How You Can Sell Your House in 8 Days

How You Can Sell Your House in 8 Days

by Brian Bagnall

How You Can Sell Your House Within 8 Days?!
Trying to sell your house can be a nightmare! But after reading this Special Report, you may very well have a qualified buyer within 8 days. Just who is that buyer? Me. While I can’t promise to buy your house during the next week, I can tell you I’m constantly looking for and buying nice houses like yours from other folks in this area.

First let me tell you a little bit about myself…Bryan Bagnall. No, I am not a Realtor and No, I’m not proposing that I list your house, or have you sign some kind of agency agreement. My involvement with you and your property is for my own investment portfolio… not the score-sheet of a Broker. My background includes being the owner of several technology companies as well as being a real estate solution provider. The rest of this report tells you how I can assist you by purchasing your house.

Near the end of this report, I show samples of houses that I recently purchased. Houses like yours, from owners like you. In each situation, the owners wanted out of the house, and wanted their mortgage taken care of. I did exactly that, in their time frame. No hassle; no broken promises, just the kind of results that you want.

Is This You?
People who’ve never tried to sell a house themselves just don’t seem to understand all that’s involved: The details, the time, the waiting, the ads that never seem to make the phone ring, having strangers walking through your bedroom. Strangers that feel obligated to pick apart the most trivial features of your interior decorating tastes. Two-faced people, who will smile, nod and act serious, but never call back.

It can be a much bigger hassle than you ever thought possible… in fact, it can easily turn into your worst nightmare!

Like I said, I am a property investor. I buy and sell real estate as a personal investment, so I know what homeowners go through when they try to sell their house. You may still be in the “thinking about it” stage. Maybe you’ve tried listing your house with an agent… maybe you haven’t decided you’re ready to go that route yet.

While it can’t hurt to list with a Real Estate agent or Broker, by the same token, do they ever seem to have the same “feel” for your house as you do? After all, if you had a computer sitting in your office loaded with hundreds of nice, beautiful houses of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges… what kind of real “selling” would you actually do?

Would you really go all out and work on selling one particular customer’s house? Or would you pick out a selection of several houses for your prospective buyers, hoping you land them on one… any one… of the many houses you’d selected?

Come on… you’d go with the numbers. After all, you don’t have any personal liability if the seller’s house sits an extra week or two… and there’s always the next customer. And the next listing. But then, you’re no Realtor, either.

That’s why more and more folks have gone the “For Sale By Owner” route: you buy your sign, you place your ad, and you show your house. Then, you wait. You call back the lookers and leave messages on their answering machines. Maybe you actually get a live one, and write up an agreement.

Several weeks pass. You start thinking something’s going wrong. Financing? But it’s supposed to be the buyer’s job to get a loan, not yours. Right?!

Thinking about selling can quickly become wanting to sell… and it’s amazing how fast “want to” can become “have to.” Whatever the reason, it puts you in a pickle.

Game Plan
What if I were sitting at your dining room table right now, and told you I wanted to buy your house…?

No sweat on the credit… in fact, I may very well close with all cash. No problem with the non-assumable loan. No problem catching up any payments in arrears. I can probably wrap up the whole thing within 24 hours. Would you perk up a little if that were the case?

I don’t know how much you owe, how much it’s worth, or any of that. Those details can be handled when I’m at your table.

What I do know… and what you should know is…

If you give me the facts, I’ll either tell you on the spot I can’t help, or come and leave you with one or more offers.

I buy and sell property. You might say I’m an investor. With your property, I’ll probably structure several options, and let you choose the one that best suits your needs.

I will immediately take the financial burden of any monthly mortgage payments off your back, and I’ll also take care of any fix-ups or maintenance, regardless of how minor or how serious. What’s more, I’ll close when you’re ready.

You see, I’ve found I can make a profit on houses that even real estate agents have passed up… because I personally handle the whole process. When I agree with you to purchase your property… I take it seriously… I treat your house like it’s mine.

Your situation literally becomes my own. And, frankly, I don’t know how to make it work any other way.

You can get on with your life!
Look, like I said earlier, people sell houses for various reasons. Maybe it’s a new job that requires a move, and they don’t want to carry double house payments. Maybe it’s a company downsizing that creates the problem. It could be bankruptcy or foreclosure… or they could’ve won the lottery. Perhaps they want to build… they’re tired of the same old neighborhood… they need something bigger or something smaller. It could be death or divorce… or marriage or birth. Whether you’re moving across town or across the US, to a new house or to an apartment, you’ve got other things to concern you. I’ll take care of your house.

