“Lost” Recession Proof Marketing Secrets

Are You Feeling the Bite of the Recession?

Are your company’s orders down? Are sales leads harder to close thanks to tight dollar-clutching fists?

If your company is still lagging behind your competitors at this point in the recession, your company most likely won’t be around this time next year unless you do something about it now.

Now is the time to take action if your company is falling behind.

If I can show you how you can double your income all while not spending one more minute working on your business, would you like to learn more?

While economic pundits across the country are debating if we’re in a recession or just a “soft economy,” businesses big and small are feeling the effects of our current economic slow down.

For instance, SkyBus, who offered outrageously low fares and great service, is no longer operating. Nearly two out of every three new business start-ups fail because they are missing key ingredients to being successful.

In other words, it’s not your average economy anymore.

But I need to tell you something. It may not be a looming recession that’s causing a downturn in profits. Sure, the economy impacts your business in some ways, because your former clients are turning to lower-cost vendors, stopping their projects, or changing directions.

So what should you do? Your have two options: You can run scared or view this current economic climate as an opportunity for growth.

That’s right! A slow-down for others can be a boom to your client base and sales – if you have a proven plan for getting new customers during a recession. This applies even if your industry is in the toilet.

Let’s face it. The world is not going to end! People will still need to eat out, they will still have gifts to buy people, they will need to replace broken worn out goods. They will still need to celebrate, they will still need to maintain what they have, to move on, move up, move out. Let’s get real.

People aren’t going to stop spending money altogether. There will still be customers around. Things will still need fixing, replacing, maintaining. People will still have ‘windfalls’ of opportunity and money that they will need to spend.

This is not to say that things won’t get competitive.

Customers will want value – they will shop around. You have to stand out.

The Great Depression and How Our Current Economic Situation Compares

Not all was gloom and doom during the Great Depression.

It was a time when those who knew what they were doing made great boatloads of cash and the very nature of the depression itself was an economic boom for them. It was a time when certain companies benefited from aggressive marketing while their rivals cut back.

Consumers didn’t totally stop spending during the depression, most just looked for better deals and the companies providing those better deals came out stronger after the depression ended. When spending picked up, consumer loyalty to those companies remained.

Those companies who not only survived but did well and grew during the Great Depression are those who continued to act as though there was nothing wrong and that the public had money to spend. In other words, they advertised.

There are industries who didn’t wait for public demand for their products to rise, they created that demand even during the most difficult of times.

Because so many companies cut spending during that era, advertising budgets were largely eliminated in many industries. Not only did spending decline, these companies actually dropped out of public sight.

These advertising cutbacks caused many customers to feel abandoned and associated those companies with a lack of staying power. This drove customers to more aggressive competitors.

All evidence supports the case that advertising was the main factor in the growth or downfall of companies during those years. To put it bluntly, the companies which demonstrated the most growth and which rang up the most sales were those which advertised heavily. The Great Depression offers classic examples of the power of advertising even during times of economic crisis.

Today, we are facing very similar economic situation to that of our past. By learning about our past, we can better understand our current economic crisis, and help the future of your business.

Over the last century, one of the United States most trying and difficult times was during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. By looking at the companies that weathered the storm, we can better understand why some companies stay afloat and sometimes succeed, while other businesses fail and often quite miserably.

Below, I will take you through my thoughts, research and findings regarding how to best make sure your company is one of those that survives this recession. I’m certain you will find this information very valuable.

With the recent meltdown on Wall Street and talk of a possible depression, I thought it would be a good idea to do a bit of research on what happened with regard to advertising during the Great Depression.

What do GE, Disney, HP and Microsoft have in common? They were all startups during steep declines in the U.S. economy.

GE started during the panic of 1873, Disney started during the recession of 1923-24, HP began during the Great Depression, and Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft during the recession of 1975.

But Before I Explain Further, Please Let Me Introduce Myself…

I’m an author, speaker and consultant who has written several books and has spoken at many conferences throughout the United States.

