Underground Coaching

Dear Friend,

Every once in a while, throughout my long career, I will take someone under my wing… and just lay bare everything I know about business, marketing and being a success in life.

For me, it’s an opportunity to indulge in something I truly love — the advanced details and deep, dark secrets of living life in a “peak state” of pleasure and productivity.  I need to talk about these things, just to keep it all vibrant and refreshed in my mind.

I mean… there is so much info, and so many specific lifestyle skills, and such an abundance of business savvy in my bag of tricks… that if I don’t share it and re-examine it, I risk losing large chunks of it.

So going deep with a selected student is — for me — an essential way to stay in touch with all the cool, insider stuff that has brought me to this amazing point of self-satisfied happiness and massive achievement in my life.

For the person I take under my wing and share all this with?

Sheer life-changing ecstasy.

I know the feeling well… because my career and life didn’t take off until I found my own mentors.

I actively sought out — and then slaved under — a literal Who’s Who in direct marketing… and sucked up every lesson I could, as fast as I could.

Real mentoring is much more than just receiving lessons, however. You cannot get mentored, for example, from a book or a DVD… or even from a classroom.

No. Real mentoring happens only when it’s one-on-one, with no one else in the mix.

It’s a relationship. In certain ways, it’s a deeper relationship than you have with your closest friends, too… because a real mentor will always be brutally honest, completely uncensored, and has a goal of changing you forever.

Even your best friends aren’t always honest with you like that.

Mentoring is all about the transfer of knowledge and skill.

And it can be simultaneously the most exciting, and the most aggravating time of your life.

Because learning isn’t pretty, when you get right down to it. You’ve got to put your ego aside, and roll up your sleeves in order to work like a dog applying what you learn.

It’s ACTIVE learning. Not the passive note-taking B.S. you did in school.

My favorite mentors — Dan Kennedy, Perry Marshall, Jeff Paul, and the handful of master salesmen and artistic wizards I hung out with who chewed up life with gusto — all literally made sure we were alone (with no one listening in) when the good stuff was shared.

And that stage of the relationship was only reached after they had tested me severely, and made a conscious decision that I was worthy of learning their most cherished and important secrets.

By the time I started mentoring people myself, I knew exactly what to do, and how to do it.

Once I know you’re primed and ready to receive the good stuff… I will bury you with hard-core advice and specific tactics that I know, from personal experience, can grease the skids of success in life and business.

Mentoring is the one “X-Factor” in life that separates those who zoom ahead… from those who struggle endlessly and never seem to get a foot-hold in becoming truly successful.

Nothing else comes close.

Receiving quality mentoring can change your life, instantly. I’m not being cynical when I say that everything worth pursuing in life can be broken down like a game — whether it’s learning how to sell, or how to set up a profitable business, or how to become a fully awake and dangerously effective player.

And each of those games has two sets of rules — the rules that everyone believes are the “real” rules… and the very secret inside rules that most people don’t even realize exist.

But there is a small, energetic group of go-getters who somehow discover the stunning wonders of having a deep relationship with a mentor… and these are the go-to guys who make things happen in life.

Do you think you’d get something out of one-on-one mentoring with me?

Normally, you’d never get the chance.

The people I’ve mentored have mostly been my friends first. Some were clients, initially, and others are colleagues who craved the intense “continuing education” that real mentoring offers.

You don’t have to be young, or a rookie to be mentored. I’ve done it with guys from every stage of life and business — rookies, yes… but also small biz owners who were already earning fortunes, professionals who already had good reputations, and even older dudes who simply had come to that place where they needed skills and advice they could find nowhere else.

They all have just one thing in common: The desire to go deeper… and to learn the rules behind the “rules”.

Plus, of course, they were friends.

About four months ago, I made a conscious decision to expand my own availability as a mentor to people outside of my “inner circle”… just a little bit.

Here’s what’s going on…

I’m offering a new type of coaching. It’s a super-intense opportunity that may cause a qualified few to faint with happiness.

