perfect business for some people, but it’s not for everyone. Since the term “Information Marketing” first emerged in 1997, it’s estimated that the number of “info marketers” in the world has grown 100X in the last 12 years, thanks to the Internet.

This module opened my eyes to an enormous amount of profits that I was leaving on the table. I never thought I’d be an “info marketer” but I also never thought I’d be able to increase revenues by over 30% in one year. That means an extra $127,000 this year. Just for creating information that people want. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Jeff Ladao
Manitowoc, WI

The profitable lifespan of an info product used to be 2-3 years before major changes were necessary. But today the lifespan of such a product is only 2-3 months, and it generally requires a complex sales funnel and business model. The proliferation of “quick turn” info marketers on the Internet only contributed to making it exponentially more difficult to sustain an info business. In this module, you’ll discover:

Several contrarian angles on the info biz that will help you see this industry in the proper light.

How to tell if info marketing is right for you, and if so, how you can succeed in this now increasingly competitive business. Find out:

Your real assets in an information business.

Where and why people have failed.

How to meet the most successful info marketers that you can emulate.

BONUS MODULE #6: Landing Page Alchemy Module

With this module, you’ll have a fully functional, high-converting landing page that you can send your Facebook traffic to in 10 minutes.

I’ll give you a great landing page template that you can edit and make your own. It will tell you what to put where.

Just one tip from your Landing Page Module helped me create a landing page that converted over 200% better than my previous landing page. It only took me a few hours to make the changes and my account definitely noticed the difference. It just isn’t about Facebook Ads. it’s about making your traffic convert better than your competitor’s. That’s the name of the game. This module really is invaluable.

Maria Corner
Porter, IN

How to create highly relevant landing pages that will lower your cost per click and increase your conversions.

The top 10 easiest page layout tricks you can use right now to increase your conversion rate by 20-230%.

The lethal design combo that’s been proven to increase a 12% opt-in rate to 40% without changing a word of the ad copy. That’s a 330% conversion increase.

How to make your opt-in box as loud as possible and get more people to sign up. This trick alone will increase your conversion rate by 10-20%.

At $197, the Deluxe Edition is still a huge bargain, and a fraction of what it’s really worth, or what you stand to profit as a result of the powerful insights and knowledge you’ll gain.

You’ll Recoup Your Investment
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Just consider that my customers typically cut their cost per click by 10 to 30% — and in some cases much more – by applying the secret strategies I taught them in my ebook. (Just read the testimonials in this letter).

So if you’re spending $20 per day buying clicks on AdWords or Overture, you’ll save $60 to $180 per month – every month on Facebook Social Ads. So even with a tiny ad budget, the most basic $49 version of the course will pay for itself – at the very least – every three weeks over and over again!

Here’s just a few numbers I thought you might like to know:I bought the Deluxe version of your course. I recouped my $200 investment in a matter of 3 days through more split testing and better converting ads and landing pages.

I was also able to cut the cost of my clicks by 17% in a matter of 1 week. I spend $1,000 a month on Facebook Ads… so this alone will save me over $2,000 alone over the next year.

Margie Burke
Boulder, CO

If you’re a fairly advanced marketer and you’re spending $50 per day buying clicks on AdWords or Overture, you’ll save $150 to $450 per month on Facebook Social Ads.

So if you invest in my Expanded Edition or Deluxe Edition, you’ll still easily get back your $99 or $197 investment in less than a month or two. And from there, it will be pure profit for you. How many investments can say that?

You Really Have Nothing To Lose –
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But don’t worry, if you find that my 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads is not everything that I say it is – if it doesn’t live up to your expectations – you have my complete guarantee to protect your investment.

If for any reason at all you decide that my ebook and the bonus modules can’t do anything to improve your marketing leads and sales, just tell me within 30 days of your purchase, and I’ll refund your money in full. No questions asked.

