Dear Future Homeowner,

My name is Brian Bagnall.  If you’d like to buy a home, but can’t qualify for a conventional mortgage, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m a real estate investor and I buy and sell homes… I am not a real estate agent.  By using my special financing, you can buy a home from me.

It does NOT matter if you have bad credit, bankruptcy, late payments, judgments, liens, tax problems or charge offs, you can still buy one of my homes.  It doesn’t even matter if you have verifiable income.  I believe that *everyone* has a right to own their own home

Stop Wasting Your Money on Rent…

…or living in a house that doesn’t meet your needs. Discover how to move into a better home now!

Some people are tenants by choice. But most people would prefer to enjoy all the benefits of owning a home if at all possible. It can be the single most important investment you ever make. A lot of people’s personal wealth is made up mostly from equity they’ve built through years of responsible home ownership.

Buying a home should be at the top of your goal list. There are a number of homes for sale in your area right now with flexible owner financing. I’ll tell you how to find out about them.

What is Owner Financing?

Owner financing (also called seller financing, or owner carry-back) is a type of transaction where the seller agrees to receive regular monthly payments from the buyer-instead of one lump sum payment-until the agreed upon amount is paid.

Owner financing is not unusual; by some estimates, over 10% of home sales in the United States involved full or partial owner financing of the purchase price. According to U.S. Census Data, there are over half a million outstanding private mortgages involving owner financing in the nation. One reason for its popularity is that owner financing provides compelling benefits for both the buyer and the seller. Owner financing results in a win-win financing agreement for both the buyer and the seller.

Here are the benefits you can enjoy by using owner financing:

You can move fast…You take ownership immediately

When you buy a home with owner financing you can move in quickly and easily. Most of these properties are available immediately. You can get into a home in just a few days or set a date further out.

Compare that to buying a home through an agent. How frustrating! First, you have to qualify for a loan which could take 3 to 8 weeks. With owner financing, there is no bank financing to apply for. Then you have to coordinate your move subject to the schedule of the seller. Look out if the seller wants everything contingent on them getting into their new home. Their deal can fall through at the last minute stopping you or delaying you from moving in. That can become a nightmare if you’ve already lined up a moving van, or given notice to your landlord, or sold your previous home.

You also get to enjoy all the financing benefits such as mortgage loan interest deductions, property tax deductions, mortgage balance paydown, etc. Since it is your home, you can refinance it or sell it at any time during the contract.

You can avoid bank hassles

Banks and mortgage lenders are picky. They prefer to do only the easiest and safest loans. Trying to please them and jumping through all their hoops can drive you nuts. It is especially difficult when your credit is less than perfect or your debts seem too high to the lender. Or maybe you’re self-employed or new to the area.

Owner financing programs make buying easy. You enjoy the peace of mind of having a solid move-in date. There are no last-minute lender requirements to stop you from closing or moving you in. Owner financed deals don’t require a credit check.

Beautiful Homes Available

These are nice homes in nice areas with great neighborhoods and excellent schools.  Most of our homes are less than 10 years old and in near perfect condition.

Many of these homes have beautiful new kitchens and master bedrooms, big master bedroom suites, and big fenced in yards for the kids and your pets.  Most of them have big 2 car garages and plenty of storage.

Own your own home…now!

Don’t be forced to throw your money away on rent just because you need time to get a bank loan. Each month you get nothing but rent receipts…with no equity build up… no tax benefits… no appreciation… and no pride of home ownership.

Are you tired of maintaining and fixing up a house you don’t own? Do you want more privacy in a bigger or better house?

Even if you don’t have perfect credit…or a large down payment… It doesn’t matter with an owner financed deal. Whatever your current situation, owner financing can do nothing but help you.

Work directly with a creative and flexible seller

Start enjoying all the benefits of owning your own home. Have lenders and brokers told you that you can’t qualify?

Owner financing helps families buy a home without the normal hassles of going through the bank qualifying process. You can find owner financed properties in all sizes, locations and prices. Again, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the proper financial picture or credit history to please a bank.

Say goodbye to bank lending criteria. With owner financing, the seller doesn’t care about your past. That’s right…they don’t care about foreclosures, bankruptcies or judgments in your past. All you need is a down payment to get into an owner financed house.

