How to Buy

For Serious Buyers Only!

This page is ONLY for buyers that are interested
in purchasing a property within the next week.

This document is only for buyers that have had a showing at one of our properties, have the required down payment available now, are ready to make a deposit and are ready to close within 7 calendar days.

If this Describes You, You Must Do the Following:

#1 Contact our offices via phone or email to let us know which property you would like to purchase. We will set an appointment to meet at the property to sign the initial paperwork. At this time, a deposit will be due. The deposit will be equal to 20% of the required down payment. The deposit can be in the form of a money order, cashier’s check, certified check or cash. A personal check is acceptable as well but not recommended because closing may be delayed if the check takes a long time to clear.

#2 You must download the following form:

Buyer Information Sheet

This form must be printed, completed and brought with you to the appointment at the property where we will sign the initial paperwork.

You may contact our offices with any questions.