I started in the advertising business at a very young age, with no formal training or apprenticeship.

Through my company, Bagnall & Associates, LLC (headquartered in Chicago, IL), I have gone on to advise Fortune 500 and major brand-name corporations as well as thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners; I have crafted and written ads, direct-mail campaigns, and have created online marketing that has sold billions of dollars of goods and services.

I’ve worked hands-on with over 400 clients in 64 different business categories, and helped hundreds of private clients become millionaires and multimillionaires, fast.  I have been directly responsible for billions in increased revenue for my clients through my marketing consulting and joint venture deal arrangements.

I began my career as a real estate investor with just $3000 in start-up capital.

My success was jump-started by testing and implementing new strategies that were influenced through the teachings of successful marketers, Dan Kennedy, Perry Marshall and John Carlton, just to name a few.  This allowed me to become incredibly successful at creating automated marketing systems.

With my newly acquired marketing knowledge, I turned this small investment into a multi-million dollar success.  I went on to purchase over 100 properties (and counting) all over the country.

Have You Ever Wondered What Makes the Difference?

Did you know in the last recession that hit our country, 75,000 businesses were wiped out?

These businesses were started by decent people who invested a lot of hard work into their businesses, sacrificed family time, and often had family homes on the line for what they believed in.

Yet, at the same time, other businesses made it through the tough times and got through whatever the economy threw at them!

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives? It isn’t always a native intelligence or talent or dedication. It isn’t that one person wants success and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies in what each person knows and how he or she makes use of that knowledge.

That’s the whole reason why I wrote “Lost” Recession-Proof Marketing Secrets: To give you knowledge – knowledge that you can use in your business.

There’s page after page inside“Lost” Recession-Proof Marketing Secretsfilled with fascinating and significant information that’s useful to you now… in today’s current economic climate… and most of the tips are very quick and easy to implement.

Not just a handful of “one trick ponies” but in fact dozens of easy, effective techniques that drive down the cost of your marketing and boost your Return on Investment for every advertising dollar. Odds are, your competitors don’t know any of these methods.

Much of the information that appears in this guide appears nowhere else. My guide is the fastest way to beat the learning curve, get new customers and put more dollars in your pocket.

My 3 Month “Lock Down” Mission

To make a long story short, I set out to create a “recession busting marketing bible” that focused on low-cost ways businesses could promote themselves on their own. (And even some no-cost marketing methods too…for the those cheapskates among us) =)

No Madison Avenue advertising agency stuff here. No million-dollar ad budget. No Superbowl TV commercials. No celebrity endorsements. Just proven, rock-solid strategies for producing great marketing results on a shoestring budget that work like gangbusters.

I slaved in my office for 12 straight weeks. Going through every single business book in my library. And I have a HUGE library… let me tell you. You can see just a sampling of some of my favorite books here.

Then I researched the marketing campaigns of the companies that survived the Great Depression and every recession since then. I found out what worked and what didn’t work.

I scoured my hard drive and file cabinets for any and every last recession-proof marketing trick. Then I tested. And I tracked. I threw out what didn’t work and wrote about what did in “Lost” Recession-Proof Marketing Secrets.

Should I Be Doing Online or Offline Marketing?

This book encompases both online and offline marketing techniques.

Fast forward to the 21st century. The Internet dominates marketing. Yet many online channels are not performing up to par.

You can’t discount offline marketing techniques either. CAN-SPAM laws and spam filters are making e-mail deliverability a major headache. The amount of e-zines flooding the Internet doubles every year. Prospects are drowning in RSS feeds, blogs, and white papers.

In desperation, companies are turning to my book for guidance. And to their delight, found that there is new life in those old marketing techniques!

In fact, many of the classic offline marketing gambits work even better today than they did 20 or 30 years ago.

That’s because the Internet has diminished their usage. So the market is less crowded with these types of promotions – and when YOU use them, they stand out more.

There’s Only 1 Surfire Way to Go Broke in Tough Times…

Bad marketing!

