You can buy your copies at either Barnes and Noble or Amazon.


Bonus Packages for 1 to 300 books

Fundamentals: Buy 1 book, Get $140 in Bonuses

* Digital copy of The Happiness Bible ($20)


Total cost:

Total value: $140 (for a $16 book)



The Minimum Effective Dose: Buy 3 books, get $260 in Bonuses

The Harajuku Package: Buy 5 books, Get $340 in Bonuses, plus Q&A with Brian

* 1 hour group Q&A conference call with Brian (Priceless)

Occam’s Protocol: Buy 10 books, Get $385 in Bonuses

Sex Machine and Muses: Buy 30 books, Get $1623 in Bonuses

The Hacker’s Guide: Buy 300 books, get a dedicated call with Brian, site review or more

* Site or blog review from Brian Bagnall or 1-hour Skype call with Brian Bagnall (Priceless)


Bonus Packages for 1,000 books

Though it depends on schedule, I will try to join as many of these as possible — I’ll obviously be at the first!  Every package is amazing, and they will go quickly.


4 Hours in Richmond, VA with Brian Bagnall

An evening in Richmond with Brian to discuss anything you want. This could be a two hour dinner at one of Brian’s favorite restaurants, followed by two hours of talking over wine, or something as wild as enjoying a trampoline park after overdosing on green tea. You’re welcome to invite one friend or colleague to join in on the fun. Brian rarely does consulting but when he does, he charge’s $1500 an hour. This is an exclusive offer. Included FOR 1-PERSON: Hotel, food, drink, and roundtrip economy airfare from anywhere in the U.S. (Priceless)


Bonus Packages for 5,000 to 10,000 books

The Inflection Point: $5,000 books



Two full days in Richmond with Brian Bagnall. “Experience San Francisco with me as I like to enjoy it. My favorite activities, my friends, my hidden spots — all expenses paid, everything taken care of. You will have a full 48 hours to ask me anything you’d like, and it’s up to you how much work and how much play you want to enjoy. This will be a Richmond experience you will never forget!


VIP Access to Brian’s next party. Brian is know for throwing great parties and successful events, from Austratlia to South Africa, with a “who’s who” guest list. You can expect a great time and a high-profile crowd for his next party. Date TBD.