My Simple, Hassle-Free 3-Fold Money-Back Guarantee:
Yours to Test Drive for 90 DAYS 100% RISK-FREE

My Marketing Consultancy business is founded on the fundamental values of Integrity, High Standards and Results. So here’s my Triple Money Back Guarantee:

1. If you’re not happy with what you discover from my 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads, I don’t expect … or want … to keep your money. Just simply whip off an email to me within 30 days of purchasing, and I’ll happily refund your money in full.

2. Test-drive the ebook and the bonus modules for a full 90 days. Apply the secrets you’ll discover, and implement my strategies. If you don’t cut the cost per click of your existing campaigns by an absolute minimum of 25%, just email or call me within 90 days, and I’ll give you a full, no-hassle refund. (Remember, the vast majority of my customers reported slashing their ad cost by 50%, 70%, even 80 or 90%!)

3. Take the 2 hour challenge: Regardless of your level of Facebook Marketing proficiency, open your Facebook account, page through the 2010 Definitive Guide and start implementing. Focus on this exclusively for 2 hours. If you don’t cut your costs or increased your sales in 1-2 weeks, just let me know, and I’ll give you a full refund.

And, of course, you can keep the entire ebook and bonus modules as my way of saying “Thank You!” for trying.

That’s about as fair as it gets, don’t you agree?

AS you can plainly see, you can’t really leave this page empty handed.

But there’s even more…

Discover 10 Powerful Strategies
To Make Money From Your Website

Regardless of the edition you choose, whether Basic, Expanded or Deluxe, I’m also throwing in Advanced Strategies for Making Your Website Pay. In this special report, you’ll discover the 10 high-power tips and techniques direct from the arsenal of some of the world’s most successful Internet marketers. These Advanced Strategies have actually been tested and proven to generate more profits from your website.

Get Up to $75 of Free Traffic
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And not only that… If you haven’t opened up a Facebook Marketing account yet, you can get a $25, $50 or $75 Ad credit from Facebook corporate to fund your first clicks. I will email to you the code after you check out depending on the edition you order.

To be honest… I was skeptical. In an era where there’s a gazillion ebooks on any given topic, the information out of there is mostly just rehashed. I was a total newbie when it came to anything pay per click. I was able to take the information in your book (to be honest, I haven’t even read the full thing yet), create a campaign from scratch, use the $50 free Facebook credit and see 2 sales netting me over $300 in profit without spending a dime on advertising! I simply can’t say enough good things about you and your book. You do everything possibly imaginable to make it a risk-free investment.

John Brocatto
Knoxville, TN

Components Basic Expanded Deluxe
Bonus Modules Included:
– The 80/20 Rule & PPC
– Copywriting Module
– Beginners Module
– 10 Other Ways to Monetize Facebook
– Info Marketing Module
– Landing Page Alchemy Module
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Triple Money Back Guarantee
Advanced Strategies for Making Your Website Scream
15 Minute Phone Consultation with Brian
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Free Facebook Traffic for New Advertisers
Facebook Coupon Value
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$25 $50 $75
Price if Purchased Separately $271.85 $356.75 $731.75
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Pay Safely With Any Of The Options Below

Without making this letter unbearably long, I simpy can’t tell you more how my 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads will help you grow your business, whether online or offline, in today’s Facebook era.

I can’t tell you how satisfied I am with your Definitive Guide! Both from a content standpoint and a results standpoint. It’s packed with good, quality information that’s presented in a way that even a dummy like me could understand and take immediate action. Facebook is constantly changing. What works today might not work tomorrow. That’s why I love the fact that 3 months after my purchase, I’m still getting updated versions of the ebook for free. I’d highly recommend your Guide to any business owner. With your ironclad guarantee, it really is a no brainer.

Stanley Wlodarski
Seattle, WA

So if you want to master Facebook Social Ads and be one of the first to exploit Facebook’s massive untapped market, get your copy of my 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads right now. With my proven marketing success, backed by testimonials from my satisfied clients, you simply can’t go wrong.

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