Contest Prize Rules

Contest Prize Rules

In order to qualify for the prizes you must meet the following guidelines:

You must mail at least 4 promotional emails.

* at least 2 during pre-launch (between November 29th and December 6th),

* at least 1 during launch (December 7th), and

* at least 1 during post launch (between December 7th and December 10th).

You must meet the required sales number.

* Prize 1 requires a minimum of 60 sales

* Prize 2 requires a minimum of 35 sales

* Prize 3 requires a minimum of 25 sales

* Prize 4 requires a minimum of 15 sales

* Prize 5 requires a minimum of 7 sales

* Prize 6 requires a minimum of 5 sales

* Prize 7 through 10 require a minimum of 3 sales

* Prize 11 through 15 require a minimum of 2 sales

* Any affiliate who makes a minimum of 1 sale, but does not place in the top 15 wins a Flip Camera!

* A maximum of one prize will be awarded to each affiliate.

To be fair to other affiliates, contestants may not partner with others in an attempt to win prizes.

All prizes will be paid to YOU the winner, in cash value so that you can pick the color and options you want.