VIP Coaching

Here’s what you get:

  • VIP Member ONLY FREE Annual Networking Event: Yes, you read this right!!  Three times a year in conjunction with my seminars we get together as a group.  David will be there… I will be there… AND, hopefully you will be there!  There are plenty of very smart and successful people in VIP.  This is your chance to meet them.  Your chance to make deals and create lucrative joint ventures with them.  Your chance to learn what they are doing successfully and copy their model.  Foten, there are special times for Open Hot Seats.  ANY marketing or business topic, question, or challenge is fair game.  As many as we can fit in.  We’ll do as many as we can.  Turn problems into opportunities, like rabbits pulled out of a hat.  At the risk of sounding COCKY — networking with other VIP members and access to both David and me is worth the entire cost of your membership.
  • Access to the VIP Member Lounge: At each of our annual events, you also get exclusive access to the VIP Member Lounge where you can hang out with other VIP Members, grab a quick refreshment, or just relax.  David and I routinely drop in to ‘meet & greet’ as well.
  • ‘At Least’ a 50% DISCOUNT to Seminars: It should be no surprise to you that are seminars are loaded with VIP Members and we make it as easy as possible to make it affordable to them with a substantial discount.
  • Three 90-minute group calls during the year with Brian and David with open Q & A.  This is a rare opportunity to ask your specific question directly to Brian.
  • Special mailing of books and/or CDs that all VIP Members need in their arsenal.