What a Chicago Homeless Man Living on Skid Row Knows About Selling That Can Skyrocket Your Sales… Almost Overnight!

It was a sub-zero December day in Chicago.  If you’re ever been to Chicago in winter, you know that the

A seemingly well-dressed man is walking towards me.  Our eyes meet.  I’ve know him.  But I’m not sure from where.

I nod.

I feel like I owe him something.


This is a Test

I'll tell you this: I felt a lot more guilty snubbing him than I would any other homeless person that just asks for money.

So what can you learn from this?

If you're not getting the sales numbers that you want, there's a problem in one of these two areas:

1. Generating qualified traffic

2. Having a high-converting sales funnel

That's it.

…Yet most people find out that this is much harder than it sounds!

I know.  It almost sounds like a late-night informercial.  It's not.  I promise.

But I get it.

How You Can Overcome the Learning Curve

This Isn't For You

I'm very selective about who I work with.  I've come to a place in my business where I don't have to do business with anyone, so I only choose to work with those I want to work with.

There's no shortage of people out there trying to sell you everything under the sun.  We have stuff to sell too.  If we didn't, you would never have found your way to this page.

But we're quite a bit different than most companies.  We believe in delivering value to you first, then seeing if there's a fit.

Here's a Few


This Isn't a Good Fit If...

1. You don't have a business going right now.  This isn't for businesses that are

Why Should You Listen to Me


Here's What To Do Next

If you feel you're a good fit, go ahead and