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Brian Tracy — Internationally Renowned Author, Coach, and Motivational Speaker

June 17, 2021

Brian BagnallScreen Shot 2014-05-24 at 2.03.01 AM

(Author of The Happiness Bible)

Location: Chicago, Illinois


Dear friend and fellow happiness seeker,

Can you remember the excitement of being a little girl on Christmas Eve?

Frenzied, fit to burst . . . and impossible to sit still!

The day felt like it would last for ever.

Until finally . . . Your, poor harassed, parents sent you to bed!

What a joke . . . forget it! There’s NO WAY you could sleep.

Up and down . . . up and down in your bed for hours.

More and more excited . . . until you reached a giddy fever pitch of exhaustion and euphoria.

Then at some point . . . some how . . . you crashed out!

What excitement

What emotion

What passion

Now ask yourself . . . How many times have you felt like this lately?

Probably none. Same as most adults today, however . . .

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way . . .

Some adults are enjoying amazing, fulfilling lives. For them it’s still Christmas Eve.

What’s their secret?

Were they just born lucky?

Let me give you an example of a now 60 year woman . . .

She was born into poverty in rural 1950’s Mississippi. Her mom was a teen and struggled to care for her.

The little girl was dragged state to state living with different family members. The worst was to come. . . .

When she was nine she was abused by a relative. At 14 she became pregnant, and tragically her son died 2 weeks after birth.

Life as a young woman was a constant battle with her weight. She fell from one abusive relationship to another.

As a black woman in the 1970’s workplace she was a frequent victim of sexist and racist attacks.

Yet fast forward to today and she’s living her absolute dream . . .

Through her acting . . . talk shows . . . charitable work and more, she’s helped make the world a better place.

You’ve probably guessed by now . . . I’m talking about Oprah Winfrey.

Her story is absolutely remarkable. Despite all her tragedy and heart break; she’s living a happy, fulfilled, meaningful life.


Can YOU Imagine What Made The Difference in Oprah’s Life?

may be wondering, as I have, what made such a dramatic difference in Oprah’s life.

It isn't some naturally born gift, it's certainly got nothing to do with luck, intelligence, gender, race, or age (in fact several of these worked AGAINST Oprah).

The difference lies in what she knows and more importantly . . . what she chose to do with that knowledge.

Knowledge is the key and it can make the difference between an existence of silent tragedy and a life filled with joy, happiness and fulfillment.

It always has. It always will.

I’ve spent 10 years studying what it REALLY takes to live a happy and joyous life. And recorded all my best findings in “The Happiness Bible” (which I want to give you FREE today . . .)

melina montelongo“I have personally found more happiness having read this book, if you are ready for the true answers, You Will Too!”

“I’ve been telling my husband all weekend… I’ve NEVER read a book like this!

I will challenge everything you think you believe to be true and will leave you living life more freely, loving more freely, and enjoying every blissful moment.

Melina Montelongo — Mother, Lover, Real Estate Entrepreneur & Star of A&E’s Hit TV Show Flip This House

The Chicago Secret to Happiness . . .

Let me introduce myself . . .1014170_10102045053478912_1308337507_n

I’m Brian Bagnall from Chicago, Illinois.

32 years old and live with my beautiful girlfriend Tiffany, and adorable Miniature Australian Shepherd “Kemper” (you can see our little family on the photo to the right )

At age 20 I was fortunate enough to be a successful entrepreneur, with the life most people desire:

Plenty of money . . . nice car . .. nice house . . . lots of friends.

However do you know what?

I was miserable. I’d wake in the night wondering “is this really all there is?”

So I decided to go on a journey. To find out what true happiness is, and how to achieve it.

Over the past 10 years I’ve read more than 579 books about self development and happiness.

Books by experts like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and more.

It’s been a blast and I’ve had some amazing experiences (many I share in my book).

In fact last November Tiffany and I had a lot of fun . . .

We were moving so we decided to give all our possessions away!media story

Our response to last year’s Black Friday “riots”. Do you remember them?

People were literally fighting each other over $1.74 fluffy pink towels in Wal Mart!

Maybe you saw it on the news?

Anyway, we opened up our house.

Around 300 people showed up. Taking everything from sofas to beds, food from the freezer, even rolls of toilet paper!

It was a great experience which gave us, and others, so much joy.