You see… You can cut costs, cut employees, cut this and cut that. But you need customers to make it all work.

But please… for God’s sake. Don’t cut back on your marketing costs. It’s like cutting out the muscle, not just the fat.

Besides… If your marketing was actually working, why in the world would you need to cut back on it?

Nothing happens until a sale happens.

There is no use cutting back all your costs, having all your margins right, a fabulous product and no customers. You will still go broke. It will be painful and slow, but it will still happen.

You need customers and sales to make it through this tough time. You need customers that want to spend money with you now!

So, if you really need help with finding, keeping and getting customers to spend, then you need…

“Lost” secrets in a new e-book edition

In my new ebook,“Lost” Recession-Proof Marketing Secrets, you’ll learn how to craft a solid marketing plan that will recession-proof your business.

This huge 129-page e-book is loaded with money-saving marketing strategies and step-by-step instructions to make each strategy work in your own business.

Each business-building marketing method has been used to buffer against the past decade’s economic downturns, and has helped many of my clients grow their business, year after year – even when their competitors (or their industry in general) had problems.

Use these methods as you create and implement your own marketing strategies now, and you will do more than survive economic downturns… you will thrive.

“Lost” Recession-Proof Marketing Secrets
… Arms You with a Slew of Powerful New-Tools and Ideas, Including:

The #1 reason why 90% of small business fail — and how to avoid their fate.
Are you on a tight budget? Discover how to turn the “80/20 rule” upside down and cut your marketing costs by as much as 50%… and receive free leads!
Rock solid-strategies for producing great marketing results on a shoestring budget that work like gangbusters.
What to do when you’re in a hyper-competitive market – how to break in when you’re “locked out” of a tight game
40 specific ad examples and bottom-line numbers from real companies. There’s just no better way to lean than by seeing a variety of real-world examples that apply to your business!
A system that transforms your Internet Advertising Strategy into a Systematic, predictable, cash-flow multiplier
Free marketing ideas — what works, and what doesn’t.
An incredibly simple, one-page “cheat sheet” shows you how to get more people to take action when they visit your site
How to get Google and Yahoo to link to you… the truth and nothing but the truth! The ultimate low cost lead generation!
An entirely new and updated Frequenty Asked Questions section, accumulated from four different seminar audiences, covering nearly every aspect of direct response marketing. Chances are any question you’ve got is covered here!
How to sell more by letting your customers rip you off
No slogging through pages of dry text! Almost 50% of the content is real life stories and examples and screen shots detailing processes, showing what worked, what didn’t and why, so you can quickly implement what you’ve learned and get results FAST!
How to utilitize today’s most overlooked marketing opportunity. We call it our Trump card.
How to get more leads, but still pay less money, even when more and more bidders are jumping in every day.
A marketing plan crafted for a real business that you can use as a guide… it only took 5 minutes to create and it’s written on a napkin of all things!
How to really get inside the minds of your customers — and know exactly what they want from you… so you can give it to them and make boatloads of cash.
Exposed… The 3 biggest, most costly marketing mistakes people make and how to fix them fast.
The 2 fastest ways to go broke, and how to make your business bullet proof against them.
How to identify a true recession, anticipate it and predict how long it will last.
Case studies showing how small companies became big companies during economic turmoil.
How average people became millionaires by not listening to the experts.
Why you should maintain and even increase your advertising budget during a recession.
How and why you should prepare for economic downturns.
How to create new revenue streams that target current economic conditions.
How to evaluate and profit from the economic mindset of your target market.
How to unveil new uses for old products and services to create new income.
How to create complimentary information products that cause your sales to soar.
How to create recurring revenue streams and up-sell marketing offers.
How to ensure that your customers never leave you for your competition.
How to cut costs without cutting employees… and exactly which costs to cut.
Direct Marketing Techniques for a recession and a WARNING.
Social Media Marketing and what you need to know before you attempt it.
Why now is the best time to start a new business (or take your business into a new niche).
How to craft your company’s most powerful marketing message: your unique selling proposition.
How to analyze your company’s past marketing efforts – and pull the losers out of the mix.
Why your competitors may have an edge in marketing – and what you can do about it.
How to spot trends in your industry – and how to capitalize on them.
How to pick a niche that pays good money for your services or products.
The best marketing tools to use, regardless of your company’s size or budget.
Insider tips on how to get the media to promote you, your company, or your product for free.
A step-by-step approach to writing winning press releases.
5 reasons why offline promotion should be part of your intergrated marketing campaign… and how it can dramatically increase your sales.
What works better — running a big ad once… or a smaller ad multiple times?
4 tips for increasing return on investment from your Yellow Pages advertising.
How to get booked as a guest on local and national talk shows.
How to promote your business by writing articles for offline publications (hint: it’s completely different than writing articles for e-zines).
How to write a winning query letter that sells an editor on running your articles.
How to write a simple one-page sales letter that generates all the leads you need — even if you don’t have a web site or landing page.
How to promote yourself as an expert in your industry or field by giving speeches, seminars, and workshops.
Why you should throw your marketing budget out the window… right now!
The secret to generating more leads and selling more products at exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences.
How to generate more leads and new business opportunities than you could ever hope to handle with a targeted direct mail promotion.
How to cement your bond with good prospects and customers you want to reach.
6 tips for marketing with postcards and how to reduce postage costs by up to 28%
How to hire and work with publicists, graphic designers and freelance writers so that you can concentrate on the important stuff.
A proven formula for writing more persuasive sales copy.
6 ways to write headlines that grab the reader’s attention.
How to monitor and measure response rates to offline marketing campaigns.
How to get other people to pay for your advertising costs.
5 easy steps to identify marketing that makes money so you never waste dollars on advertising again.
What you can learn from McDonald’s (no matter what industry you’re in) that can save yourself time, money & resources.
How to make extra income by licensing the systems in your business
Learn to identify possible strategic alliances and use them to mutual advantage.
3 reasons why people buy – and which reason will make you the most money
The Power of Email Marketing: What, how and why it could work for you
The most effective way to convert website visitors into customers
How to transform a product defect, flaw, or weakness into a selling point.
10 tips for increasing your landing page conversion rates.
How to avoid “sticker shock” when selling high-priced products.
What fundraisers can teach you about boosting direct mail response rates.
The most powerful direct response offer ever invented… every small business owner on the planet can use it.
How to make prospects feel like they can’t leave your store, web site, or catalog without buying at least one item from you.
… and so much more!

