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Who Else Wants To Know How Working Only 20% As Much As You Do Now Could Snag You 80% of Your Sales and Profit?

In Other Words, How You Can:

Do Less Work

Spend Less Money

And Be More Profitable?

Heard of the 80/20 Rule?

80% of businesses have never heard of it, that’s why they struggle, or fall well below what their sales could be.

Don’t worry; it’s not your fault. The 80/20 Rule has been a closely guarded secret of the top 20% that allowed them to bust open the floodgates of profit and blow their competition out of the water. They wouldn’t want everybody knowing this information, right?

Well, what can I say? I’ve been studying and practicing this theory for a very long time, and it extracts cash from any business, every time. Those stuffy big wigs of the worlds largest and most successful businesses can’t keep me quiet. Frankly, I don’t care for them so much. I’d rather see the 80% of real, hardworking, down to earth people have this information.

These sets of DVD’s are only being made to order. I don’t have them sitting in a storeroom collecting dust, waiting for a chance to sell them. Because of the exclusive nature of this workshop, your DVD set will be put into production when I receive notification to immediately ship your incredible free marketing package. So expect it to arrive several days after your incredible free package.

Order this today and you won’t pay any extra shipping.  That’s my extra thank you for ordering your free marketing package. It doesn’t matter that these won’t be sent in the same package, I’d still like to advance the shipping cost to you as an act of good faith. This workshop will open your eyes to many business tricks I’ve never given away, and I don’t want any copies made that aren’t going to those who don’t specifically want them. Click Add To Cart right now if you are ready to look inside your business and thrive.


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You’ll pay no extra shipping costs!

And another thing: this will cost you 80% less than each big wig paid to hear the exact same information.  You see, now that you have secured your free package, I told you the savings would get fantastic for coaching club members. Besides, we are colleagues now, and everything you do from here is all about success.


Want to know how much this workshop cost leading businesses? (Who, incidentally, booked me so solid I had to hold another 2 workshops)… $1500 per person, for a seven hour session! But I want to get it out to more people now. People who couldn’t afford the $1500 price tag, but need this information desperately. Now that the recession is upon us, I have a duty to do everything I can to keep businesses afloat. Not only for the economy, but also for consumer confidence.

So I emulated the live full day workshop and put it on DVDs and now I’m charging 80% less, actually it’s slightly higher than an 80% savings. But it has 20% more targeted content. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and it lets me see where I can cut fluff and keep plump, juicy content flowing.

Plus You’ll Get A Free Manual And Checklist To Keep You Focused And Productive With Pinpoint Accuracy On The Things That Work Best!

My number one rule is: never cut back on your marketing in hard times. Those who do will miss the customers that are still in need of their products and services and the 80% of the population that still has money to spend. But we do need to tighten our belts, so here I’ll show you how to quickly increase your marketing success rate and drastically reduce your spending.

Who Wouldn’t Want To Be In The 20% Of Businesses Outselling Competitors By 80%?

And at an 80% discount, you’ll be getting all this, and so much more, for a very reasonable $297.

Listen, read on and you’ll see that allocating for this in your yearly marketing budget will repay you again and again. In fact, you’ll get marketing skills that will help you for the rest of your life (whether you are starting a new business or entering into a new niche). It can cost $1000 to run a small colored ad in a glossy magazine, and a lot more than that in one with a major circulation. Spending wise marketing dollars guarantees you’ll make your money back over and over again. So if you have the resources available then use them now to make it happen.