Whatever it is, that house has become something to move beyond. To sell, to put behind you, so you can get on with the business of living your life.

I’m not a cynical person… this is reality. Granted I don’t know your particular reasons for selling, but I do know how to get your house closed as quickly, and as professionally as possible. In fact…

Here’s the game plan to sell your house quickly…
After we agree on the purchase price, and verify the amount you owe on your mortgage, if the circumstances are right I may pay all cash at the closing. If not, we may work out monthly payments for a period. Whichever way you go…

You get immediate relief from your monthly obligation to the mortgage company.

Please don’t misunderstand or assume that I have to “steal” your house, or that you need a lot of equity for me to be interested. I’ve worked with all kinds of circumstances and have been thoroughly trained to create solutions after so-called “experts” have given up and quit.

Again, if you call in the facts, I’ll tell you within five minutes if I can help. Now that I’ve got that clarified, allow me to give you a few examples of how I might help.

Mainly what I do is take your house over subject to the existing mortgage. Which means, I will be responsible for your payments and maintenance. I will put a tenant/buyer in the house, and help them get financed. At that time, they will be getting the house re-financed in their name.

Unlike working as a Realtor, I am an investor. I agree to make your mortgage payments while I find a buyer for the house. So if it sits empty, I can make those payments. Also, unlike a Realtor, there is no listing agreement and no 6-7% selling commission. Additionally, closing costs which are the responsibility of the seller, typically run about 3%. Just add these last two items together and on a $100,000 house, that cost represents $10,000. Now add in the typical 3-6 month period that it will take to find the buyer and have them get qualified and finally close on the house and you’ve just made monthly payments on Principal, Interest, Taxes, Insurance, Utilities, Maintenance and Repairs. Remember that if you get a buyer today, it typically takes 45-60 days for them to get financing. Guess who would pay for your house during that period? You would!! That’s 2 more payments you would have to make, and that’s if you had a buyer today. What if it takes 6 months?

One of the main problem solvers I can offer is Peace of Mind. Sometimes the hardest aspect of having to move is actually having your house up for sale and your life in limbo. You’ve heard the saying “Sometimes the not-knowing is the hardest part!” When you approve the paperwork with me, you will know that your payments and house are taken care of so you can start over and have that peace of mind.

I can take care of all the paperwork in about a week. I simply order the title research, and draw up the papers. We can set a date when you can move out and I will take over the house after that.

I will make payments on your loan while my tenant/buyer builds equity and finds their own financing.

The best part is, your loan doesn’t even have to be assumable for this to work! Our program works regardless of the type of loan-assumable, non-assumable, assumable with qualifying, FHA, VA, Conventional.

I take care of your monthly payments, take on all responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of your property, and liquidate your asset, before it becomes a liability! Now seriously, does it get better than that? As I stated before, my program can work in any situation.

Benefits to Sellers
For you, the Seller, I thought that I should summarize the benefits of this program. Maybe not all these points apply to you, but most should:
• Rapid, flexible sale of your house-You select the date that you want to move out. I can complete our transaction in 8 Days!
• Certainty of Sale-Avoid the disappointment of “selling” your house, waiting 45 days for the buyer to qualify and then finding out the deal fell through for any number of reasons. Then the process starts all over again, but the pressure is really on you now.

  • Avoid Sales Commissions-No need to pay a Realtor the typical 6-7% fee.
  • You Get Quick Relief from Mortgage Payments-Compare that with a House Listing that can go on forever!!

• Avoid Typical Closing Costs-Avoid the necessity of paying for Surveys, Title Insurance, Deed Preparation, Courier Fees, Recording Fees, etc.

  • Eliminate a Listing Agreement-I provide a Sales and Purchase Agreement; remember I are BUYING your house.

• Eliminate Time Consuming House Showings-You won’t have to show your house anymore. On the average, I show your house less than 4 times, nearly always after you’ve moved out. I find qualified, motivated tenant/buyers.

Need more reasons, then just read on. Not everyone wants to know all the details of how I work, but just in case you’re interested, I’ll tell you exactly what I do.

Benefits to Buyers
Yes, you are the Sellers, but just in case you wanted to know why my program is so successful, I’m including the benefits for Tenant/Buyers.