Everything You’ll Get Here is Real. None of It is Made Up or Theoretical!

Make no mistake! Recession proof marketing strategies do exist. There are shortcuts and affordable ways to find customers with cash ready to spend with your business now. And I want to expose them for you.

Real companies, real case studies, real screen shots. You can literally flip through the manual and in 15 minutes get powerful strategies that you can put to work immediately. It even comes with a 3-page fast-start guide with a tidy summary of all the best shortcuts.

Ultimately, this toolkit is not merely about marketing. It’s about squeezing the most dollars and new business from every prospect.

You’ll also discover how to use your newfound popularity to attract “super-affiliate” marketers who will sell your products to their customers. You’ll see a larger picture of marketing – how to figure out what your customers want, how to discover new markets you can easily serve, and how to quickly and accurately test any marketing idea more easily and cheaply than ever before.

In fact you’ll see an example of how a $2.78 test gave more accurate test data than thousands of dollars of focus groups and market research!

I’m not one of those gurus that just makes money selling people information on how to make money. I use this information day in and day out in my own business.

I won’t insult you — or waste your time. These techniques have been used by real people in real businesses. Online and brick and mortar businesses.

Marketing on Auto-Pilot?

You’re probably wondering how much time it’s going to take to implement all of this. That’s what is so great about this system: When your marketing system is set up properly, you get visitors 24/7/365 and you only need to make simple adjustments once or twice a month.

