Gold Coaching

Gold Coaching

Participation in the Gold level of membership includes:

  • Monthly Mastermind Call with Brian.  Each month, you get access to a 90+ minute “closed door” coaching call with Brian himself (and some of the smartest marketers around).  Discussion forums are powerful but another dimension is essential: Live conversation with me and my top marketing students.  This call is 90+ minutes of intense discussion, hot seats and specific answers to specific questions.  You got a challenge?  The Mastermind conference call is your chance to ask and get hard-core answers from the people most qualified to give them.  Plus is you miss the call you’ll still get the MP3 files so you can listen later.  I begin with the latest marketing issues and our solutions for addressing them; then we move on to broader topics which may have nothing to do with marketing but which definitely affect your sales success.  Then we move into live problem solving and hot seats.  Even if you don’t have a pressing problem that month you’ll learn an enormous amount by listening to others on the call.    And sometimes the best part is simply the energy that you get from other people, knowing you’re not alone in this crazy world of online marketing.  Running a web based business can be a lonely enterprise but for Gold Members it most certainly is not.  Stimulating, lively, with a strong sense of community and support.  That’s what you get from the discussion board and that’s what you get from the live calls.  You also get recordings of the calls so you can listen later — even if you miss a call you get 100% of the content, on your schedule.  It goes everywhere your iPod goes.  We discuss new and better ways to marketing your business and maximize your profits.  From time to time, we’ll also have special invited guests on the line to speak on specific management or marketing-related topics that are affecting you now.  At the end of most calls, we’ll have a special “Mastermind Session” where all coaching members can share their best ideas and what’s working for them.  You get audio recordings of the call too.
  • Ability to ask questions to Brian or the expert each month.  (Note: This is the cheapest Membership level that allows you to have ‘one-on-one’ access to Brian.)
  • Access to the password protected Online Mastermind Message Board where you can get help with your marketing problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from like minds.  It’s a standalone discussion forum reserved exclusively for you and other GOLD members to meet, network and get to know each other.  This private forum is your key to getting personal help from me.  Whether you’re just starting your business and are getting your “feet wet’ or you’ve been in business awhile and want to start focusing on growing your business, getting personal support from me means you’re never left floundering around on your own trying to figure something out and you won’t have to rely on asking the advice of complete strangers or risk getting “attacked” in an open forum somewhere.  Since the forum is open for members only and all members abide by the “no complaining, no attacking, no spamming and no affiliate links” rules, you’re never left second guessing a product recommendation (did he/she recommend this just because they get commission on it?) and won’t have to worry about starting some kind of “posting war” just by asking a simple question.  Even if you don’t have a question to ask right now, there is a wealth of information waiting for you in the forums!
  • At least a 20% DISCOUNT to Future Events & Seminars
  • Points & Rewards System.  A new program built right into the private site that automatically tracks activities and awards points based on YOUR participation as a member of the club.  By posting to the forums and responding to members forum posts you’re issued reward points based on your total participation.  You can collect your reward points for as long as you want or cash ’em in for cool gifts and products.
  • Gold ONLY Call-In Hours: 4 times a year

Plus you get all of the Membership Benefits of SILVER such as:

  • Monthly Brian Bagnall Rant Marketing Newsletter
  • Monthly Marketing Interview on CD or DVD
  • FREE On-Line Success Marketing Strategies
  • Special Members-Only teleseminars

There’s nothing like being on the inside track, fully plugged into the best thinking in marketing today.

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