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Where they came from: Inspired by their own book, The Happiness Bible, Brian Bagnall (author) and Tiffany Brunelli (editor) have been hitting the streets in cities all around the United States with a goal of starting a contagion of smiles.

Here's how it works: If you have a coin, someone probably just made your day a little brighter, and you are encouraged to pay that happiness forward. Below are some ideas to get you thinking. When you pass on the happiness, pass on the coin, too, encouraging the receiver of your good deed to "pay it forward." The cycle then continues.

Believe it or not, most people do "pay it forward." Even if they don't, you get to feel warm and fuzzy for making someone smile!

About The Happiness Bible

Ever had the feeling that there has to be more to life than THIS? You're not crazy. We are all meant to experience lasting happiness.

You can put down this book and continue your not-so-blissfully ignorant life. Or you can turn the page and come on a life-changing journey with me. It will offend you. It will inspire you. It will challenge everything you've ever believed.

The conventional formula is actually backward. Happiness isn't something you attain; it is something you are. What are you waiting for? Become happy now.

Help Spread Happiness In Your Town

We won't make it to every town and city ourselves. We'd love your help! If you'd like to help spread happiness, we're giving away Happiness Coins that you can pass around in your neighborhood and spread happiness. You can request 5 free coins. Just pay $3 shipping and handling so we can get them out to you. We hope you're ready for all the happy faces and acts of kindness. If you want that deal, click here.

Since you share in our passion for spreading happiness, we want to share the source of our inspiration with you. If you like, we'll send you a FREE copy of paperback edition of The Happiness Bible. Just please pay an extra $5 for shipping and handling. The book retails for $24.95. For $8 in shipping and handling, you'll receive the 5 coins and a copy of the book. If you want that deal, click the Add To Cart button on the right.

If you want to get more than 5 coins, open up a ticket at our support desk and we can arrange for this. Go to:

Here's just a few things you can do to spread the happiness:

  • pay for someone's lunch
  • stop by a children's hospital with a random gift
  • payoff someone's layaway bill
  • visit people who need companionship (maybe someone in a nursing home or mental facility)
  • pay someone's toll
  • give someone random flowers
  • take a bag of clothes and hand them to the needy
  • buy someone an umbrella on a rainy day
  • pay for someone's coffee or groceries behind you
  • stop and help someone stopped on the road
  • put change in an expired meter
  • buy a meal for a homeless person
  • give a lottery ticket to a stranger
  • loan money on
  • sit and talk with a homeless person and learn his/her story
  • write a letter to a hospitalized veteran
  • give you scarf to someone who looks cold
  • leave a copy of your favorite book, CD, or DVD in a public place with a "free, hope you enjoy it" note
  • rake a neighbor's lawn while they're out; shovel a neighbor's sidewalk before they wake up
  • leave a book you've finished reading somewhere for someone else to read
  • drop off a toy or game at a homeless shelter
  • send someone a small gift anonymously
  • put something you no longer need on craigslist for free
  • open the phonebook and send something to someone anonymously (movie ticket, book, etc.)
  • take flowers to a hospital ward and give them to someone who hasn't had any visitors
  • if you know someone who's having a hard time financially, pop $5, $10, or $20 in an envelope, disguise your writing or type the envelope, and mail it to them
  • tip your restaurant server generously
  • offer to do pro bono work on a project where your skills are needed
  • send a box of donuts, bagels, or muffins to a construction site
  • spend some quality time with a senior citizen living alone
  • write a thank-you note to someone who taught you something
  • give lottery tickets to strangers
  • bake cookies for the firemen at your local firehouse
  • tape coins to a gumball machine
Brian Bagnall, Author

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life. Things will fall into your lap when you’re doing what you love. If you want to create abundance for yourself, create it for somebody else. Give before you receive. The Universe operates through dynamic exchange. Giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the Universe. And in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the Universe circulating in our lives.”

Brian Bagnall, Author The Happiness Bible

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