Business CPR

Here’s what you get:

  • You get TWO “2nd Opinion Critique Certificates” — each lets you send any one printed promotional item for your business to me for my personal feedback, by mail or FAX.  You can send in an ad, letter, brochure, whatever.  And staff does NOT do this; you will get advice from me on what you’ve done well, what you haven’t, and how to improve it.  (By the way, a warning: I’m rather blunt.  I may hurt your feelings. But I WILL improve what you’re doing!)  As a consultant, I frequently provide this 2nd Opinion Critique Service to many companies, entrepreneurs, even ad agencies, and charge $500.00 per Critique, so this IS a very real $1000.00 value.  However, it can certainly be worth a whole lot more to you.  (There’s a dentist in Sacramento, for example, who made three “little” changes in his Val-Pak Coupon after my critique — and TRIPLED the response.  Or an industrial products company… one “little” change in their trade journal ads slashed their cost-per-lead by 30%.)
  • You ALSO get a “My #1 Marketing Challenge Consultation Coupon.”  I will respond to your most vexing marketing challenge.  I regularly charge $1500.00 per hour for consulting, but this is included for you at no added charge!
  • You get Two GIANT Manuals: (1) the actual Presentation Notes & Exhibits Manual and (2) the “Lab” (examples) Manual that we used during the Seminar.  By the way, these Manuals include both Notes and Examples that have not been published before and will not be published in any other place.
  • You’ll also receive a “Blue Ribbon Package” of checklists, tip sheets, copy idea-starters, and assorted weapons I’ve assembled just for this Seminar.