As a matter of fact, I’ve got three different clients who’ve barely touched their marketing systems since late 2002 – but they’ve still get hot leads and orders showing up in their email every day, the operation humming like a machine, with no hassles, no problems, and no learning curves.

It’s simple, easy, fast and doubles profits overnight. Insiders are already using it, with proven results. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

…The Bottom Line

Why would you invest in a toolkit like this? Only 2 reasons:

1. Because you’ll get more leads, more customers and fatter profit margins than you could get without these secrets.

2. Because you’ll chop your marketing cost and eliminate wasted ad dollars… you’ll survive the recession. You’ll also have a marketing system in place that will assure your company success for years to come. This will allow you to spend more time with your family and friends… and do the things that you want to do… when you want to do them…

My customers typically cut their marketing costs by 30 to 50%, and in some cases much more – just read the testimonials at the bottom of this page.

So if you’re spending $1000 per month on marketing, and cut that in half (not unusual)… You’ll save $500 per month – every month. Even with a tiny marketing budget, the $97 cost of the course will pay for itself – not just once, but every 3 days, over and over again!

If you’re spending $5000 per month on marketing, and cut that by just 25%, you’ll save $1250 a month – every month. The toolkit will pay for itself – not just once, but every week! How many investments can say that?

Obviously it doesn’t take long for a little bit of extra edge to pay for itself!

Here’s What You Get in this Highly Capable Toolkit:

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • You get the full course in Adobe Acrobat PDF, with 40 case studies from 10 different industries, real screen shots and exhaustive Q&A on dozens of topics. This truly is THE Definitive Guide to marketing during a recession.
  • Full, unedited audio recording of John Mullens’ killer 3 hour teleseminar covering the mental side of business (he worked with W. Clement Stone… one of the richest men in the world before his death.
  • Scientific Advertising – A CLASSIC book written in 1918 by the legendary Claude Hopkins titled, Scientific Advertising. This is THE handbook for all top copywriters. David Ogilvy, the famous advertising genius once said, “No one should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until they have read this book (Scientific Advertising) seven times.” This book is out of print and hard to find. Whether they know it or not, all successful web marketers today build their business on Hopkins’ foundation. You get a digital copy of the book.

PLUS: You get 5 Web 2.0 website templates, Headline Swipe File, Copywriting Checklist, 12 Landing Page Templates, 332 Graphics, 50 WordPress Themes, and a Meditation eBook.

Use all of this extra information to double, triple, even quadruple your sales.

“$97 For a Course On Marketing?
…That’s Too Expensive!”

Very few business investments can pay off more handsomely than improving the performance of your advertising. Bad advertising not only wastes money, it fails to bring you new customers.

On the other hand, effective advertising costs you LESS money and brings MORE profitable customers. Tiny hinges swing huge doors. If you want to get quality leads and have total control of your marketing system, you’re going to have to buy this ebook.

Marketing is not something you can afford to screw up. How savvy you are at playing the marketing game makes a huge difference in how much your marketing costs are. If you don’t have my Guide, you’ll spend 50% or 500% more than you should getting those leads. I know people who’ve blown $1000 in a single day, doing marketing wrong. I’m going to show you the right way to do it.

Your ad rep offers no guarantees. No refunds. The millionaires and billionaires at the ad agency headquarters will shed no tears if you make a big mistake. Once they’ve got your money, it’s gone. But I back my course with a 100% money back guarantee. Your ad rep won’t teach you how to squeeze every drop out of the orange, but I sure will. You can’t lose.

You can get cost-effective recession-proof marketing plan building steps in this ebook for only $97. That’s less than I charge for just minutes of my time! And that’s what it costs you ONLY if you see the value of – and profit from – my ebook.

If you don’t, you pay nothing.

Remember… just one idea that you get from this ebook will be worth many, many times the price of it.

I mince no words: If you won’t invest a mere 47 bucks to learn how to do this right, you shouldn’t be playing this game at all.

So that’s $97 for all of this. But that’s only what you pay if my advice helps you double your advertising results – quickly, easily, and efficiently.

