Roundtable Mastermind

From: Brian Bagnall

OK, no big product launch this time… because I’m not going to try and “sell you” on this.

I mean, I could do a big launch sequence and get a bunch of people to apply… but we only have 7 spots available. And frankly, if you need convincing then this isn’t for you.

So I’m just going to lay it all out for you and let you decide…

What My Roundtable Mastermind Group Will Do For You

First of all, this is the only way you can ever get DIRECT ACCESS TO ME.

You really can’t buy that at any price. I stopped taking private clients a couple of years ago.

But back when you could hire me… well, my last three clients paid me a total of almost $900,000.00 – and they were happy to do so, because that was only a small fraction of the money they made from following my advice.

Nowadays, the only people that can get that kind of advice from me are my close friends.

Until now…

My Brain Focused On YOUR Business

Nearly every afternoon I’ll step away from my desk, and I’ll head out into the woods for a walk or a run. I do that for the exercise and to clear my brain. And that’s when I end up having my best ideas.

And those ideas have literally been worth MILLIONS of dollars to me and to my friends.

I mean, the people I’ve helped have been literally a who’s who of the marketing world…

So how do you get YOUR name on my radar screen? How do you get me thinking about YOUR business when I’m on a run out in the woods?

The answer is simple… find a way to get into my Roundtable Mastermind.

Getting into this group means you will now join the ranks of the “big name” marketers who can sit in a room and get direct personal help from me.

The Ultimate Silver Bullet

That’s really what a ultra high-level mastermind group is… the ultimate “Silver Bullet”. Every single “top gun” marketer I know is in a high-level mastermind group. This is how the rich get richer.

I know this from personal experience.

I’ve been involved in three mastermind groups, starting back in 1999. After I joined my first mastermind group, my business doubled in the next year. After I joined my second mastermind group, my business tripled in the next year. Then when I joined my third group my business grew by more than EIGHT TIMES in the next year.

And those numbers all compound… so right now, my business is about FIFTY TIMES the size it was when I joined my first mastermind group… and I can directly track a huge portion of that growth to my mastermind groups. They have pulled me up at every twist and turn.

And a high-level mastermind will do the same thing for you…

“No Great Launch Happens In A Vacuum”

You’ve probably heard me say that before… and the reason I say it is because it’s so true.

Listen, I’m better at this launch game than anyone. I’ve been through so many launches and have helped on so many launches that I can just about do them in my sleep. However, when I’m working on a launch I always (and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME) bounce my launch plan and my prelaunch content off my mastermind group.

And I’m not alone… every “big dog” marketer has his or her “inner circle” – a group of people they run their ideas past.

Those “big dogs” all know the power of a set of “outside eyes” looking at their plans. And a mastermind group is THE place to get those outside opinions… because having more QUALIFIED brains working on your promotion means you will have a better launch… EVERY TIME.

Meet Your Mastermind Group…

As I mentioned above… my new Roundtable group is the only way that you can get direct access to me. Only you can judge what that’s worth to you… but it’s been worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars to the people who have had access to me.

But this isn’t just about me.

At a recent event I let the word slip out about my new Roundtable Mastermind and I was instantly overwhelmed with people wanting to get in. In fact, I had to intentionally hold a few spots back so that I would have a few openings for the best clients who couldn’t make it to the event.

(And that’s why you’re reading this page… because I held back a few spots. You see, the most important thing for me – and for the Platinum group – is to get the RIGHT people into this mastermind.)

Three Critically Important Things…

FIRST, you have to APPLY to be in the group. After you submit your application my team and I will go through each application individually to pick out the folks that made the cut.

And SECOND, I can already tell you this – the people who I’ve already accepted into the group are amazing.

We have an awesome group of super-successful online marketers (both in infomarketing and ecommerce). This group is already incredibly powerful… it’s been active a little more than a week, and I’ve already had several of the members say that they’ve already gotten way more than their money’s worth for the entire year.

THIRD, I only have 7 spots left right now.

Here’s How It Works

Obviously, this group is extremely limited in size… it has to be to make the mastermind work. I suspect the optimal size will be around 35 people, but I may adjust that up or down a bit if it makes sense based on the group dynamics.

IMPORTANT: most of those spots are already filled. As I type this, there are 7 spots available. There’s a chance we might make the group a little bit bigger… but as of right now, I can only guarantee 7 spots.

Here are the details:

1. The group will meet three times per year, for two days each time. These meetings will be intimate and intense. We’ll be sharing exactly what’s working in our businesses and what our challenges are… and we’ll be brainstorming on how to multiply the good stuff, and how to eliminate the bad stuff.

2. I will personally be hosting the meetings and running things… and I’ll also have other members of my team there to support you.

3. In the months when we’re not meeting, we will have Live Mastermind Calls… and these calls will be pure magic. This is where you can tap into the collective wisdom of the group (including me!) in real time. These calls will have several different formats… from open Q&A to mini-hotseats, to short presentations by group members who have specific areas of expertise to share with the group.

4. An “Email Mastermind” – this is the glue that holds the group together. This sounds so simple – but the power is breathtaking. Think about being able to ask for feedback on an idea or a squeeze page (at any time of the day or night)… and you start getting answers within minutes from the brilliant marketers in your mastermind. You don’t have to wait until the next meeting or the next call… you get the answers RIGHT NOW.

What You Need To Do Now

Membership is $24,000 for the year (and yes, we offer a payment plan so you can manage your cashflow over the year… and there is also an option to pay in full and get a substantial discount.)

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: I fully intend to raise that price dramatically… probably to at least $40,000. The only reason I’ve priced it this modestly to begin with is to make sure we get an amazing group of applicants to choose from, right off the bat.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: This is not a “monthly continuity” program. I am only interested in people who are going to commit their time and energy to the group for the full year.

IMPORTANT NOTE #3: Remember, you have to apply to get in. This isn’t for everyone… and we’ll be going through the applications very carefully to determine who’s going to fill the remaining spots.

As of right now I’ve only got 7 more spots. If you’re ready to apply, then click the button below to make your $100 deposit.  You’ll automatically be sent the application via email.

Best regards,