This program isn’t guaranteed to be around for very long. I guard my time obsessively, and — while I have committed to this opportunity fully and with all my heart — I will give it the axe the second it becomes a burden.

Or stops being fun.

I love teaching. I’m a damn good mentor, with a long list of students who owe most or all of their success to what I taught them.

So… if you’re finally ready to move ahead of the pack, and take advantage of the skills and secrets that ONLY a true, respected veteran professional can share with you… you need to come on board.

And get busy.

Here’s the details of the heart-stopping new one-on-one program I’ve just launched…

“Underground Coaching” One-On-One Mentoring Program

If you’ve been craving one-on-one, private, no-holds-barred time with me… here is your first opportunity to take it to the max.

I’ve always been available for one-hour consultations, but getting fit into my schedule can be a problem… so those one-time consultations aren’t much good if you’re in desperate need of advice and fresh strategies.

With this new program, I am offering you the chance to instantly become a “front burner” priority with me. Just you and me (and whatever other resources I may suggest, including focused input from other experts I know).

Just as I’ve done with past mentoring situations, I intend to internalize your complete situation… and go deep with you on every relevant detail of your business.

I’ll be in constant contact with you, available to you exactly as I would be available to a friend… and utterly open and honest, sharing everything I have in my bag of tricks.

Who needs this kind of super-intense mentoring?

Veteran business owners who’ve hit a plateau and need to break through…

Rookies looking to launch their biz or career with the full force of a veteran watching their back…

Entrepreneurs who need both experienced help with marketing and advertising details…

Any anyone in business who knows that getting to hang right with me can kick-start the most exciting adventures of their life.

I’ve been around the block more times than almost any other teacher alive. I’ve proven myself as a marketer… a freelancer… a business owner… a consultant… and as a guy who understands life and living well better than almost anyone else in the game.

A long life, crammed with both success (which I learned to enjoy) and failure (which taught me lessons I’ve never forgotten)… plus the unparalleled insights and revelations that come from having been mentored by legends and business wizards… means I bring a FEAST of insight, advice, tactics and skills to the table.

Only the people who’ve known me longest can truly understand the depth of knowledge I offer. I’ve been to the Dark Side and back… been broke and desperate, and worked my way to the top (taking notes the entire way)… and lived through countless episodes of drama, trauma, revelation and redemption in both business and in life.

The mentors who did the most for me all got to know me first.

And, once they decided I was “ready”, they unloaded an avalanche of knowledge and skills on me.

No course, or book, or seminar can replicate this kind of high-intensity learning. Nothing can readjust your head as quickly and efficiently as spending quality one-on-one time with someone who understands the game.

This new program is available in one-month-long chunks.

During that month, we will get on the phone once a week for the most intense call of your life. (Four calls for the month, up to an hour each.)

I will give your emails to me the highest priority… and answer all your questions by the following business day. (I’m taking off weekends and holidays, and you should, too.)

I will review and examine any marketing piece or website you need help with, offering a complete recorded video critique (using Camtasia)… so you can see exactly what I’m critiquing, AS I critique it. (People who have received video critiques from me know to expect a deep, brutal assessment of all relevant marketing strategies, with specific recommendations… and a detailed breakdown of your copy, including hook, format, sales argument, bullets, and close.)

You get one of these ad/copy/website dissections a week. (Four total for the month.)

You will have full access to every resource I use or know about… including introductions to other marketers and experts, when appropriate.

And, finally, I will give you a complete set of every course, CD, swipe file and report I have ever produced.

The total retail value of all this material is way over $5,000.

But it’s all yours, for free, as soon as you sign up for “Underground Coaching”.

I will treat you like my most important student for the entire month.

If you have disasters that need repair, let’s get on it.

If you’re ready to break through to the next level in business, I’ll give you a powerful boost.

If you want to suck up every shred of knowledge I have, I’m all for it.

As a teacher, I love to share… and it’s more fun for me when it’s intense and uncensored and focused on results.

For one month, I will think about you constantly, fretting and considering your situation like I do for my closest friends and most cherished students.