If it doesn’t, your cost is zilch. Zero. Nada. Nothing. That’s because of…

My Simple, No-Hassle, 3 Part Money-Back Guarantee:

1. If you’re unhappy with this course for any reason… or for no reason at all… just tell me within 30 days for a full and courteous refund.

2. If you implement my strategies and you don’t cut your marketing costs by an absolute minimum of 25%, tell me within 90 days for a full, no-hassle refund. (Many, many customers slash their marketing costs by 50%, 70%, even 80 or 90%!)

3. If you’re not able to test new ideas at lower cost, find new markets and discover new customers because of this toolkit, just let me know within 90 days and you’ll receive a full and courteous refund.

That way, you risk nothing.

So what are you waiting for?

To order“Lost” Recession-Proof Marketing Secrets on a 90-day risk-free trial basis, just click below now:

Don’t put this off! You can double your leads in 30 minutes. You can slash your marketing costs, and have more control than ever before!

So what do you want to be? One of the 90% of businesses that will fail in this recession? Or one of the survivors? If you make the right decision, I’ll be seeing your order come across my desk.

Think about this. In 12 months time do you want to be in exactly the same situation you are in now wondering why other people are successful, or do you want to be the person that takes action and leaves others wondering how you did it?

(Remember it’s Updated & Current with the Latest Developments – Including both offline and online marketing tactics that have been tested over the past 2 months.)


Brian Bagnall

P.S. You will receive ongoing updates as this recession evolves, including the very latest developments as of May 2009 – New strategies for affiliate marketing, Local & Regional ad placement, sales conversion tracking and much more.

P.P.S If within 3 months of listening and reading the “Recession Proof Marketing” material, you do not get back the cost of the program back with your new found skills, I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked! It’s my no weasel, no questions asked, clause. I won’t even ask you to prove you tried to implement the strategies. If you are not 100% happy with the results, just send it back and I’ll refund your money within 24 hours. Now, I can’t be fairer than that!

P.P.P.S: If you can turn this down, you’re either oblivious to the changes and challenges of today’s market, or else your sales and affiliate checks are so fat you can’t possibly spend them. This is an unprecedented opportunity to have me as your staunch ally in the Marketing Mosh Pit of 2009, as your mentor and coach. For pocket change. Heck, for the price of a couple of trips to Starbucks a week, you can infuse your business with the most effective marketing strategies and techniques currently available.

FAQ: Your Questions About “Lost”
Recession-Proof Marketing Secrets, Answered…

Q: I’m a newbie. I just need a dummie’s guide to marketing. Can someone dumb like me, with little marketing experience, follow this program? Is this easy to understand, or is it too advanced for me?

A: Don’t worry – yes, this is for dummies. My guide is clear, simple and straightforward. And it tells you the exact steps to take to change your marketing for the better, even if you’re a complete newbie.

Q: Does your Guide cover the most recent recession and how to deal with it?

A: Yes – and whenever there’s burning news and new updates, we put downloads and links to it right on the download page where you access the Guide.

Q: I bought the “Lost” Recession-Proof Marketing Tactics Toolkit several months ago. But the recession has recently gotten worse. How do I get the most up-to-date information on this, without having to pay for the whole thing again?

A: Info on the most recent changes in the economy is available now at the same page where you accessed the Guide. We also update the Guide itself periodically, and if you’ve purchased within 12 months you get access to the new updates without having to buy it again.

Q: How do I know if your advice will work in my particular market?

A: If there are people out there that want to buy your product or service, then it can work. Here are just a few of the industries where our customers have used our advice successfully:

Real Estate
Mortgage Loans & Consulting
Sports Equipment
Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts
Positive Thinking
Weight Loss
Auto Sales
Skin Care
Information Technology
Grief Recovery
Public Speaking
Language Learning
Religion, Faith & Spirituality
Cosmetic Surgery
Cold Calling
Boats & Yachts
Stock Trading
Webmasterming & Web Design
Interior Design
Gift Baskets
Online Businesses
Retail Businesses

…and many, many more. If you implement the principles in our Guide, you’ll have a very high probability of success, no matter what products or services you’re offering.

