The All-New 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads:
Basic Version

Yes! Brian, I would like to win at the Facebook Social Ads game, dominate my market, and be among the top 3% of online marketers that are successful online.  Please immediately send me a copy of your all-new 2010 Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads.  I understand that by ordering the Basic Version, I will receive:

  • Completely updated 2010 Definitive Guide complete with dozens of new screen shots, new chapters, and an entirely new section on Additional Resources that gives me 6 previously unreleased files from your Personal Vault
  • $25 in Facebook Social Ads Credit that I can redeem with Facebook to help get my new Social Ads account up and running
  • My choice of 1 of 6 brand-new supplemental modules. I understand I can pick from any of the six modules: The 80/20 Rule & PPC, The Beginner’s Module, The Copywriting Module, The Information Marketer’s Module, 10 Other Ways to Monetize Facebook and the Landing Page Alchemy Module.
  • The powerful system “Advanced Strategies for Making Your Website Scream”
  • Brian’s exclusive Triple Money-Back Guarantee that protects me from any risks associated with buying his Guide. Specifically, I’m excited about the 2-Hour Challenge and Brian’s promise that I can improve any campaign so quickly

Please accept my payment and immediately give me access to the new Definitive Guide.

Upon successful payment:

1. You will be emailed instructions on how to access the product.

2. If you have any trouble, please contact us here.