Here’s part of what you’ll learn from this made to order, seven hour, DVD workshop collection:

  • How to get 80% of what you accomplish in business from 20% of your work time (time is money and efficiency is key)
  • We pull apart how 20% of a company’s product usually accounts for 80% of their sales.
  • Drill down into which 20% of your marketing motivates the most sales. Effectively reducing your marketing budget and pinpointing the stuff that’s working so you can do more of it.
  • 20% of your customers will give you 80% of your profits. Nail down who this 20% is for your business. Work out how to increase how much your customers spend with you. Get your best customers happily referring you more buyers.
  • Out of all customer leads, 20% are likely to become buyers. Tap into how to identify that 20% early and maximize your money making opportunity.
  • Now here is something 80% of businesses fail to look at in the early stages. 80% of all problems are generated by 20% of manufacturing defects. This is lost money that can be avoided.
  • 20% of all your staff and co-workers will supply 80% of the support you need. Find out why this matters.
  • 80% of knowledge about your business will come from 20% of reading and education. Identify which 20% is helping you, and keep using it.
  • Completing 20% of your to do list will give 80% output in achieving your goals. Get those daily tasks done and working toward the big goals.
  • I’ll show you how to set up marketing to identify the top 20% of the buying customers in your market.
  • You’ll learn how to get your customers to buy more often, spend more money on bigger ticket items without batting an eyelid, and generate a lot more profit for less effort. You learn how to maximize potential by up-selling and cross-selling (Would you like fries with that? And would you like a Disney cup with your soda for an extra $1)
  • As I said before, 80% of the profits in your industry are being made by 20% of the firms. I will show you how to excel in that top 20% and maintain your profiteering success.
  • Now think about this…80% of the benefit from ANY product or service can be provided at 20% of the cost. I’ll prove this.
  • 80% of your resources are producing only 20% of the value. Get this working right for your business.

Now this comes with my ironclad, 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee. This will work for your business and increase your bottom line, launching you into the top 20% or higher in your industry, or you get 100% of the price you paid back.

In fact, I’m so certain this works (proven time and again) I’ll even let you keep all the materials I send out to you even if you get a refund.

If your profits haven’t increased by at least 80% after 3 months of learning and applying this knowledge, ask me for a refund. No questions asked. That’s right, you have a full 3 months to test out everything, and give it your best shot. If you haven’t increased your sales, then email me and I’ll refund your money within 1 business day.

I am known as the Superstar Of Overdelivery. I’m about to prove it to you again.

Along with this 7 hours of made to order DVD workshops on the 80/20 Rule (shhhh, it’s underground remember?). You’ll pay no extra shipping if you order today.

You’ll get the tools you need to keep you on track. A manual with the main points highlighted and explained, so you can use it for reference anytime, no matter where you are. Because if there is one thing I know, the more ways you can get the same information into your brain, the better you will understand and retain it. It’s chock full of marketing tips.

If you want my advice, you should sit and copy out the manual in long hand as well. This is really effective at getting you to soak it up and know it by heart. Once these methods become automatic, you’ll be strides ahead of the competition because you’ll live and breathe marketing methods. Everything you see will present itself in your mind as a marketing opportunity.

The richest business owners never think of something and simply enjoy it, or use it. No. They think, “Wow this is good, how can I sell it to other people?” That is where the 80/20 rule comes to life. You’ll identify opportunities and cash in on them at least 80% of the time.

And I’ve drawn up a handy checklist so you don’t miss out on anything. A mapped outline for your business. That makes it a no brainer and you’ll suck dry every money making opportunity there is.


As you have confirmed your free package, if you take advantage of the made to order, 80/20 rule DVD workshop set, I’ll upgrade you from a free month of Silver Coaching to a full free month of Gold Coaching Membership.

A stunning $99.97 value, for free.


Why? Because if you are willing to commit to this level of business improvement then you’ll be bringing your business to life in leaps and bounds and you are going to need answers faster than the rest.

So the Silver level just wouldn’t be enough for the acceleration you’ll experience.

Don’t worry; you’ll still get everything that you would have gotten in the Silver level.

Gold coaching becomes a lot more personal; you’ll see and hear a lot more from me.

One of the most powerful resources I give my Gold Coaching Members is a Monthly Mastermind Call with me. Twelve times a year!

Your free month entitles you to one of these, and if you want the other 11 simply do nothing and we’ll charge your card $99.97 a month, automatically. If you don’t want to continue then simply just let us know and we’ll cancel your membership.

But don’t make up your mind about that now, you have a whole month to experience this level of personal support and see how it excels your business before you worry about that.