Q: Will this work for me if I’m in networking marketing? MLM?

A: Trying to market either MLM or Network Marketing is very, very hard. Particularly if you and your colleagues – not to mention all of your competitiors from around the world – are going after the same market. (Some uplines take advantage of this because they benefit even though the distributor goes substantially negative acquiring a customer or recruit.)

It’s slightly easier if you’re selling specific end-user products, rather than business opportunities.

Now, if you are offering your prospects totally unique things, then your chances of success are better.

Q: Help! I’m desperate. I’m tired of buying rehashed, junk e-books that tell you nothing. I’ve wasted time and money already, I’m deep in debt now and losing money fast. Can you help? Is it really possible to make this work?

A: Yes. Whether you own your own business or you work for someone else, my original, step-by-step advice in this book can show you how to cut your marketing expenses and increase your leads – enough that you could recoup the cost of the program in as little as a few days, hours even. On the other hand… I can’t perform miracles. If the repo man is banging on your door at this very moment, I don’t possess some magic formula that’s gonna put $1000 in your bank account by 5 o’clock this afternoon.

(Also: If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick, Lazy Man’s Way to Riches, fantastic-wealth-with-no-effort scheme, this book is not for you. On the other hand, many of our customers have used our teachings as the basis of a very successful, multi-million dollar business.)

Q: How do I get started? And how much is it going to cost me?

A: Ideally, you should have some sort of website. If you don’t have one, I’ll show you how to put together a 1-page website in a matter of 15 minutes. There are tons of quick and easy marketing techniques (and even free ones too…) that you can implement in a matter of 15 minutes. So you’re looking at seeing some real results in as little as 30 minutes from now.

What you spend up front is entirely up to you. You stick with the free techniques or dive right into the deep end.

Q: I never got your “8 Tips to…” report via e-mail.

A: The system is not quite perfect, and messages can get caught in spam filters. First, try signing up with a different e-mail address, particularly one with a different domain name. In the meantime, you can see the free report here:


Q: I’m looking at another page here that says I can get the Guide by signing up for your Renaissance Club for just $39.95. Why don’t I just buy that instead?

A: You sure can. That $39.95 is an ongoing monthly subscription which gives you our regular newsletter/CD and a package of other general marketing materials.

In either case you get the Guide plus a set of materials and bonuses that are all specifically about using all the recession proof marketing strategies that you can handle.

More Success Stories from Happy Customers…

I Love Spending My Money With You

“I know that it sounds weird to say… but I really do love spending money with you. I have spent hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars with you over the past couple of years and here I am thanking you for it! I can honestly say that I have made well over 20 times the investment with your products and consulting. You’re the real deal.  Thanks again.”

Gina Pellegrino
Seattle, WA

A Master’s Degree in Marketing from Brian Bagnall University

“Reading your Lost Recession-Proof Marketing Secrets book is like getting a master’s degree in Marketing. Just one idea I took from one page out of your book paid me back over $10,000.00 almost instantly. I simply can’t recommend this highly enough. It’s worth ten times the price.”

David Barnhart
Cooperstown, NY


“Your course totally rocks!  These aren’t the same rehashed methods you read about on forums all the time… most of what was in the book was totally new to me.  One of the few Internet marketing courses I’ve bought that I felt OVER DELIVERED… I’ve already DOUBLED my investment in it – and I’m just getting started.”

Jeff Mullens
Lincoln, NE

“$3,000 my first week using the very same techniques your course taught me.  Other courses didn’t teach me how to make money INSTANTLY. If you’re a beginner, or struggling to make money in your business, I highly recommend you get this course and use it to your full advantage.”