(And, just in case you’re wondering… yes, this program is modeled exactly on how I deal with my favorite students. We talk once a week, and I jump on their emails as soon as they arrive in my inbox. When they need a critique or advice on copy, I sit down and give it my undivided attention.)

Do you think this is a program you might want to engage in?

It’s not cheap.

My fee for consulting with clients is now $30,000 for a single project. Plus royalties.

Most jobs take around a month, and during that time I go deep with the client… but there is very little (if any) teaching going on. It’s all about producing profits.

For this mentoring program, I will not be implementing things for you. I will coach you on what to get done, and force you to “get” the kind of marketing you need to put out there.

And, I will be focused on all aspects of your business and life — because for me, true success is about money first… but then it’s all about learning how to live well.

We can stay focused just on business, if you like. But I know from experience that a big part of any total “break through” includes wide-ranging lessons in dealing with people, dealing with problems, and dealing with life.

The cost for this intense month of one-on-one mentoring: $9,999. No refunds. (You must be sure this is what you want before you come aboard… because I’ll be investing a LOT of time right off the bat.)

You will get top priority for scheduling our calls. I will have all your email flagged for my attention. I will devote hours to critiquing your material.

In short… I will mentor you the way I’ve mentored my friends in the past.

With full focus, and steely-eyed discipline.

You get the full package. And I stand behind this promise with the full force of all the respect and kudos I’ve earned over my arduous 10-year career.

I am a true professional, and I’ve proved that over and over again. I’ve never missed a deadline in my career (which pisses off some of my colleagues, cuz it makes ’em look bad), and I throw myself into the lives and dreams of clients with every fiber of my being.

Normally, you’d have to shell out my entire fee — $30,000 (often on top of continuous royalties) — to get this kind of attention from me.

However, because I’m going to coach you on creating killer marketing models (rather than doing the work myself), I feel I can afford to make the cost of my one-on-one attention more reasonable.

This is, in fact, a stunning bargain.

If you know, deep down, that I’m the guy you need to move more quickly toward your goals… then this opportunity to have one of the most respected and sought-after marketing guru’s alive as your month-long “consulting partner” is something you should jump on.

While it’s available.

As you can imagine, this opportunity is seriously limited. I can only squeeze a couple of people into my schedule each month.

If there is a waiting list, I may never announce this program again.

I will fulfill on my part of the bargain. However, if — after mentoring a few people — I decide it’s just too much of a hassle, and takes too much of my time… I will pull the plug on this opportunity without notice.

Mentoring can change your life.

There aren’t many other details for you to understand — I’m offering my brain, my sweat, and my full attention. As long as you’re clear on the program, we’re set to go.

And that’s it for now.

Most likely, this program fits your exact needs. Right now, slots are open.

I’ve never offered so much personal attention from me before. So far, I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

When it becomes too much, I’ll back off.

For now, I’m still at the top of my game. No other “coach” out there can match my knowledge of copy, marketing, business and life… and I doubt there will ever be anyone quite like me in this gig ever again.

I started in the “classic” days of direct mail, moved through every technological upheaval of the past three decades — staying at the cutting edge all the way — and am currently considered the main “go to” guy for Facebook Social Ads marketing.

If you’ve been following my teaching, you know I hold nothing back. I’m the real thing, and I’m offering you a chance to join the fun.

Again — the open slots will not stay open for long.

This truly is one opportunity you need to jump on, fast. No hype about it.

I look forward to working with you,


If you’re ready to receive 30 days of intensive consulting, go ahead and process your enrollment by clicking the button below.  You will then receive Brian Bagnall’s personal, special email address to contact him directly.  (Do not share this email address with anyone.)

Brian, please accept my application for your
One-On-One Mentoring Program, “Underground Coaching”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I communicate with Brian?

A: This program includes live, video-based training or critiques, telephone coaching, and answers to unlimited email questions.

Q: What can Brian do for me in this 30 day coaching program?

