1-on-1 Consultation with Brian

1-on-1 Consultations
with Brian Bagnall

Get personal feedback for immediate business growth.  When you need top-level professional input on your sales strategy, your offers, your marketplace and how intricately the pieces fit together, this is your best choice, especially when your questions stretch far beyond just the basics.

All of the most successful marketers we know get 1-on-1 coaching.  That’s why we recommend you get a personal 30 or 60 minute consultation with Brian Bagnall.

He’ll personally go over anything you want to go over (marketing piece, website, marketing plan, product launch, etc.) and give you immediate, actionable suggestions to give you a better response rate, lower costs and more converting traffic.

Brian is available via telephone or at his offices in Chicago.

Via telephone, at our offices in Chicago, or your location (in/near Chicago):

Phone consultations are digitally recorded; you will receive a copy (MP3) after the call.

30 Minutes: $750

60 Minutes: $1500

Day: (9am-5pm, working lunch): $10,560

At Your Location:

Day: (9am-5pm, working lunch): $18,000
This fee includes Mr. Bagnall’s travel accommodations

Hour Packs:

10 Hours of Consulting: $12,900

25 Hours of Consulting: $29,900

Payment by business check is preferred for any service over $10,000. Hour packs can be used in any increment.  Scheduling is usually possible within 48 hours.  Hour packs may be used towards critiques or consulting.  Consulting is done via phone or at our offices in Chicago.


If you think my rates are expensive, think again.  Even one idea, (and I promise you’ll get a few) can generate ten times the money you invest in a consultation.  It’s your choice.  Life is all about taking risks and moving ahead.  Do you want to move ahead or stay stationary and scared?

Here’s My Guarantee:

If after the first 15 minutes, you don’t think I know my stuff and I can’t help you, I will refund your money in full, no questions asked. (doesn’t apply to consulting done at your location)

Please Note: Bagnall & Associates, LLC is selective about accepting clients and projects, and all products and services are subject to limited availability.