We even enjoyed our 5 minutes of fame, when our story was picked up by CBS, The Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, NBC and others.

So Here’s the Low Down on The Happiness Bible

This is a large book of 12 chapters (258 pages).amazon proof

It shares with you proven secrets to creating long lasting happiness and joy.

It’s chock full of inspirational stories, trusted methods and time tested strategies for creating a life of joy and fulfilment.

It’s got 100% 5 Star ratings on Amazon and retails there for $24.95

However as a thank you for taking my Happiness Quiz and reading my web page today; I’d live to give you a FREE copy (you just need to cover shipping and handling for $7).

YOU SAVE $15.46.


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steve vasilev“Digest It, and Apply It Often For Maximum Results!”

“Happiness is fleeting for too many of us and is the cornerstone of true health…

Very thought provoking and a must-read. Digest it, and apply it often for maximum results!”

Dr. Steve Vasilev, MD, Los Angeles, CA

Here’s Just a Few of The Life Changing Insights You’ll Discover in Your Copy . . .

  • The 7 lies of modern society which add stress to our lives (and the clear truth which sets you free) (pages 43-64)
  • The real secret to a happy life – almost everyone gets this wrong! This often overlooked idea will bring you the joy you deserve in life (pages 64-75)
  • A quick and easy approach to achieve inner peace (I bet it’s not what you think!) (page 86-89)
  • 5 simple rules for happiness (Frame them . . . Laminate them and Live by them – you’ll be amazed how you’ll start feeling almost immediately) (page 93)

lonnie robinson“This book will change the way you look at life forever.”

“I have read many books on self-development by many top authors over the years, and I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that Brian’s Happiness Bible is ahead of its time. This book will change the way you look at live forever.”

Lonnie Robinson – Washington DC, USA

  • Here’s a clever little trick you can use to STOP 90% of your worries dead in their tracks (page 98)
  • See page 100 to discover the startling truth about love
  • Discover the simple trick to turn your negative experiences into positive (page 103-104)
  • 12 simple ways to remove your money worries for good (page 112 – 113)
  • The truth about marriage and relationships every woman needs to know (page 122 – 125)

sally cevasco“Be Prepared for Your Happiness Transformation.”

“I found this book to be extremely eye opening and thought provoking to say the least. I was pleasantly surprised that it is in total alignment with many of my core beliefs. Open your mind, grab yourself a copy, and be prepared for your happiness transformation!”

Sally Cevasco – Bel Air, Maryland, USA

  • How to deal with difficult people in your life and STOP pointless arguments (page 129-130)
  • Want more from your life? Change this 1 behavior and watch your quality of life soar (page 131-132)
  • Just 5 minutes to clear your inner head trash - discover how on page 140.
  • The 1 question you must ask yourself when you’re confused about what to do next (page 149)
  • Discover this quick and easy method to re-train your mind and feel better, over night (page 156)
  • How to get exactly what YOU want in life (page 160-175)
  • Discover the Ultimate Stress Buster – My 3 step problem solver (page 180)

Larry Riedl“The way Brian words, relates, and explains how to implement his ideas into the readers’ lives makes this a great read.”

“The Happiness Bible was very easy to read and even easier to implement into everyday, real life situations. The way Brian words, relates, and explains how to implement his ideas into the readers’ lives makes this a great read, and one that I see myself referring to daily!

I expect to see The Happiness Bible on the “Top Seller” list! Well done, Brian, well done!”

Larry Riedel – Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Note – Just to be clear “The Happiness Bible” is NOT a magic cure for every single part of your life. I suggest you contact Harry Potter at Hogwarts when you need spells!

You will still feel upset, angry and annoyed on occasions...

However “The Happiness Bible” makes you absorb these feelings easily. You can turn negative feelings to positive in seconds. And your quality of life will soar...


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lee brooker“I have read many books on self-development by many top authors over the years, and I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that Brian’s Happiness Bible is ahead of its time.”

“From the first page, you’re hooked into this book.

Be warned. This book will shock you, and it will ruffle some feathers, but that’s what makes The Happiness Bible so refreshing and so difficult to put down.

I have read many books on self-development by many top authors over the years, and I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that Brian’s Happiness Bible is ahead of its time. This book will change the way you look at life forever.”

Lee Brooker – Oxford, England

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Do you really want to gain the resources you need for a happy, fulfilled life?

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To your happiness,


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