Are Celebrities Happy?

Are Celebrities Happy?

by Brian Bagnall

Before we begin asking if the celebrities are happy, let us first determine what happiness actually is. If I feel good for an hour a day, and horrible for the rest of the day, am I happy? What if I am happy for eight hours a day and horrible for the rest of the sixteen hours? Am I a happy person? For most of us happiness is a state that is not permanent. This is a problem.

So what is happiness? Happiness is a sense of deep contentment. It’s a cheerful outlook and an attitude of positive thoughts. A person who has these qualities is happy throughout the entire day.

How about celebrities then? They have fame and fortune which is what we are told will make us happy in this life. They can, not only buy whatever they desire, but they can also buy a loved one. They can buy anything. Their name is splashed around in the media a lot too. Every news bite about them is eagerly awaited by the general population. Celebrities may not have been born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but the current spoon is mostly that of gold. So they must be happy!

But sadly, happiness is gone from most of them. Speaking of contentment, most of them are not only not feeling any contentment, but are frustrated. They are jealous at times. And they have no deep sense of peace in them. Rather their life and minds are mostly full of turbulence. Most are so dissatisfied with their own life that they wish to run away from themselves. This they cannot do, and therefore they turn to substances (such as alcohol and drugs) that take them away from their own realities.

Beyond an amount of money that provides for basic needs, happiness has nothing to do with money. Happiness has nothing to do with fame, if you are not satisfied with yourself. Whatever the world may say, unless one has self-esteem, one can never be happy. All of us sail in the same boat. Most of us are living unhappy lives most of the time. Lets all find the happiness that will give us a satisfied sense of living. Let us strive for happiness in our own inner world and stop searching externally for happiness.