Get a new home with a small down payment & great terms

As I mentioned, owner financing is for you if your credit is less than perfect… or you lack local employment history…or your income is hard to prove… or you have another house for sale… or you’re stuck in a lease… or you’ve had a bankruptcy or foreclosure… or you have outstanding collections.

Owner financing helps you build equity and enjoy market appreciation. Since you’re buying the home, you don’t have to worry about smoking or pet policies.

Owner financing also offers great terms. The interest rate is usually 8-9%, which is much lower than rates charged by B and C credit lenders (12-15%). Keep in mind the interest rates that you see advertised on TV (6 or 7%) are only for A++ borrowers, with perfect credit. Also, there is usually no prepayment penalty with owner financed deals, which is becoming all too common through normal lenders.

No Closing Costs

One of the biggest benefits for you would be not having to pay the costs associated with conventional loans. Points, origination fees, underwriting charges, appraisal, credit reports, title insurance and the plethora of other “junk” fees charged by conventional lenders can amount to thousands of dollars at closing. You are free from these costs in any owner financed sale.

No reason to wait!

Many tenants are willing to live somewhere that does not reflect their preferred lifestyle because it’s “temporary.” Don’t put up with noisy, unkempt, and sometimes frightening neighbors…or inefficient heating systems or poor maintenance…or undesirable schools…or rising crime rates. Or what about the landlord who shows up with little or no notice…even entering your home without your knowledge?

When you’re in a home of your own, you have more freedom and peace of mind. You deserve to live better. Improve your lifestyle now!

Stop living in a house that is too big or too small. Stop putting up with uncooperative landlords. Stop getting by in a house that’s too hard to maintain. And stop spending your hard-earned money on rent when all you have at the end of the year is a pile of receipts.

Owner Financing Gives You a Start…but You Have to Help Yourself

The credit reporting services most lenders rely on can be unfair. Rarely does your credit report reflect your true ability to borrow money and keep your agreements. The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you certain rights and the ability to reestablish damaged credit. There are several top-notch companies who specialize in helping you raise your credit rating. Ask me for a referral.

Owner financing is usually not offered forever. This means that these mortgages usually have a 1, 2 or 5 year balloon on them meaning that you must refinance within a certain period and cash the seller out. The great thing about this is after 12 on-time monthly payments via an owner financed mortgage, you can get a loan almost anywhere…That’s right…almost anywhere. Your FICO score will still dictate the interest rate so you want to be working on your credit during the owner finance period so that you can get a great refinance rate.

If your credit history needs improving, it may take 3 to 12 months to get you qualified for a very favorable mortgage through a bank or mortgage lender. Owner financing programs are designed to give you the time you need. Having time and a plan to work on your financial situation can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.

Is Owning Within Your Reach?

It’s the American dream. Some people will never achieve it. But most people do not have the opportunity you have right now. Sign up below to be instantly notified when an owner financing property because available in your area!

If a home that meets your needs isn’t available now, we will notify you of new properties as they become available.

We are not Real Estate Agents or Brokers. We just provide the list of owner financed properties to you free of charge!

How We Structure the Deals You Will Be Buying from Us

Here is how we do it.  We sell you the property on “Contract for Deed” (a.k.a. “Land Contract).

That means that you are buying the property from us. We finance the property for you (we act as the bank) for a specific period of time, usually 1-2 years depending on your situation, and during that time you work on your credit and any other financial problems in your past.  After the 1-2 years of fixing your credit, you will be able to qualify for a conventional mortgage and refinance.

You will also pay a down payment when you move in and buy the home from me.  This money will apply to the purchase price of the home.  The minimum down payment amount we accept is $6,000 plus the first month’s mortgage payment.  So if the monthly mortgage payment is $1,200 and the down payment is $6,000, you will need $7,200 to close the deal and move into the house.  Make sense?

Joining our Buyer’s List is free

If you’re spending your money on rent now, or if you’d like to buy a better home, let me help you. New properties are added to the list all of the time. You will be able to get into a new home without bank qualifying, with only a small down payment.

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