  • Want to build up equity in the house of your choice while you improve you credit rating?
  • Need more time to build up your base income?
  • Looking for a house in an area that will surely have price appreciation?
  • Wouldn’t you like the ability to fix the price of your future house and avoid price inflation?

• Would you like to get a better mortgage in 12-24 months than the one that you qualify for now?

These are a few of the benefits for house buyers who want their house now, but know that their financial profile will be much better in the near future. I let these people make payments on a fine house and then when they have improved their equity, credit or financial profile, they can qualify for the type of mortgage that they want. This makes it much simpler for nearly 40% of the people who have trouble qualifying for Class A mortgages.

The ‘Subject To’ Process
Usually I begin with a phone call to find out some preliminary information concerning the property, desirability of the house, mortgage information and seller timing and motivation.

Next, we meet in your house and review your paperwork. In preparation for this meeting, I usually have performed a competitive market analysis to determine the approximate value of the house. At this meeting I explain the required documentation, such as Warranty Deed, Sales and Purchase Agreement, Power of Attorney, Disclosure Statements, Notices to the Lender and Insurance Company and we sign a few papers just to show each other that we’re both serious.

While I’m in your house, you can show me any repairs or cosmetic improvements that need attending. We agree on a schedule for signing the rest of the documents and for change of possession. I can be very flexible on my date of possession, but once we set the date, I want to be sure that the house will be available for cleaning/painting crews, as well as initiation of my advertising.

After this meeting, I run a title search to be sure that there are no encumbrances that would cloud the title when we next meet. This search takes about two days, but provides us both with the certainty of the ownership, status of the liens (mortgages and promissory notes), and gives me the exact legal description for creating a Warranty Deed.

At our next meeting, we sign the rest of the forms. The Warranty Deed and the Power of Attorney require notarization. You will receive copies of all documents, if possible, that day.

Our last meeting is when your moving vans are loading your possessions. At this brief meeting, I ask that you give me the garage door openers, keys and a list of all the utility companies. I will contact them to switch payment of the services. Since I’m going to send in a cleaning crew, there is no need for you to spend much time making your house pretty as you move out. However, I recognize the pride that you have in your house and I always appreciate the Sellers housekeeping efforts when they move out.

After you leave, I provide cleaning and maintenance efforts to assure that the house is in ‘move-in’ condition. Typically I don’t show houses more than 3 or 4 times to prospective tenant/buyers. Using my techniques for advertising and pre-qualifying, tenant/buyers have few reasons not to sign an agreement to purchase the house.

You will probably not hear from me for sometime after I take possession of your house. I transfer the utilities and notify the insurance company and lenders. When my tenant/buyer exercises their option, I pay off your mortgage (using the Power of Attorney documents) and notify you that your mortgage has been satisfied.

But What About…
I’m sure that you have questions. Here are a few of the more commonly asked questions, with answers.

What if the tenant/Buyers tears up the house?
There’s no way I can guarantee you my tenant won’t damage the house since I won’t be living with them. But under our agreement, if that happened, I would repair it at my expense. My objective is to find a buyer who will eventually qualify for a loan, and not a ‘tenant.’ Damages are rarely a problem. Again, if it happens, I’ll fix it as per our written agreement.

When will you sell the house?
I can’t give you an exact time. It will be up to the tenant/buyer to make that decision within the time frame they have. I can tell you I get paid when they buy, so obviously I’ll be pushing them to do so…quickly! In the meantime, your payments will be made, which relives you of the financial burden.

How do I know I can trust you?
I can understand your concern. We’ll meet face-to-face after you call. You’ll find I don’t make empty promises… I shoot straight and I know this business. I believe I can create a solution that will work for both of us. If not, or if you’re not comfortable after we meet, we’ll shake hands and go our separate ways. Honestly, I view our business relationship more personally than just handling a house… I want you to be confident, and able to sleep well every night without worrying about your house or your payments. If fact, I wouldn’t enter an agreement with anyone if I wasn’t confident in that person… and I don’t expect any less from you. I’m willing to devote my time and resources to your house, but only if you feel comfortable with that arrangement.

What if the person you put in the house does not pay?
Remember that that is my problem. If they don’t pay, I will.

How do I know you’ll make my mortgage payments?
Why would I not make the payments? I don’t make any money until I get the house refinanced into the next person’s name. That would be like working all week and not going to pick up my paycheck on Friday.

