OPEN POSITION: Personal Assistant

I run a small marketing consulting firm and I’m hiring a personal assistant. Let me tell you a little bit about what I’m looking for:

ABOUT THE WORK ENVIRONMENT: This is a PART-TIME position (10-20 hours per work). Initially, I will use you on an AS NEEDED BASIS until I can determine if you fit what I’m looking for. Most working hours are flexible. You can work from home about half of the time. You will work in my home office the other half of the time (nothing weird, I live with my girlfriend in Midlothian). You would have your own office. You need to have access to a car 1-2 times a month to run errands. This is not a job where I’ll hold your hand. When performing most tasks, you’ll need to use your own discretion and ‘think through’ to complete thoroughly – Meaning: you will need to make educated decisions based on the information I provide and the experience you’ll gain working with me. Being intuitive and a quick learner is definitely a plus. I’m a fun person and I love to laugh and joke around. If you’re looking for a stiff and corporate working environment, this isn’t it. Just get the work I give you done without excuses and I don’t care about much else. A positive and bubbly personality is a plus.

ABOUT YOUR SKILLS: You should be 100% fluent in English – both written and oral. You should also be proficient in typing (45 WPM+). You MUST be very proficient with a computer. Common programs you will use are Skype, Word, Excel, and a web browser (so you should be proficient with those and have them installed on your computer). A lot of our projects are research oriented, so adept internet skills are a must. We operate in a fast paced environment, so you’ll need to be a fast learner and adapt easily. Marketing, business, sales experience is a plus. As far as the tasks that you’ll be performing… that will depend on your skill set. Being a personal assistant, you should expect anything and everything to be thrown at you. So basically I need someone who is not only good with the technical side of things, but who is also very good with people (“soft skills”). Someone who is very friendly, helpful, knows how to get things done in time, empathetic… You get the idea =)

ABOUT YOUR HOME OFFICE: Since you’ll be working from home most of the time, you should have your own, up-to-date computer. You also must have a RELIABLE high speed (DSL/Cable) access to the Internet. You must also have a working headset w/microphone for Skype calls.

HERE’S WHAT TO DO NEXT: Send an email to brianbagnall at When you reply, use the phrase “i follow instructions” in your response. Also, DO NOT send me your resume. Instead, tell me why you are a good fit for this position. Please don’t send me a generic cover letter in response to this either. Tailoring your response to this specific job posting will increase the chances of us considering you for this position dramatically.

Starting pay: $9 per hour cash