A: Here are just a few of the things we can do together:

  • Identify your most profitable, easiest-to-target market with greater precision and clarity, and isolate and analyze it in greater depth to learn, understand and cater to their dominant desires for your solution that will practically have them beg you for it.
  • Develop exciting, in-demand products and/or services with high perceived value that your target market craves, with minimal effort and money, which can substantially increase your cashflow, your profits and your profitability.
  • Pinpoint your core strengths, develop your most marketable, competitive edge, and position yourself, your product and/or your business in a way that literally dominates your market – regardless of the economy, the competition or your industry.
  • Build a passive, consistent stream of new business by putting together key referral systems that create new streams of qualified leads, cause targeted prospects to beat a path to your door, and transform transient clients into raving fans evangelizing for you.
  • Uncover and leverage hidden “sweet spots” (including neglected opportunities and profit centers hidden deep within your business) you can easily tap and exploit to generate an influx of cash, clients and profits.
  • Dramatically improve your lead generation and conversion rates by helping you generate more productive and highly responsive marketing pieces and sales materials without spending a single extra penny on advertising.
  • Quickly plug costly profit leaks in your business that are draining your sales and your profits, and sucking your business dry, often right from under your nose.
  • Discover and become privy to powerful, inside secrets we use (and our million-dollar marketing clients use), “behind the scenes,” that can literally double, triple, quadruple, or even quintuple your response, your sales, and your business.
  • Review and creatively brainstorm new ideas, concepts, brands, models, strategies, and even businesses, along with actionable recommendations and copy suggestions.
  • Gain more peace of mind and time to do what you do best.

And much, much more.

Q: So what exactly am I getting here:?

A: Here’s what this program involves:

1. Direct, Unlimited Email Questions

The program will allow you to email Brian Bagnall directly (one question per day), and he will personally respond to your question within 24 hours (except on weekends and holidays).  Email Brian as many times as you wish during those 30 days.  Your questions may be general or specific.

2. Four One-Hour Telephone Consultations

With this program, you will have four hours worth of one-on-one, telephone consultation with Brian Bagnall (by appointment only), which you can use as you wish.

3. Four (4) Recorded Video Critiques

During those 30 days, you get up to four (4) video critiques.  These sessions will be recorded using screencam video and audio and you’ll get a copy.  You can have Brian Bagnall take a look at any piece of copy you create and go over it with a “fine-tooth comb.”  He will then give you actionable recommendations you can implement to maximize your copy’s selling power.  Have him go over any salesletter, check out any website, review any autoresponder copy, strategize any business process, etc.  You’ll see what he sees and hear what he says.

It’s up to you to use these sessions as you wish.  Here’s an example: use one session to have Brian critique a salesletter you’ve written.  After making the changes suggested, you can use a subsequent session to have him review those changes and provide you with valuable feedback.  You’ll still have 2 sessions left too.

Remember, I normally charge $1,000 to $3,000 per critique.

4. Answers to Any Question You May Have

Via email, you can ask me anything about Internet business, traffic generation, product creation, marketing, positioning, motivation, Web 2.0, blogging, success, time management, outsourcing, and copywriting.

You can use me as a sounding board to bounce ideas, get suggestions on how to optimize a certain aspect of your business, or receive action-steps to better your marketing skills.

Run anything by me and I’ll tell you how I think you can improve it.

5. Access to My Vault

I’ll send you every piece of information on marketing I’ve ever created.  EVERY piece.  You’ll be sifting through this stuff long after our time together is over.

Q: Who is this program designed for?

A: Here are the conditions you must meet to be considered for this program:

  • You have an established business with existing products/services;
  • You are ready to do what it takes to take your business to the next level;
  • You have at least a basic understanding of marketing and the Internet;
  • You or your business is not engaged in illegal or unethical practices;
  • You are not allowed any extensions or substitutions, for any reason;
  • You are responsible for any direct, out-of-pocket expenses (if you need to fax, call long distance, mail, buy additional software, or whatever, it’s your sole responsibility);

Brian, please accept my application for your
One-On-One Mentoring Program, “Underground Coaching”