I have a third party escrow company that I work with. They collect all payments from the buyer and make all payments to the mortgage company. If the buyer doesn’t make a payment it will be made with escrowed funds. This is the most common technique. I handle all the paperwork. If I didn’t pay, the lender would immediately notify you. So you’re always on top. Remember that making the house payment is my problem. I bought your house subject to your mortgage.

Also remember that any increases in taxes, insurance or homeowner’s dues are my responsibility.

What if I want to purchase another house?
I will give you a contract showing the payments are being made by me, so it will be a ‘wash.’ Example: $700 house payment on the mortgage, offset by $700 income from contract. I’ll free up your debt ratio so you can qualify immediately. Be sure and let me know if those are your intentions.

Why don’t I just list with a Realtor?
That’s certainly an option, but obviously a Realtor won’t make your payment for you while they’re attempting to sell your house. I’m willing to make your payment and maintain it until my tenant/buyer gets their own financing. I’ll give it my personal attention, and you can forget about it until my tenant is ready to buy.

Houses Like Yours; People Like You
This couple called me and sold their house within 3 days. The names have been changed.

Stacy and Bob Meadows were only married for 3 years when Bob got a fantastic job offer in Iowa. He could hardly wait to move back to where he met Stacy and advance his career. Their current house was just 13 months old. House prices in the area were about the same as what they originally paid for their house, and their mortgage balance was still within $300 of what they paid for their house. The builder has provided a special program that in effect gave them 100% financing (meaning no equity!). Their 3 bedroom, 2 full bath dream house was a millstone, holding them back from quickly moving ‘back home’ to that new job.

You see all these folks wanted was to get out from under the liability of trying to sell their house. After contacting Realtors and Property Managers, I was selected. Our deal was struck within 3 days, and they moved to Iowa in 2 weeks. I contracted to make all the house payments, am responsible for all the house maintenance and Stacy and Bob are on with their life. No blemishes to their credit and looking forward to a life without the burden of their previous house.

My objective was to find a quality tenant/buyer to occupy the house until they were ready to buy. After a quick title check of the Meadows’ house, I immediately began my marketing campaign, and to be honest it was easy!

You see, in this business you develop files on qualified buyers looking for houses. They all have their own criteria as far as monthly payments they’re looking for, down payment they have, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, etc. So I simply began calling some prospective clients, knowing that this house met their criteria. The third couple I called wanted to see it right away, so I met them at the house that afternoon.

The next day they called me, wanted the house, and we met at the house the next afternoon to sign the papers. It was that quick and easy! I immediately began the process of walking them through the details required for the acquisition of the house under our Option program. I make my profit on these situations from the down payment that the tenant/buyer makes, so I aggressively look for qualified buyers.

This program worked for the new tenant/buyers and the Meadows. No, I can’t promise you I can do the same for you. Frankly, depending on the type of house and season, it usually takes longer than a couple of weeks.

But remember, buying houses subject to the existing mortgage is only one of the many tools in my “arsenal.” There’s just no way in a single Report I could possibly answer every question and every need you may have… Consider this an overview. If it strikes a nerve…if you find you’re in a position with your house that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, one where you think I could possibly help solve, call me today.

If by chance we can’t do business, that’s OK. But I honestly believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you call… I specialize in solutions! By calling, you give me the chance to be your solution. I urge you to let me try.

What do we do now?
I know that this is a lot of information to digest at one time, but if you’re still with me at this point, chances are you’re interested in doing whatever it takes to GET YOUR HOUSE SOLD QUICKLY!

If you’re ready to act now or have some immediate questions, contact me right away.

If you want an alternative to the stale, conventional ways of selling your house, pick up the phone and call me now! You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

As I said before, if we can’t do business, that’s OK. I buy lots of houses and I don’t have to have this house. I get calls from tenant/buyers every day and I’m always looking for houses for them. Houses just like yours.

Just remember that I don’t want to list your house, I want to buy it. I specialize in buying houses quickly. I urge you to let me try. You have nothing to lose.

Finally-I don’t know how many months you’ve been trying to sell your house (or thinking about selling) but every month you wait is costing you unnecessary expenses… eating up the precious income you work so hard to earn. Your house is an asset… sell it as an asset. Don’t let it become a liability, a burden, and the proverbial “monkey on your back.” Even a Dream House can be a Financial Nightmare. There’s a real good chance that I can help… call me today! The phone call will give you more answers. Answers that you need. Don’t procrastinate… call me today!