Terms & Conditions for the
“I’ll Buy Your House in 5 Days or I’ll Give You $1000” Offer

“Bagnall & Associates, LLC potential buyer” shall be referred to as the “Buyer” throughout this document.

Slogan is not a public offer. Slogan is only valid for the property to which the advertisement was sent. Slogan means that Buyer will make an offer on the Seller’s property. Seller can choose to accept or reject the offer. The offer may be written or verbal. The 5 day period begins once Buyer views the property in person and makes the written offer.  The Seller has 72 hours to accept such offer. Acceptance must be written. The Slogan does not obligate Buyer in any way to purchase Seller’s property. The Slogan only obligates Buyer to make an offer on a property and to follow through with such offer if accepted by the Seller. Seller must be flexible with the price and/or terms relating to the sale. Buyer can’t be expected to pay an unreasonable price for a property because of the Slogan.  Buyer will not pay more than full retail value (minus closing costs and fees) at any time.

$1000 will be given to a Seller if the Buyer fails to make an offer on the Seller’s property (either verbal or written). To receive the $1000, the Seller must have opted in on Buyer’s website to receive the free report offered by the Buyer in the advertisement. The Seller must also have filled out the Property Information Sheet located on the Buyer’s website and taken advantage of the free 15 minute consultation with Buyer. The Seller may be required to show proof.

Buyer will typically make a verbal offer (or offer range) over the phone based on information received when the Seller filled out the Property Information Sheet. If Seller rejects this verbal offer, the Buyer will not be obligated to pay the Seller $1000. The Seller rejected the offer and the Buyer will have no further obligation to the Seller under the Slogan.

A verbal offer (or offer range) is generally made to see if the Buyer and Seller are within range to negotiate. This process is in place to save both the Buyer and Seller time.