Happy Customers

Loves It… Even at a Glance

“I’ve only skimmed it [Definitive Guide to Facebook Social Ads], but I can already see that a) it’s awesome and b) a huge amount of work went into this.”

Ian Harris
Bristol, AVON – United Kingdom

I Love Spending My Money With You

“I know that it sounds weird to say… but I really do love spending money with you. I have spent hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars with you over the past couple of years and here I am thanking you for it! I can honestly say that I have made well over 20 times the investment with your products and consulting. You’re the real deal.  Thanks again.”

Gina Pellegrino
Seattle, WA

A Master’s Degree in Marketing from Brian Bagnall University

“Reading your Lost Recession-Proof Marketing Secrets book is like getting a master’s degree in Marketing. Just one idea I took from one page out of your book paid me back over $10,000.00 almost instantly. I simply can’t recommend this highly enough. It’s worth ten times the price.”

David Barnhart
Cooperstown, NY


“Your course totally rocks!  These aren’t the same rehashed methods you read about on forums all the time… most of what was in the book was totally new to me.  One of the few Internet marketing courses I’ve bought that I felt OVER DELIVERED… I’ve already DOUBLED my investment in it – and I’m just getting started.”

Jeff Mullens
Lincoln, NE

“$3,000 my first week using the very same techniques your course taught me.  Other courses didn’t teach me how to make money INSTANTLY. If you’re a beginner, or struggling to make money in your business, I highly recommend you get this course and use it to your full advantage.”

James Carpenter
Little Rock, TX

“Brian, where on earth do you get all your great secrets from?  Just a couple of your ideas alone WILL make us a small fortune. In fact, they already have! Implementing just one idea from your book made us an extra $592.61 the day we bought it! I can’t wait to see how much more money I can make when I implement all of your advice. You are quickly becoming known as one of the best internet marketers… and deservedly so. We’d go as far as to say that if you’re looking for someone to model your success on, then Brian’s definitely your man!”

Don Menear
Portage, IN


“From Losing $40K a Month to Making $10K a Month in 60 Days & Saved from Bankruptcy”

“The downturn in the economy hit me hard.  Really hard.  I was taking on water fast and was losing nearly $40K a month.  Your advice and suggestions turned my business around in less than 2 months.  I even banked over $10K this month.  Instead of looking for Bankruptcy Attorneys, I am now looking to expand my business and hire more help.”

David Prine
Prine Enterprises
Charleston, SC

“Brian Bagnall is 100% totally responsible for me selling over $110,000 of products and services.  If you’re not working with him, you’re definitely leaving money on the table.”

Scott Ruckman
Reno, NV

“Your consulting fees would be a bargain at twice the price. Working with you is an absolute must for anyone that is serious about growing their business and beating the crap out of their competition.”

James Lenardi
Asheville, NC

“I have purchased thousands of dollars’ worth of Brian Bagnall’s products and services. His wealth of business-growing ideas have helped me grow personally and professionally – and directly added no less than $95,000 to my sales last year.”

Pat Coleman
Minneapolis, MN


“Oh Brian, what a treasure we have found!  Your advice is just simply amazing. I’m smiling from ear to ear.”

Theresa Majewski
Woodstock, IL

“Your course has already paid for itself.  But that’s not where the magic comes in.  Two things hit me right away: first, how much easier and more profitable my business could have been if I would have had your information to begin with. Second, how putting just a few of these proven techniques into action will substantially increase my bottom line this year – and for many years to come.”

Larry Goduto
San Francisco, CA

“I’ve used a lot of your ideas, with the latest success wrinkle being tired pricing. I created three levels of pricing on one of my products. I’ve had a near 75% up-sell rate and have added over $22,000 to my bottom line in just a few weeks!”

Mark Sidelnik
Detroit, MI

“Thanks Brian. I think this is your best critique yet – I just LOVE it!  Here’s an update on how the piece is performing… The letter is pulling a 3.6% conversion – very cool!  Every time you do a critique for us, I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with.  I want you to know that I feel truly blessed to work with you and we think you (And your work of course!) are FANTASTIC.”

Alan Christl
Santa Monica, CA

“I thought I knew marketing and how to write a sales letter.  Not so… My letter bombed.  Our initial response from the changes you suggested has been fabulous!  We are shocked and thrilled at the unprecedented results. Your letter has raked in close to ONE MILLION DOLLARS pure profit in a little over 30-days! We are overwhelmed! Thanks for the brilliant job!”

Joseph Heveran
Clearwater, FL

Immediate 15% Increase in Profits:

“I immediately implemented a handful of your advices which immediately resulted in increased profits. I spend an average of $10,000 a month on marketing. With the data that I learned from you, I am getting at least 15% better response rates and conversions for the same money.”

Michael Arthur
Charlotte, NC


Hiring Him Was One of the Best Moves I Ever Made

“I invested in a $250,000 piece of dental equipment, but couldn’t seem to get any patients booked on the machine. I was losing money fast.  But then Brian came to the rescue.  He crafted an ad that proved so successful I had to actually stop running the damn thing – because every bit of available time on the machine was booked solid for months in advance.”

Daniella Sonin
Memphis, TN

“Knowing Brian is knowing that he practices every point and idea he shares. The results are outstanding for those who listen and act.”

Diane Benigno
Chicago, IL

“One can spend over $10,000 or more on seminars and tapes and ebooks … and still not get even a fraction of the real-life results that this can bring. Despite my initial skepticism, I’m quite impressed with what Brian’s course is and is doing for me. I would have never thought!”

Howard Jawgiel
South Bend, IN