James Carpenter
Little Rock, TX

“Brian, where on earth do you get all your great secrets from?  Just a couple of your ideas alone WILL make us a small fortune. In fact, they already have! Implementing just one idea from your book made us an extra $592.61 the day we bought it! I can’t wait to see how much more money I can make when I implement all of your advice. You are quickly becoming known as one of the best internet marketers… and deservedly so. We’d go as far as to say that if you’re looking for someone to model your success on, then Brian’s definitely your man!”

Don Menear
Portage, IN


“From Losing $40K a Month to Making $10K a Month in 60 Days & Saved from Bankruptcy”

“The downturn in the economy hit me hard.  Really hard.  I was taking on water fast and was losing nearly $40K a month.  Your advice and suggestions turned my business around in less than 2 months.  I even banked over $10K this month.  Instead of looking for Bankruptcy Attorneys, I am now looking to expand my business and hire more help.”

David Prine
Prine Enterprises
Charleston, SC

“Brian Bagnall is 100% totally responsible for me selling over $110,000 of products and services.  If you’re not working with him, you’re definitely leaving money on the table.”

Scott Ruckman
Reno, NV

“Your consulting fees would be a bargain at twice the price. Working with you is an absolute must for anyone that is serious about growing their business and beating the crap out of their competition.”

James Lenardi
Asheville, NC

“I have purchased thousands of dollars’ worth of Brian Bagnall’s products and services. His wealth of business-growing ideas have helped me grow personally and professionally – and directly added no less than $95,000 to my sales last year.”

Pat Coleman
Minneapolis, MN


“Oh Brian, what a treasure we have found!  Your advice is just simply amazing. I’m smiling from ear to ear.”

Theresa Majewski
Woodstock, IL

“Your course has already paid for itself.  But that’s not where the magic comes in.  Two things hit me right away: first, how much easier and more profitable my business could have been if I would have had your information to begin with. Second, how putting just a few of these proven techniques into action will substantially increase my bottom line this year – and for many years to come.”

Larry Goduto
San Francisco, CA

“I’ve used a lot of your ideas, with the latest success wrinkle being tired pricing. I created three levels of pricing on one of my products. I’ve had a near 75% up-sell rate and have added over $22,000 to my bottom line in just a few weeks!”

Mark Sidelnik
Detroit, MI

“Thanks Brian. I think this is your best critique yet – I just LOVE it!  Here’s an update on how the piece is performing… The letter is pulling a 3.6% conversion – very cool!  Every time you do a critique for us, I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with.  I want you to know that I feel truly blessed to work with you and we think you (And your work of course!) are FANTASTIC.”

Alan Christl
Santa Monica, CA

“I thought I knew marketing and how to write a sales letter.  Not so… My letter bombed.  Our initial response from the changes you suggested has been fabulous!  We are shocked and thrilled at the unprecedented results. Your letter has raked in close to ONE MILLION DOLLARS pure profit in a little over 30-days! We are overwhelmed! Thanks for the brilliant job!”

Joseph Heveran
Clearwater, FL

Immediate 15% Increase in Profits:

“I immediately implemented a handful of your advices which immediately resulted in increased profits. I spend an average of $10,000 a month on marketing. With the data that I learned from you, I am getting at least 15% better response rates and conversions for the same money.”

Michael Arthur
Charlotte, NC


Hiring Him Was One of the Best Moves I Ever Made

“I invested in a $250,000 piece of dental equipment, but couldn’t seem to get any patients booked on the machine. I was losing money fast.  But then Brian came to the rescue.  He crafted an ad that proved so successful I had to actually stop running the damn thing – because every bit of available time on the machine was booked solid for months in advance.”

Daniella Sonin
Memphis, TN

“Knowing Brian is knowing that he practices every point and idea he shares. The results are outstanding for those who listen and act.”

Diane Benigno
Chicago, IL

“One can spend over $10,000 or more on seminars and tapes and ebooks … and still not get even a fraction of the real-life results that this can bring. Despite my initial skepticism, I’m quite impressed with what Brian’s course is and is doing for me. I would have never thought!”

Howard Jawgiel
South Bend, IN

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