Protege Coaching

Here’s what you get:

  • Protege Members Only Contests with GREAT Prizes: You can win GREAT prizes such as free products or services or free registration to one of our information packed seminars.
  • The Protege Weekly Fax: Every week, you will receive a FAX (or if you prefer, email) of one or two important ideas, reminders, tips, commentary… to nag, nudge, provoke and motivate you.  I have head how valuable these are from nearly every PROTEGE Member.
  • Monthly Protege Mastermind Call with Brian.  Unlike my Mastermind Call for Gold members, this call isn’t scripted.  There is no outline or agenda.  This call is 100% about getting you over the hurdles you are currently facing.  You get your most pressing questions answered directly by Brian.  You get an MP3 of the call to review or in case you missed it.
  • Best of the Best Calls: Each and every month, one of the previous best teleseminar calls will be available for reply on the site.  A new call will be made available each month.  There are several years of calls in our archives loaded with timeless ‘evergreen’ information and advice that is just as relevant today as it was the day the call was recorded.  Past calls have featured a ‘Who’s Who’ of innovative entrepreneurs and business leaders.
  • A Protege ONLY Yearly Mastermind and Networking Dessert Reception at one of our annual events with Brian.  (Members report that this alone is worth the entire yearly fee.)
  • All membership benefits of my silver and gold coaching programs