Read On For More About Gold Coaching Monthly Mastermind Gold Nuggets

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What is a Monthly mastermind session?

A ‘closed door’ live teleseminar or telecoaching call from me or one of my top marketing students. Live conversation. 3+ Hours. Hard Core Answers.

What Answers Do We Get?

Hot seat answers. Answers to your specific questions, and if you have a challenge, hit me with it.  I can take it.

What If I Miss The Call?

No problem. You have access to the MP3 files so you can hear what went down.


Here’s How A Mastermind Session Usually Goes:

  • I start with the latest marketing issues and give my solutions for addressing those in your business. Then we move into a broader topic base which may not always be about marketing but will definitely affect your sales success.
  • Then we get to the live problem-solving and hot seats. Always tune in because, even though you may not have a pressing issue at the time, you’ll still learn a lot from everyone else’s questions. Things you haven’t even thought of yet or things that might crop up in the future.
  • The energy generated in these calls is infectious and morale is high. You’ll come out of it with a buzz and a high level of motivation to succeed. No one is alone here. But at times, especially when working online, we feel like we are the only ones who ever have problems. Remember a problem shared is a problem solved.
  • Gold membership means this is not a lonely business any longer. You’ll get a stimulating, lively and supportive community of likeminded people. And those that seek support have a 100% better chance of success.
  • You’ll get this through the discussion board as well. You can pop in anytime of the day or night, (you’ll be surprised who you’ll run into) and get the answers you need. Or you can access the live call recordings and listen again.
  • You get to hear special invited guests talk about marketing-related topics, and a mastermind brainstorming session where all coaching members share their best ideas, and what works for them (and what doesn’t… which is often equally as important).
  • You can ask questions to me or an expert each month. Gold coaching is the cheapest membership level that allows on-on-one access to me.
  • The message board is password protected and exclusive to members. This level of personal support is exactly what every business needs. You can ask questions and not get attacked. You can feel comfortable that you’ll never be left floundering around trying to work something out on your own. You won’t have to rely on a complete stranger for advice.
  • There is always the 30% discount (minimum) to all future events and seminars.
  • Plus you get to use our exclusive points and reward system. This software automatically tracks your movement within the membership community and awards you points. By posting and responding in the forum you’ll be issued reward points you can then cash in for cool gifts and products. You can let them accumulate as long as you like.

Don’t forget it includes the Silver Coaching package as well

* Monthly Brian Bagnall Rant Marketing Newsletter

* Monthly Marketing Interview on CD or DVD

* Silver ONLY Call-In Hours


* FREE On-Line Success Marketing Strategies

* Special Members-Only teleseminars

And Don’t Forget My Iron-Clad Guarantee Making This No Risk And All Gain For You.

100%, no questions asked, full money back guarantee. Apply my methods for your business and increase your bottom line, launch into the top 20% or higher in your industry or you get 100% of the price you paid back.


In fact, I’m so certain this works (proven time and again) I’ll even let you keep all the materials I send out to you even if you get a refund.


Tell you what, and I’m really putting myself on the line here…


If you take advantage of my training, and one-on-one sessions, if you apply them for whole year, and if you haven’t doubled your sales, I will personally consult with you until you do double your sales. You see, I’m not afraid to put my butt on the line because I know I can double your sales in the very least.


If your profits haven’t increased by at least 80% after 3 months of learning and applying this knowledge, and you want out, even though you can continue testing for another 7 months, ask me for a refund. No questions asked. That’s right, you have a full 3 months to test out everything, and give it your best shot. If you haven’t increased your sales, then email me. I have absolutely no problem with that.

This is an 80% Savings for You!


Package pic

Just click the add to cart button and I’ll add the made to order, seven hour, 80/20 Rule DVD training course, your free marketing manual with tips and hints from the 80/20 philosophy, and a handy checklist that you can use for a quick start (or diagnosis for a failing business) when we ship out your free marketing gift.


I’ll include this on your $20.00 shipping cost only if you act now. Delivery will be several days after your free package.

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